Health Tips

10 Things Most Successful People Do Right Before Bed

Whether tomorrow will be a better day depends on what you do at night before sleep. Here are 10 things most successful people do right before bed.

Bingeing: What It Is, Causes and How To Stop

Here's the truth: binge eaters come in all shapes, sizes and activity levels. Some of my worst binges and sickest days were at my most active and smallest size.

Why Giving Up On Emotional Eating Will Not Help You Lose Weight

Are you someone who indulges in emotional eating? But now, you are looking to stop it, because you feel it will help you lose weight?

5 Of The Best Stress Relief Exercises For A Calm Mind & Body

Stress is an inevitable part of our lives that we simply can’t get away from. But the good news is that there are many ways with which we can actively de-stress and reduce our stress levels substantially. One the best way we can do that is by exercising.

10+ Immunity Boosting Foods You Should Have More Often

A strong immune system can help us stay healthy and strong even in times of distress.

Best Home Workout Ideas To Stay Fit While Stuck At Home

Are you worried about overeating and weight gain while stuck at home? Here're are the best exercises to do at home and stay fit

6 Reasons You May Be Gaining Weight Unintentionally: The Science Behind Obesity

Weight gain can be very frustrating. Here are 6 scientific reasons why you may be gaining weight unintentionally and becoming obese.

What is EFT Tapping & How It Can Help You Heal Yourself

Is your life riddled with emotional & physical pain? This is how EFT tapping can help self heal and improve different physical and emotional conditions.

Bone Breathing: Heal Your Bone Marrow With This Taoist Practice

According to Taoist masters, Bone Breathing is a powerful technique which helps our breath to reach our bones and cleanse the bone marrow.

How To Heal Your Gut: Habits That Improve Your Gut Health

Your gut health is crucial for your overall well being. Here's why we need to take good care of our gut and heal it to heal ourselves.

Insomnia 101: Causes, Symptoms Of Insomnia & How To Sleep Better

Are you struggling to sleep? If insomnia is affecting your mental, emotional and physical health, then here are 9 ways to identify the symptoms & overcome it.

Psoas Muscle Pain Relief: 5 Ways To Heal the ‘Muscle of Your Soul’   

Did you know the Psoas muscle may be related to your mental, emotional and physical well being? Here's how a happy psoas can be the secret to a stress-free, healthy and happy life.

Intermittent Fasting For Weight Loss: Does It Actually Work?

Is intermittent fasting the best way to lose weight? Can it help you to lose that stubborn excess fat? I tried intermittent fasting for 30 days to lose weight and here's what I found.

The Food Craving Guide: What You Think You Want But What Your Body Actually Needs

Here we are going to take a closer look at what each type of food craving means and what you really need to eat.

The Art Of Grounding: 7 Healing Benefits Of Walking Barefoot Outside

“Feeling rooted in the earth is soothing to the body, and it is our connection to the earth that gives us our most basic sense of belonging, home, resilience, and safety.” - Jessica Moore

Diet & Depression: 6 Ways Food Impacts Your Mental Health

A healthy and nutritious diet is not only good for your body, but it can also help to improve your mental health.

Why You Should Give Meditation a Try- Know the benefits

Find out the benefits of meditation and give it a try.

The Chinese Body Clock: Why You Wake Up Every Night At The Same Time

According to ancient beliefs based on the Chinese Body Clock, our body follows a strict and detailed self-regulating, self-care routine

6 Ways to Boost Your Serotonin Levels Naturally Without Medication.

How do you boost your serotonin without resorting to medication? Here are 6 natural ways to do it.

30 Minute Exercise Workout Routine Especially for Chest

Try this 30 Minute Exercise Workout Routine especially for the chest.

Stop Smoking During Pregnancy

Smoking isn't just an epidemic that's overtaking the country it is an epidemic that also affects women that are expecting.

Top 5 Mental Health Apps That Will Make You Happier In Life

These apps can not only improve your mood but also help you build new positive habits and change negative behaviors.