Love and Pain: Why I Love Pain and What It Has Taught Me About Life

What Pain Has Taught Me About Life pin

Pain is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful things you can experience in life. You might not think so right now, but you will eventually. Your pain becomes a part of you. It changes you as you walk through the darkness. It makes you beautiful with it’s own inherent beauty. Unlike suffering, pain is inevitable. You can’t escape it. Trust me, I’ve tried. Pain is a crucial part of life that comes to you to set you free from all the darkness and lead you to the light.

Yes, it’s terrifying to face pain. Even though I have been lecturing you for so long, I am still afraid to face it. But I don’t run from it anymore. For me, facing pain is a better option than living a half-lived life filled with fear. The life lessons to learn from your pain is far more important than any fear you might be feeling right now. The more you experience pain through heartbreak, failure, betrayal, rejection, shame, the more you will appreciate life through compassion, hope, kindness, and love. There is no light of hope without the darkness of pain. Just imagine how proud you would be for having survived the pain you were given instead of the shame & regret you would feel for running away from it.

Happiness is never about life without pain. However, happy life is built through resilience, compassion, love and mental strength that you earn from your pain. So go ahead and step into the pain. It’s awesome on the other side.

And no! I still don’t like romcoms. But I love my life. I love my pain. I embrace it. I still grow from it. Every. Single. Day.

Pain is beautiful.

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What Pain Has Taught Me About Life pin

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