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40+ Interesting Facts About Hinduism That Will Blow Your Mind

Hinduism, the 3rd largest religion globally, is also the oldest religion in the world. Here are a few lesser known Hinduism facts that you must know.

Why Soul Connections Are More Important In Our Life Than Soulmates

It's not necessary to attach yourself to a soulmate to grow, but a soul connection is important.

Angel Numbers: Spiritual Significance Of Repeating Numbers And How They Guide You

Are you seeing repeating numbers? Angel numbers have spiritual meanings and are used by your spirit guides to guide you through your spiritual awakening.

5 Surprising Secrets of the Infinity Symbol ∞

There is a plenty of symbolism of infinity symbol which if understood, we can change our lives. Here're 5 secrets of infinity symbol

6 Yoga Mudras To Heal Common Ailments

Mudras are hand gestures that stimulate energy flow in the body. Here are 5 yoga mudras that can help you heal ailments and live healthier.

Sacred Geometry Test: Choose A Cosmic Pattern To Reveal Secrets About You

By ‘randomly’ choosing one answer from this Sacred Geometry Test, we will see how the primitive yet powerful forces, guide us through our destiny.

5 Hair Colours And The Elements They Represent

What color is your hair? Do you know about the different hair colors and the elements they represent, and which can also give a peek into your personality?

How To Help A Loved One Cross Over

Losing a loved one can be horribly emotional and hard. These transitions are not easy. Here are tips to helping a loved one cross over.

The “Seer”: Seeing Souls with 4 Different Kinds of Gifts

The Seer: Seeing Souls Through 4 Gifts: Mediumship • Psychic • Oracle • Elementals

Finally Meet Yourself: How to Embrace Your Whole Being and Another Soul the Same Way

Just knowing that You are not alone- That another Human being, incarnated on earth, Sees your Soul can change your whole being.

How Your Intuitive Abilities Can Help You Find Your Spiritual Side

When you completely get out of the mind, you then allow your emotions and intuitive abilities to rise up from your gut intuition

Can Pets Cure Us Of Our Illnesses?

They are powerful conduits of unconditional love. Humans might be the "superior" beings, but animals have a lot more love to give.

6 Reasons Why Friday the 13th is Believed To Be Unlucky

Friday the 13th - allegedly the most cursed day of our calendar, when everything is fated to go wrong. But where did we get the idea that it's a date when bad things happen?

Heal Your Aura: 7 Common Aura Problems and How To Solve Them

Sometimes, there might be some problems with our energy fields that affect our aura and our physical, mental and emotional health. Hence, it becomes crucial to know about the basic aura problems and how to cleanse them.

Twin Flames: What Happens When We Meet Ours

Have you ever felt a total recognition to someone new in a relationship, as if you’ve met this person earlier?

Numerology Compatibility: Find True Love With Your Life Path Number

How To Find Your True Love With Life Path Number Compatibility 

7 Untold Signs That You May Have Psychic Abilities (Are You A Psychic)

No matter what kind of psychic you think you will be, you can check out some of these signs that reveal you may have psychic abilities

10 Nightmares And What They Are Trying To Tell You

Your Nightmares might surprisingly be trying to hint you at something you have been long ignoring.

Signs Of Reincarnation: Is Cellular Memory The Key To Our Past Lives?

Have you lived before? Did you know your cells know secrets from your past life? Take a closer look at cellular memory and past life connections.

8 Buddhist Beliefs To Heal Your Soul and Find Happiness

“There is no path to happiness: happiness is the path.” - Buddha

The 7 Dynamics of the Lightworker Journey

Although being a lightworker is exciting, the lightworker journey is challenging.

7 Chakra Cleansing Herbs For Empaths and Healers

When Qi or prana life-force energy stops flowing, the chakra or energy-centers within our bodies become blocked. This cessation of flowing life-force energy makes it difficult for us to feel grounded, centered, energized, and full of joy for life. This is why chakra cleansing can be so useful and beneficial.

Why You Should Try Smudging Your House Backed By Science

Smudging is an activity, that has roots in indigenous culture, and although considered dubious, has found shelter under science.

What Is The Spiritual Significance Of Eclipses and How They Affect Us

Did you know, Eclipses, especially lunar varieties, can bring about significant changes in our lives.