Mind Talk

Your Smile

Your smile...Like a flower blossoming in the garden,Like the moon turned out from the clouds,Like an unbeaten heartbeat

Midnight Musings

Midnight Musings. This pain in my heart, this hole in my soul, these sounds between the silence speak to me

Your Favorite Vehicle May Reveal Your Personality Type

The type of vehicle you choose or prefer could also reveal details about your personality.

Wai Lana Insights: Yoga Wisdom for a Happier, Healthier Life

“Happiness doesn't mean you always have a smile on your face. It means you have a foundation for your existence that allows you to...

A Different Perspective on Life’s Purpose

The purpose of life is to experience the fullness of existence.

Yes, Love is Crazy

Yes, love is crazy. Just a little far, but still close, A little unknown, but still special A little bit stupid, but little bit intelligent

A Time Of Karmic Balance

A time of Karmic Balance is upon us.Where a lot of natural disasters are unfolding to balance the ignorance of the West

You Are My Daughter

You are my daughter, go move the mountains, You are my daughter, shake the wild with your voice, Make earth shiver, create tremble in the sea

The Lost Wonders Of Time

The Lost Wonders Of Time It feels like the journey has just begun.Turned my head, Walked on and traveled, Through the path.

The Light Within

The gleaming light in the eyes of your loved ones, you see every day, The love for you that they show every day.

My Sailor, My Sailor, Good Night…

I have my sailor for life who will make me happy and dance to the best weather under blue skies and sunshine.

Colorless Yet Vibrant!

We see reflected colours most of the time and reflected colors are the outer colours of every single object.

Happy Valentine’s Day

But I do have to gift you today as today is VALENTINE'S DAY. I gift you the Completeness that I never felt before.

Life With You…

Life with you is with me only and loving myself more and more.Thanks, you are there, so am I, else life is not what it should be.

Teaching Your Children Mental And Emotional Balance

The child will then learn from that honesty that nobody is perfect. That in itself can take an immense load off of one’s back.

Once A Teacher, Always A Student

Everybody that we meet and every situation that we encounter in our life can be a teacher, if we allow it to be

More than Words

Have you ever said something to your child that you wish you could have taken back?

Seven Steps To Help You Get Out of a Scarcity Loop for Good

Here are seven steps to help you get out of a Scarcity Loop for good