Mind Talk


I was standing still like a strong castle; until they told me that I am not good enough. No one noticed that their words were so tough.

Twinkling Of Minds – All Minds are Joined

Twinkling Of Minds I am not alone in experiencing the effects of these thoughts because all minds are joined and when more energy is devoted

Catering Cold Cuts

Catering Cold Cuts The house was beautiful, massive, and decorated to the nine. The second story balcony had stained glass built into the french doors;

The Gates Of Valhalla

The Gates Of Valhalla We have been suffering for too long, for we have been surviving under this pressure of the world the load of the expectation

The Isolation Of Empathy

The Isolation Of Empathy Your voidness drowns in the strength of my own thoughts. I lay there trying to empathize with emptiness.

Spiritual Habits In Daily Life

Spiritual Habits Daily Life In order to lead a successful, fulfilling, and interesting life, everyone needs the confidence and calmness


I want devotion, love, and care. To be respected everywhere. I want someone's hands to hold. Hugs when I'm tired and I'm cold.

What Make A Good Parent And Child Relationship

Parenting is one of the important tasks which no one will teach you. Here are 9 tips to make a good parent and child relationship by the family counsellor and life coach Ritu Singal

Deadly Fusion

Deadly Fusion She can feel it. All of it. It was like a virus flowing through the veins; steady, fast, and unforgiving. The gut-wrenching,


It's saltier than the peg offered, at the shelf. One who managed to devour it, Presents the best of the poems, and becomes the best of the poets.

Put Yourself First

Put Yourself First It often happens that despite doing everything right we doubt ourselves, our work, and sometimes our own existence.

Aw, Depression – Let’s Conquest It!

Depression Let’s Conquest It Alike your physical health, your mental health also needs attentiveness as more than 264 million people suffer from depression.

Why You Should Allow Yourself to Have Occasional Sad Days

Occasional Sad Days I have recently had several sad days, especially during this time. The first sad day was one day that I bit my brother’s head off.

Losses & Gains

Losses & Gains The moment you take your very first breath, it is guaranteed that there will be a last; But lamenting over what occurs after death

I Am Listening

I Am Listening Dear parents, please listen. Teenage suicide is very real and the rates are alarming! Don’t trivialize your child’s feelings

Oblivion Of Restlessness

Oblivion Of Restlessness We as humans can’t let the feeling of not being in control go away. Even the greatest philosophers who believed in the hand of fate

I Am A Woman

I am a woman, I should be timid - they say.I am a human, I know no limit - I say. My existence is not meant for your judgment,

From Darling To Delusional

From Darling To Delusional Many different names for it, but only one given look. Crazy, Insane, Twisted, Mental, Psychotic, Deranged,

The Mirror

The Mirror The cabin had been in Nicole's family for generations; her great-great-grandfather built it when he married and started the family.

Owning My Happiness: How I Did It

Owning My Happiness Of late, this is a feeling that fills me with a sense of freedom. Let me explain: When on own our happiness without any burden

Stone Cold

Stone Cold Lynn had lived in the area since she was born, but had traveled all over the world throughout her life; Germany, England,

Save A Life Maybe?

Save A Life Maybe? Why is it like, when someone dies of suicide, only then the world starts sharing about how important mental health is

Closure – An Unsent Note

Closure - An Unsent Note I have no one to tell how it takes me in. The feeling so overwhelming and a feeling that brings in fear and ecstasy all at once.

Life, Nature, And Love

Life, Nature And Love Being able to do things, not being able to do things. This is how life as we know is built. As we travel in life to search for love