What Was Your Best Moment Of 2017

What Was Your Best Moment Of 2017

What If Today

This is a poem I wrote one day I realized that it was ok to just feel what I felt for that day.

Are You Afraid Of Silence Too?

How scared of silence people are these days! There is no place for silence in the contemporary world. Everyone is busy filling themselves up with some or the other kinds of a mesh of sounds. Floating in the sea of all kinds of sounds, harmony, and discordant rhymes; symphony and...

The Other Girl

  A Sunday morning, nothing new But this time it was not true. For the first time did I ever Dread a day with silent tremors. The stage had been set from the last night, To burn my dreams into ashes in front of my own eyes. “Are you his girlfriend?” She asked. “I am asking for...

Goodbye For Now

Goodbye, for now, my love. You saw the whole of me, and I saw the whole of you

Whatever Lies Ahead Of Me, I Would Open My Heart And...

I am a woman who makes mistake, who is alone in bed at night and cries until the birds of dawn pick away the debris of darkness.

The Distance

All can stair  And all I have to do is to wait Window panels Droplets of rain Festivals and joy  Nothing could be the same As my dreams

How to Use Writing for Mindfulness

This article explores several ways that you can use writing to bring these benefits to your life, helping you to become a happier, healthier, more uplifted you.

Home Is Where Your Heart Belongs

Home is your favorite black forest cakes in the red ribbon shops. The music you overheard from the house next door.

Mindfulness : The Power Of Now

Thoughtless Mind Its funny  I was a compulsive thinker.  My mind was full of questions and doubts Answers would never satiate my thirst abound.

An Open Letter To A Best friend

I know that pain seared through your heart and that's perfectly okay. Memories are fine- you couldn't touch them, smell them or hold them and they faded with time.

7 Habits That Help You To Avoid Stress In Daily Life

Life will always be demanding. a simple guide can help you handle the stresses of your everyday life.

The Damn Feeling When You Can’t Be With Someone Forever

The wound is too deep. The shit ton of excruciating pain inside you is so intense and that a part of you dies.

How to Develop Children’s Sense of Humor

Humor is one of the basic social mechanisms. It plays a key role in the mental development of an infant

Changing Perspectives Will Change Your Marriage

Taking the time to improve your persona is an investment in the longevity of your marriage. “It is not what you say, but how you say it.”

WOMEN: Life Is Unpleasant Without Them

With her, there is love that comes in all shapes, sizes and temperaments.

Caption this – 10 November

Caption this - 10 November


A strong Family is a place we enter for comfort, development and regeneration, a place from which we go forth renewed & charged with power of positive feeling. Love is the best investment.

Cut Off Those Who..

.Are Nosy. ..Sneak a peek at your screens. ..Ask you who are you talking to on the phone. ..Impose their unrequested opinion regarding how you dress.

I’ve Learned To..

Accept Never keep what’s not mine Leave when not invited Cherish my present moment; it's all I got

Books, not Weapons

When was the last time you read a book? Or, for you non-book readers out there, read any kind of publication at all?

Our Spirit

Our inside and out, The spirit speaks out loud, Heavenly form and there is no norm,


Yoga believes that in order to prevent Psychosomatic illness one must think right. We must learn to live a better life. We must change our attitude and thinking to make us pleasant and cheerful. Here are certain Yogic Tips for bringing such change:-

One Day

you are the bravest person I've ever known you've been through a lot disappointment, rejection, failure, weakness, betrayal, and sadness yet you kept standing

Walk Away

The clothes that we are wearing, Do not hide the scars we are carrying. They do not change or fade away, But they do determine if we go or stay.

The Crown Is Heavy For Many

Not everyone you'll meet can handle your royalty you are different, you have your values, integrity, and pride

Why is Assignment Writing Important? Few Steps for Successful Assignments

If you are struggling with your assignment and need some guidance to make it great, here are some ideas that can help you out:

Knowing Happiness

Savouring the solitude that was transpiring from that evening, contemplating of things seems susceptible. Have I really not noticed these long pathways that my foot always stepped in?

The Other Side of Love

To know and to feel, Mind and heart Maybe your heart always hurts a bit when letting go Perhaps a gentle reminder, “Are you sure you want to do this?”

Musical Chair

A catastrophic poem Breathes carnival of leaves. One, two, three My protagonist flees The odd one out. The courtyard is now a joyous table

The Attitude of Grief

We are mere humans staying from the body that will never be ours.


Why all the selfishness and blind hatred causing much inequality and sorrow, when we are here today and then gone tomorrow?

How labels make nothing, something

When we label something it takes on a life of its own and creates meaning and shape.

Unconditionally Broken

the room is eerily quiet as she lays there Her heart beating slowly The clock on the wall ticks as each second passes

Foraging for that sanguine thread

Foraging for that sanguine thread



The Heritage of Divorce

When we opt for divorce, it is paramount to accept this fact and grasp the full extent of it. Not only does the status quo change within our inner circles, but the impact reaches far outside among the family, friends, and communities in which we live and function.

The Freedom of Divorce

The Freedom of Divorce

Happy Anniversary Dear Ex

for the sake of the marriage and keeping our eyes on the ball at all cost, things fell apart. For better sadly became for worse…