Why Good Communication Is Actually Good Emotion Regulation in Disguise

When couples need better communication, it begins with managing their emotions.

6 Ways to Build a Strong Relationship When Struggling With Depression

A person struggling with depression is not what some people think is the ideal romantic partner, but Kristine Rose and her boyfriend have built a strong and lasting relationship.

How to Read Eyes And Know What Someone Is Thinking

Our eyes can really tell a lot about us. When we know how to read eyes, unconscious eye movements can help us a lot to understand someone.

The 3 Roles We Play During a Conflict & Ways To Escape The Drama Triangle

The Karpman Drama Triangle graphically depicts that we tend to take on 3 distinct roles, a victim, a persecutor, or a rescuer, when involved in conflict and drama in relationships.

Romantic Relationship

5 Things That Women Want From Men

When it comes to love and romantic relationships, what is it that women actually crave, look for, and want from their men?

Who Is Your Soul Mate? Take This Quiz To Find Out

A soulmate is someone who accepts you as you are. If you are wondering who your soulmate might be, then this soulmate quiz is exactly what you need.

Which Partner Is Responsible To Fix Jealousy In A Relationship

Have you ever encountered jealousy in your relationship? Have you or your partner tried to fix the jealousy that keeps cropping up?

8 Major Twin Flame Stages – Are You Experiencing This?

Here are 8 main twin flame stages and every twin flame couple must go through before becoming ‘reunited’ and finally together forever.

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Here are some tips for protecting your energy level at your workplace.

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Here are a few ways for you to deal with passive-aggressive people without losing your mind.

Relationship at Work

Top 10 Bad Leadership Behaviors That Destroy Organisations

Have you ever had to work under a bad boss? If yes, then you know very well how frustrating, and nerve-wracking it can get.

How To Effectively Resolve Conflicts In The Workplace

Conflict in the workplace is a reality that can affect the entire team. Here are a few strategies to help you manage workplace conflict efficiently.

6 Hacks To Be Happier At Work, Backed By Science

Do you want to be happier at work? Here are 6 science-backed ways that can help you find more happiness at the workplace.

Are You Feeling Depressed At Work? Is Your Job Making You Sick?

How do you figure out if you are feeling depressed at work or it’s something else? If it is about work, what part of work is it about or is it just the whole thing?


The Power Of Being The Black Sheep In The Family

Being a black sheep in the family can be an emotional and psychological struggle. But it can also come as a blessing in disguise.

17 Best Podcasts For Kids That They Will Want To Binge

Podcasts for kids are an antidote to increasing screen time when stuck indoors!

Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers: Why They Are Never Good Enough

Daughters of narcissist mothers try hard to gain their mother’s love and approval. But, are never able to please her. Here's why

The Narcissist’s Family: The Roles Cast by the Narcissist

If you are part of a narcissist's family you will be given a role to play and it will be your responsibility to act your heart out in public.


6 Reasons Why Art Therapy Is Beneficial For Kids

Why art therapy for kids is more than just arts and crafts?

How To Raise A Child With High EQ

Having a child with a high EQ is something every parent wants, but do you actually work towards imbibing something like that in your children?

10 Common Mistakes That Therapists Make When Counseling Estranged Parents

Do you know that just like therapists can help solve parental issues, there are a few mistakes that therapists do make with estranged parents?

10 Signs Your Child is an Old Soul

If your child does not fit the typical mold of his or her age group, you might have an Old Soul on your hands.


Letting Toxic Friends Go: How To Move on From Toxic Friendships

For any friendship you decide is not good for your wellbeing or toxic it’s okay to tell them: I’m sorry. This friendship is not right for me anymore.

8 Signs That Your Friend Is Your Frenemy

Such a person is known as a frenemy, who pretends to be your friend but is actually your biggest rival. Someone who only wishes bad things for you. 

14 Relatable Quotes From Our Beloved F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

Have you heard that the FRIENDS are reuniting after what has seemed like forever? It's actually happening! So we've gathered 14 of the most relatable quotes to bring back the good times we've had with our beloved FRIENDS.


8 Tips For Managing Codependency And Taking Better Care Of Yourself

Have you ever been in a relationship that is defined by codependency? Have you ever tried managing codependency, but have always fallen short?

Are You Strong-Willed or Willful?

Strong-willed people are successful, yet those who are willful often sabotage their success.

Changing Codependent Dynamics in Abusive Relationships

Codependents’ reactive role amplifies their focus on their partner, while they hide who they are. They increasingly try to control the uncontrollable, sacrifice themselves, and try harder to please and be accepted.

Detaching: How To Let Go with Love

Detaching is a way of separating the unhealthy emotional glue that keeps us fused in a codependent relationship.

Toxic Relationship

What You Need to Know About Surviving Infidelity In A Toxic Marriage

Surviving a partner’s infidelity can be very difficult but surviving infidelity in a toxic marriage can seem almost impossible.

How Your Emotional Thinking Creates Excuses For A Narcissist’s Behavior So You Remain Invested In Them

Emotional thinking whispers that excuse for you and it is easier to accept that than go along the rocky road of logic.

12 Signs You Are Married To A Narcissist

Only when you are hooked to them do they reveal their true self to you. 

3 Reasons Why Narcissists Always Return To Former Victims

When narcissists look at the hoover in such a scenario when they come back to former victims for more, they do so for one of the following three reasons: -


How To Break An Emotional Addiction

We’re taught to feel and accept our emotions, but what about when your emotions actually become an addiction?

How You Can Let Go When Your Partner Refuses To Change

Have you ever felt very frustrated in your relationship because your partner refuses to change their bad habits and problematic behavior?

Letting Go Of Someone You Love After Infidelity

Are you wondering how to let go of someone you love after infidelity after that certain someone has had an affair?

Detaching: How To Let Go with Love

Detaching is a way of separating the unhealthy emotional glue that keeps us fused in a codependent relationship.

Relationship Boundary

17 Heartbreaking Reasons Why People End Up In Emotional Affairs

Things go wrong in every relationship, but when that happens in theirs, they don't handle it — they escape.

Tips to Cope with Personal Space Intruders

When someone intrudes on your personal space, stick to the high road. Try to remedy the problem using the above tips. It’s tempting to get nasty, which may provide a fleeting release, but it has no real gains.

5 Quotes to Strengthen Boundaries Against Toxic People

Without strong boundaries in place (which come from speaking our truth and saying No consistently) we are an easy target to be taken advantage of. 

5 Tips For Setting Healthy Boundaries As An Introvert

Are you an introvert who struggles with being social, but people don't seem to understand that? To change that, you need to be setting healthy boundaries. 

Understanding Men

5 Signs He’s Actually A Player

Men give off very specific signals that will tell you immediately if they're a player or if they might be “THE ONE.”

7 Unusual Signs A Man Is Into You

The hidden playbook of the opposite sex. what he’s thinking about you right now? What does he want you to do next? Is he really the one for you?

Attraction or Objectification? 5 Early Warning Signs To Know

How will you know if he's attracted to you or just "using" you to objectify you?

5 Things That Make Men Feel Sexually Desired

Some of the latest research suggests that feeling sexually desired might actually be quite important to men's sexuality too - it's just that a lot of us don't tend to talk about it.

Understanding Women

5 Things That Women Want From Men

When it comes to love and romantic relationships, what is it that women actually crave, look for, and want from their men?

Why Women Don’t Want a “Nice Guy”?

Women don’t want a “Nice Guy”. They may say they do, but what they really mean is that they want a GOOD guy. Here's the difference:

How To Deal With A Stuck-Up Woman

You know the kind. She kind of looks at you raises an eyebrow and says something really obnoxious

Things That Make A Woman Emotionally Attractive To A Man

How to be the woman a man will not only listen to, but admire and want to support emotionally.