Mind Talk

The False Me

The False Me In this article, I will talk about the word "I".How it may contain the deepest truth about who we are or how it may contain the primary mistake

Taking The Easy Way Out Is Not Always Right

Taking the easy way out might seem so much easier and less conflicting. I won’t argue with you there. Most of the time it truly is.

If I Were A Flower For A Day

If I were a flower for a day, I would catch that smiling sprinkling sunshine somehow. I would touch the feeble feet of bees to dance and play,

As Nothing Is Difficult

As Nothing Is Difficult Don't be scared thinking how tough a task might be, Everything may seem quite difficult all once we see.

The Blind Love

The Blind Love No words were felt quite enough, All the explanations seemed tough. The things which had entangled me more,

The Men In Uniform

Men In Uniform The sun was up early above the buzzing ground, The men walked past us with the roaring sound. Amazing synchrony of discipline and dignity

Cotard’s Syndrome: The Walking Dead

Cotard's Syndrome She was fast asleep, amidst layers of ivory tulle held together by a tight corset, porcelain skin glistening ghostly in the dim light,


The days are dark, Chances of a tomorrow, Might seem narrow. But don’t you forget, We’ve been at the cusp before too. But the sun has always shone through,

From My Window

From My Window Empty roads With none aboard Litter free Whispering Their relief Of the weights They no longer carry Miles they don’t have to travel

Reality check

Reality check Swept under the rug, Like all the things, We hush hush about. Did you not remember, where you stand? Because they do.

Call Mother Earth

Call Mother Earth Every day we meet, but today we need to speak, On our earth, we all call home. Every day we face, The fearful unknown.

Healing Meditation For Health Care Workers

Healing Meditation For Health Care Workers We are living in a challenging time and we need to be taking care of ourselves and others. 

Is Your Child Responsibly Religious?

What is the best way to make your child responsibly religious?

Age of Awakening

Then I guess I'll be charged with, a felony when I spark this.

People With A Purpose

Stay forever blessed and positive beautiful people.  

Eat and Live

Just, take a deep breath. Everything will pass. And, everything will be okay, you'll see, darling.

Your Heart Is Still Intact

Nobody has the strength to break you and the character you have built over a long time.

On The Brink

We are a profoundly sick and disconnected society...

Struggle, Survive And Hustle!

Human strength and self-love are the origins and fundamentals of all great and horrific deeds equally.

Twisted Fate

Two pairs of eyes meet - the collision of two different souls. These two souls are polar opposites, yet they managed to be together.

Power To PAUSE

All the mischief that stays inside would pop out.

Love Beyond Love

The only way to learn to LOVE BEYOND LOVE is going through that messy experience of ups and downs, roses and thorns, breakups and patches.

To The Woman I Know

To the woman, I know. Past This is too heavy to carry when everything seems to be not fine at all.