Health Tips

Insomnia 101: Causes, Symptoms Of Insomnia & How To Sleep Better

Are you struggling to sleep? If insomnia is affecting your mental, emotional and physical health, then here are 9 ways to identify the symptoms & overcome it.

Psoas Muscle Pain Relief: 5 Ways To Heal the ‘Muscle of Your Soul’   

Did you know the Psoas muscle may be related to your mental, emotional and physical well being? Here's how a happy psoas can be the secret to a stress-free, healthy and happy life.

Intermittent Fasting For Weight Loss: Does It Actually Work?

Is intermittent fasting the best way to lose weight? Can it help you to lose that stubborn excess fat? I tried intermittent fasting for 30 days to lose weight and here's what I found.

The Food Craving Guide: What You Think You Want But What Your Body Actually Needs

Here we are going to take a closer look at what each type of food craving means and what you really need to eat.

The Art Of Grounding: 7 Healing Benefits Of Walking Barefoot Outside

“Feeling rooted in the earth is soothing to the body, and it is our connection to the earth that gives us our most basic sense of belonging, home, resilience, and safety.” - Jessica Moore

Diet & Depression: 6 Ways Food Impacts Your Mental Health

A healthy and nutritious diet is not only good for your body, but it can also help to improve your mental health.

Why You Should Give Meditation a Try- Know the benefits

Find out the benefits of meditation and give it a try.

The Chinese Body Clock: Why You Wake Up Every Night At The Same Time

According to ancient beliefs based on the Chinese Body Clock, our body follows a strict and detailed self-regulating, self-care routine

6 Ways to Boost Your Serotonin Levels Naturally Without Medication.

How do you boost your serotonin without resorting to medication? Here are 6 natural ways to do it.

30 Minute Exercise Workout Routine Especially for Chest

Try this 30 Minute Exercise Workout Routine especially for the chest.

Stop Smoking During Pregnancy

Smoking isn't just an epidemic that's overtaking the country it is an epidemic that also affects women that are expecting.

Top 5 Mental Health Apps That Will Make You Happier In Life

These apps can not only improve your mood but also help you build new positive habits and change negative behaviors.

Migraine Pain in Kids and Teens: Things You Need To Know

Here are certain things that you should know in order to help your kid get rid of migraine pain.

Fitspiration: Top 50 Beast Mode Gym Quotes To Get You Grinding

50 powerful gym quotes that will ignite the beast inside you and make you workout stronger, longer and harder.

What is Emotional Eating and 7 Expert Ways To Combat It

Do you feel like munching on something all the time? Are you eating to hide your emotions? If food is your go-to solution whenever you feel upset, then you may be engaging in emotional eating.

13 Tips To Motivate Yourself To Exercise After Work

Too lazy to workout after office hours? Here are 13 solid tips that will motivate you beyond doubt to hit the gym after work & get pumped.

12 Amazing Things That Happen To Your Body When You Have Turmeric Every Day

Here are 12 compelling reasons, why you should include Turmeric in your diet everyday

Why Kids Should Never Be Forced To Eat Their Veggies

Why Kids Should Never Be Forced To Eat Their Veggies: The Harmful Psychological Impact of force feeding and what we can do Instead

This School Replaced Detention with Meditation and Has Achieved Wonders

With A Unique Substitute For Detention, This School Has Achieved Wonders

A Magic Potion to Cure Cancer in 2 days: Dandelion Tea

Scientists have come up with a magic potion that can cure cancer in just 2 days!


diet which will naturally balance your hormones and help you achieve younger looking skin.