Mind Talk

Flip Side Of A Narcissist’s Point Of View

Right off the bat, referring to a whole person (narcissist) by a certain set of grouped traits or behaviors is setting up the wrong dynamic.

Fight For Her Dignity

Justice for her is piled with all the pending rape cases. Fight for her dignity, rather than make her live in fear and shame.

The Mystical Maze

The Mystical Maze You understand yet you're lost. It's complex but that's the mystical maze of life where the magic happens at every step. 

Not Every Love Story Is The Same

It's a tale of how two souls, connected by a typical love story, only to read each other and then part ways for they just have to.

An Ode To My Mother

AN ODE TO MY MOTHER Mother! mother! O my dearest mother! Working all day long, take a little rest rather. Listen to you as I listen to you,

Nothing In Life Is Meaningless As It Always Has Something To Teach Us

The realization struck me much later. That nothing in life is meaningless or unfair or illogical or a waste. It had to hurt me.

How Owning a Pet Dog Can Help with Your Mental Health

Here is an insight into how caring for a pet dog can help you with your mental health

Everything Happens for a Reason

Indeed, all I can do now is to believe in a statement that states "Everything happens for so many reasons".

A Brazen Or A Dastard

A Brazen or A Dastard? Every text you write is a word that buries in mind. Telling me to believe is a choice of mine to be fooled.

I Am Tough

I only answer to the calling of my inner beliefs of my true person...And yes... I have to be ‘tough’ to deny all that calling and move on!!

When All Is Well, Good & Great!

l am in a place where all is well, good and great even when seeming otherwise. I mostly handle it well and keep on hustling.

Who Are You?

Who are you, who are you? There is so much heat, how come my body is shivering? It is so cold, yet how is the sweat on the forehead?

I Hear It From Your Eyes

I hear it from your eyes...A palace of dreams and solutions of every question, The melancholy of some forgotten songs and slow heartbeats,

What Next Dear?

Beside the moon, swallowed the sun, All the stars count, now what next, dear? Don't stop, don't stop, and keep moving

How Much I Miss You

I tried to come back and beg for five minutes to tell you,How much I miss the smile on your lips,How I miss the gentleness of your kiss,

Let Them Go

Because even though you're far apart, you can still love them in your heart.I know you can do this, It's okay, let them go...

The Most Beautiful Things Cannot Be Seen With The Eyes

I believe I went through the wrong education in this world to appreciate what exactly it meant to be beautiful.

When Death Comes

Death approached as a quiet knight on the fierce battlefield...who’s intent to rip his foe...who cognize their inevitable triumph,

Still Alone

I will be the sun or moon, my wish,I am still, alone? I am still, alone?I am still alive, why do I behave worn-out,

A Bit Lost

Playing as an example of a strong person who’s once lost, Wandering around and letting your conscious mind be accreted.

Your Smile

Your smile...Like a flower blossoming in the garden,Like the moon turned out from the clouds,Like an unbeaten heartbeat

Midnight Musings

Midnight Musings. This pain in my heart, this hole in my soul, these sounds between the silence speak to me

Your Favorite Vehicle May Reveal Your Personality Type

The type of vehicle you choose or prefer could also reveal details about your personality.

Wai Lana Insights: Yoga Wisdom for a Happier, Healthier Life

“Happiness doesn't mean you always have a smile on your face. It means you have a foundation for your existence that allows you to...