How To Choose A Life Partner Wisely

Although the whole idea of being in love with the right person may sound very romantic, actually choosing a partner can be rather confusing. Here's how you can choose the right partner and build a lasting relationship.

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There are a few things that every man should do for his wife, in order to make sure that they have a happy and strong marriage.

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Many a time, too much sex pressure from males can permanently diffuse a female's sex drive.

Low Sexual Desire In Couples: 3 Ways To Deal With The Dilemma Of Intimacy

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Your relationship with your in-laws can have a huge effect on your marriage. This is how, setting healthy boundaries with them, can help make your marriage stronger.

Sexual Intimacy: Mastering The Art of Subtle Seduction  

Sexual intimacy is one of the core things for a successful and fulfilling relationship. However, you and your partner's definition of seduction can sometimes differ, and if you do not try to meet each other halfway, it might end up affecting your relationship in the long run.

Your Wedding Zodiac Reveals The Future Of Your Marriage

Since time immemorial, Astrology and the stars have always played a big and mysterious role in determining the future of a marriage.

Unmet Expectations: 5 Ways It Is Ruining Your Relationship

Unmet expectations are can be one of the biggest banes in a romantic relationship, to the point of even destroying it completely.

Surviving Infidelity Together: 5 Ways Couples Can Move On From The Pain

But let me tell you that surviving infidelity together is possible. It won’t be easy but it can be done, and you can save your marriage. 

Is Your Lack Of Attention Slowly Ruining Your Relationship?

The quality and quantity of attention each romantic partner gives their relationship influences the satisfaction both partners feel in the relationship.

6 Steps To Disarm The Silent Treatment Without Making it Worse

For many people, silent treatment may seem like a better option, than engaging in a full-blown fight. However, constantly indulging in silent treatment will do your relationship more harm than good, in the long run. You still want to do it?

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How Can Couples Therapy Repair Your Relationship?

Couples therapy recommend solutions that can help both parties understand their problems and work towards strengthening their marriage.

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Owning Your Sexuality Unapologetically

Sexual self-awareness is the key to enjoying intimacy with a partner.

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Do you want to end all your relationship troubles, so that you can find your way back to each other? Conflict. We all have it.