Understanding Women

5 Things That Women Want From Men

When it comes to love and romantic relationships, what is it that women actually crave, look for, and want from their men?

Why Women Don’t Want a “Nice Guy”?

Women don’t want a “Nice Guy”. They may say they do, but what they really mean is that they want a GOOD guy. Here's the difference:

How To Deal With A Stuck-Up Woman

You know the kind. She kind of looks at you raises an eyebrow and says something really obnoxious

Things That Make A Woman Emotionally Attractive To A Man

How to be the woman a man will not only listen to, but admire and want to support emotionally.

6 Ways To Stop Hating Women

Your mind’s filters will continue to collect evidence that women are truly terrible and filter out evidence to the contrary. Here're 6 Ways To Stop Hating Women

3 Reasons Why Women Prefer Dating Younger Men

There are a lot of reasons why sometimes women want to date younger men, instead of men their own age.

10 Things A Confident Strong Woman Will Do Differently

Here's what a strong confident woman does differently when it comes to love and life

Is She Refusing To Get Intimate With You? Access These 5 Things

Here are 5 parts that are why she is refusing to get intimate with you

Nice Guys Vs Bad Boys: What A Woman Actually Wants In Her Man

"Attraction is beyond our will or ideas sometimes." - Juliette Binoche

This Is What Makes A Woman Truly Beautiful To Men

As a man with a nineteen-year-old daughter, I am sometimes quite concerned with society’s continuing obsession with beauty, more specifically about our definition and attitudes about a woman’s beauty.

What Strong Women Often Get Wrong About Finding Love  

Dating is hard. Finding love is harder. But what is even harder is to go on a date and find true love as a strong and independent woman.

How To Be The Man She Deserves

When Your Wife Challenges Everything Your Know About Being A Man

Attention Men! 10 Solid Tips To Make Your First Date Awesome

Trying too hard is never a good idea when it comes to impressing women. This is why you need smart first date tips & hacks that will help you

5 Ways to Make Your Woman Feel Loved

Have you finally found THE ONE and are you looking for ways to make your woman feel loved?

The Right Type Of Chivalry For 3 Very Different Types Of Women

Despite people telling you that chivalry is dead, here's how to dial-up (or dial down) chivalry to make each woman you date feel special. (That is the point of chivalry after all, right?)

How A Strong Woman Heals Her Broken Heart Differently

When the heart of a strong woman gets broken, the first thing that she will do is blame no one but herself.

Women Dating After 50: Is It Worth The Effort?

Over 50s dating can be just as fun and exciting as it is in your twenties.

The ONLY Sign To Know For Sure If She Is Attracted To You

Women are complicated creatures. Men have tried for ages to understand women and we are still trying in vain. But when it comes to attraction, this ONE sign will let you know if she is into you or not.

The Dating Game: What Men Always Get Wrong About Women

If you’ve ever felt unfairly treated, or confused by women in dating, this one is for you.

Are you A High Maintenance or a Low Maintenance Girl?

Are you A High Maintenance or a Low Maintenance Girl? A “high maintenance girl” is one who exhibits several or all of the following qualities