5 Relationship Blind Spots: Are You Missing These Warning Signs?


Warning Relationship Blind Spots Signs To Watch Out For!

Do you know what a “blind spot” in driving is? It occurs when your vision gets blocked, and that can cause accidents. Similarly, relationship blind spots, cloud our judgment and influence how we interact with people or make decisions.

Blind spots can be damaging to relationships and can destroy your peace of mind, so learn to identify them!

According to relationship blind spots psychology…

These relationship blind spots refer to those parts of us or of our relationships that we cannot see clearly. They distort our perception and hinder our ability to make informed decisions.

relationship blind spots
5 Relationship Blind Spots: Are You Missing These Warning Signs?

It is important that we recognize and deal with these points if we want healthier relationships in life.

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5 Common Relationship Blind Spots

Let’s shine a light on some of the most common relationship blind spots that can undermine your connection with your partner:

1. Unhealthy Boundaries: Not establishing and keeping boundaries may foster bitterness, irritation, and conflict.

2. Unresolved Baggage: Ignoring or understating previous traumas or unsolved problems might result in emotional baggage within the relationship.

3. Mismatched Expectations: Assuming your partner has the same values, aims, and priorities without talking about them can lead to disappointment and misinterpretation.

4. Codependency: Over-relying on your spouse for validation, happiness or fulfilment could corrode selfhood and independence.

5. Inadequate Communication: Failing to communicate openly, truthfully or compassionately can cause misunderstandings, grudge formation and mistrust.

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5 Signs Of A Blind Spot In Relationship

Below are a few signs you may be ignoring due to relationship blind spots.

1. Repeating Unhealthy Patterns

Do you feel like you’re constantly having the same fights or misunderstandings without ever resolving them? This could mean that there is a blind spot in relationship that prevents you from addressing deeper problems.

2. Giving Silent Treatment

Are there certain subjects that neither of you brings up because they make everyone uncomfortable or because you know how they will respond? This may be indicative of an area where both parties have hidden knowledge, thus preventing any progress from being made.

3. Needs Being Stuck Or Unfulfilled

Is there always something missing, despite trying your best not to think about it too much? Unfortunately, this constant dissatisfaction often arises from an unacknowledged need, so until this blind area is recognized and dealt with, nothing will change concerning happiness levels.

4. Not Trusting Your Gut

Do you find yourself doubting what you perceive about their behaviors all the time? You could just be ignoring red flags or warnings because somewhere deep inside know better but refuse to let consciousness realize it due to ignorance caused by not seeing everything (the blind spots).

5. Cutting Ties With Loved Ones Who Disapprove Of Your Relationship

Has distancing yourself from friends or family members who voice concerns become second nature? Do you cut ties to avoid them seeing what you don’t want them to?

If so, this is a red flag. Being secretive about your life might be a sign that you’re in denial.

Dealing With Blind Spot In Relationship? Learn To Overcome Uncomfortable Feelings.

1. Think about your behavior.

Reflect on how you reacted. For example, if I have a fight with my partner over chores, it will be useful to ask myself why this angers me so much.

2. Seek advice from others.

Request for opinions of close friends or relatives. They could see things you ignore.

3. Be open-minded.

Accept the possibility that you may be mistaken. It is not about winning; it’s all about understanding.

4. Talk openly.

Express your emotions frankly. Saying, “I feel ignored when you’re on your phone,” is better than having underlying anger

5. Be empathetic.

Put yourself in their place and walk there. Just try it! You will be amazed by how much comes out of this one act alone.

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What this you learn from this article? Share your thoughts on relationship blind spots psychology in the comments below!

relationship blind spots
5 Relationship Blind Spots: Are You Missing These Warning Signs?

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  1. James Sarafin Avatar
    James Sarafin

    The greatest problem in a relationship is that we all live in our own self created reality, ALLOWING US TO BE CONDITIONED.
    This prevents us from seeing another directly.
    What we see is what we think about the other, and that is what we react to.
    We react to what is false because we don’t see truth.
    Our self created reality has been hacked, are our reactions are controlled by our conditioning.

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