7 Deep Spiritual Meanings Of Seeing Spiders Often


Deep Spiritual Meanings Seeing Spiders

A lot of people ask, “why do I always see spiders?”, “I keep seeing spiders what does that mean?”, “why am I seeing spiders everywhere?” Have you been spotting spiders quite often? Anything that shows up repetitively in your life holds deep spiritual significance. So, what’s the spiritual meaning of seeing spiders often? Or what does it mean when you see a lot of spiders in your dreams?

Spiders generally invoke a feeling of fear or hatred and not many people associate coming across a spider with a pleasant experience. However, if you are a spiritually awakened individual, you might wonder about the spiritual meaning of seeing spiders often. There are several stories, facts, and myths about what does it mean when you keep seeing spiders.

In many ancient civilizations, the spider symbolism has found a place in their mythology and folklore. We will get into these legends later, but the fact remains that spiders have a deep connection to the metaphysical realm and the spiritual meaning of seeing spiders repeatedly is nothing but the Spirit’s way of nudging you to learn some important life lessons.

What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of Seeing Spiders: 7 Things To Learn From The Creepy-Crawly

So, what does seeing a spider mean spiritually?

Seeing lots of spiders meaning: you need to inculcate the following lessons in your life. 

1. Patience

Spiders patiently weave their intricate webs and no matter how many times they fall or their webs get destroyed, they keep persisting until they are done with their task. Seeing spiders often might indicate that you are lacking perseverance or patience.

If you have a tendency to give up easily when adversity strikes, you get a spiritual message from spiders. For you, the spiritual meaning of seeing spiders all the time translates into a guide to practicing more patience. You must stick to your goals and even if you fail, you must try again with the resolution of a spider.

2. Designing Your Life

A spider’s web serves as its home, a place to collect sustenance, and an incubator to hatch eggs. Therefore, how a spider weaves its web has a huge impact on its life and survival. A turdy web will prove to be inefficient and dysfunctional for the spider to carry out its purpose.

Similarly, we create our life’s design with the choices and decisions we make. If we are not mindful of our actions, behavior, and life choices, we will never design a fully functional and effective life for ourselves or our offspring.

Therefore, another spiritual meaning of seeing spiders can be that you need to be smart about your decisions and carefully design your course of action.

3. Creation

As we have mentioned earlier, the spiritual meaning of spiders has been acknowledged by several ancient cultures. One such instance will be the Egyptian Goddess Neith.

She is depicted as a warrior Goddess with a bow and arrows, a sword, and a shield but strangely enough, as the Mother Goddess, she is also the Goddess of creation. Neith is also shown with a weaving shuttle that links her to the spider symbolism.

We all have both the divine feminine and masculine energies inside us and from this reference, we can infer that the spiritual meaning of seeing spiders is an indication for a person to give attention to their creative feminine side in balance with her divine masculine energy.

4. Protective And Wise Feminine Energy

Speaking about spider reference in ancient lores, two distinct symbolism comes to light in the Native American culture:

  • The spider has been personified as a grandmother who is the teacher, guardian, and protector of esoteric knowledge.
  • The spider is also symbolized as protection against heavy rain storms.

It makes sense as a spider’s web is enduring and a spider often instills a fear of death and of the unknown in us. However, one spiritual meaning of seeing spiders often can be that you need to shake off your fears and embody the protective and wise feminine energy of the spider.

5. The Everlasting Cycle Of Life

We all know that a spider’s web is a death trap for other insects. But as it is also a place where the spider’s eggs are hatched. This makes it a spiritual symbol of the infinite process of death and rebirth, of the cycle of life, and of balance and harmony between creation and destruction, just like the Goddess Neith.

Interestingly, a parallel can also be drawn between spiders and the infinity symbolism:

  • Spiders usually have eight eyes and all spiders have eight legs
  • The number 8 is a symbol of infinity when it’s turned on its side, also termed as a lemniscate
  • As a number depicting infinity, 8 stands for endless possibilities and infinite love and energy.

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6. Manifestation

Sometimes what does seeing spiders mean is manifestation. Spiders survive by drawing their prey to their webs. The spiritual meaning of seeing spiders can also be a sign for you to put more emphasis on attracting and calling in your desired manifestations.

If you are feeling disheartened or left behind in your life, these frequent spider visitations are occurring to remind you about the power of your intentions and how you can draw in more abundance and prosperity using the law of attraction, gratitude, and a positive mindset.

7. Illusion

In essence, a spider’s web is an incredibly crafted illusion. Preys cannot see through the clear web and as a result, get trapped when they fly into them. The feelings you get when you walk through a spider’s web are shock and disgust.

For this reason, another spiritual meaning of seeing spiders is to be aware of the web of lies and deceit that we might walk right in if we are not discerning enough. If you are seeing spiders a lot, then be careful of the people in your life. There might be some negative influences in your life who don’t have your best interest at heart.

Scroll down to know more about what do spiders mean spiritually when you see them in different scenarios.

Spiritual Meaning Of Seeing Spiders In House

It’s common for spiders to lurk inside our homes, but what is the spiritual meaning of spiders in houses?

  • If the presence of spiders inside your living space makes you feel scared and unsafe, then you must balance your root chakra to heal your subconscious insecurities regarding your physical health, relationships, finances, and survival.
  • If you catch spiders in your bathroom, it means they are seeking water and you are guided to get in touch with the water energy which represents your emotions.
  • If you find spiders in your bed then it means that you need to pay attention to your intuition. It also means that you should explore your shadow aspects and come face to face with your demons such as poor self-image, depression, anxiety, or feeling of inadequacy.

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The Spiritual Meaning Of Seeing Spiders Everywhere

What does it mean when you see spiders everywhere?

If you’re seeing spiders everywhere, then it might mean that the spider is your spirit animal and you need to pay attention to the similarities you share with this life form. Also, be attentive to your thoughts and situations when you come across a spider; it can be relevant to a problem or question that you are struggling with.

Spiritual Meaning Of Seeing Spiders On Your Body

  • Crawling on you: You need to identify energy vampires who are sucking your positivity by invading your spiritual space
  • Landing on your head: You need to stop overthinking and listen to your gut feeling
  • Stuck in your hair: You need to tap into your knowledge and wisdom and be cautious of people who are trying to confuse you with their deceitful ways.
The spiritual meaning of seeing spiders can be profound yet personal.

Is It A Bad Omen?

Seeing spiders is definitely not a bad omen as spiders are mystical creatures who play a vital role in the ecosystem and maintain a link between the physical and the spiritual realms. Although there are plenty of spiritual meanings in sighting spiders, these synchronicities are very personal.

So coming back to your question – what does it mean when you see spiders, the spiritual meaning of seeing spiders depends on how you resonate with their presence and how they influence your thoughts and actions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of spider webs on the front door?

Some cultures believe that a spider weaving web on the front door symbolizes good fortune and divine blessings for the members of the household.

What is the spiritual meaning of stepping on a spider?

Some people believe that stepping on a spider brings on rain.

What is the spiritual meaning of seeing spiders in a dream?

Seeing spiders in your dreams indicates your subconscious fear of the unknown and the unexpected.

Are You Seeing Spiders All The Time This is what it could signify!
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The Spiritual Meaning of Seeing A Spider Often
Seeing a Spider Meaning
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seeing spiders meaning

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