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Self-learning During Lockdown


All these years we have been chasing a life of wanting more and more forgetting to pause, breathe and grow good health.

Be Happy With Yourself


Healing means accepting yourself just the way you are, with or without someone. Moreover, be happy with yourself, know your worth.

I Call Her ‘V’

I Call Her V

When I look in the mirror again, it’s me—just the way I have always seen myself…except, my smile…my signature smirk that I’m known for in my selfies…it’s backward.

For War-Weary Empaths

For War Weary Empaths

As an Empath, you are a powerhouse of energetic vibration and you have the gift to empower yourself and others, in that order! You perceive everything said and unsaid, seen and unseen, and can even feel what’s going on around you. Your intuition is second to none and you form bonds and lifelong connections with people purely based on your ability to care for them on a deeper level.

Depression And Anxiety: How To Defeat Them In This Modern World

Depression And Anxiety How To Defeat

Having walked this journey through depression and anxiety myself I understand how difficult and lonely this illness of depression and anxiety can make you feel. So instead of thinking about those hurts and dwelling on them, be thinking of what is lovely, what is noble, and what is excellent and trustworthy….

The Psychology Of Toxic Leaders

The Psychology Of Toxic Leaders

It is clear if a leader has a bunch of traits or temperaments capable of triggering toxic emotions or thoughts in the subordinates, we can call him a “toxic leader”.

Top 5 Tarot Cards For Career Success

Top 5 Tarot Cards For Career Success

There is a tarot card for every possible station, and thus you can take guidance in every dilemma you face. The tarot readers will have their deck of tarot cards and will make you pick one of the cards. The card you choose ultimately guides you through and also foretells the upcoming situations shortly. 

How Social Media Is Turning Us Into Imposters

How Social Media Is Turning Us Into Imposters

I mean, that is what weekend is supposed to be, going out, hanging out with friends, even snapping a steering wheel, even though you’re not on the driving seat. We have become our own shadows. We are not really who we perceive to be in front of social media. It is not that we are not enjoying our own selves, but the idea of being our perfect selves on social media, and showcasing how our lives are so perfect.

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