There is no #1 way to perfect parenting. No matter how hard you try, there are people finding flaws in ways you are nurturing your children. Despite giving your best you may not be able to prevent conflicts with your kids or satisfy them completely.

Are you feeling worried about the right growth and development of your kids? Wondering how to be the best mother or father whom your kid will love and admire life-long? Are you feeling alone in your journey as a working mom?

Here’re Best articles and blogs on effective parenting tips and techniques, and child care, child abuse and more. They provide tips to build a fulfilling parent-child relationship

What Type Of Parent Are You? QUIZ

type of parent are you

Do you know what your kids think of you? How would your child friends describe you? Strict? Cool? Hero? Overprotective? Overwhelmed? Take this quiz to know!

13 Signs Of A Toxic Parent

Signs Of A Toxic Parent

If you experienced any of the following situations as a child, the odds are high that one or both of your parents were at least slightly toxic.

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