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Do people call you highly sensitive or emotional? Do you feel anxious in crowded spaces? Can you deeply feel the emotions of people around you? If yes, you might be an empath. Empaths are a special group of highly sensitive people who are deeply aware of others’ thoughts, emotions and energy and can feel them as their own. They view the world differently from everyone else. They are deeply sensitive to outside stimuli like sounds, chaotic environments or loud people.

Some of the common traits of an empath include-

• Introverted

• Highly sensitive

• Giving

• Intuitive

• Good listener

• Committed

• Easily overwhelmed

• Self-sufficient

Being sharply intuitive, empaths are masters at reading people & situations at a deeper level. They are also natural healers due their solid understanding of the human psyche and their giving nature. Apart from having a lot of empathy, they have a special, spiritual ability to understand others. As they are emotionally intelligent and highly intuitive, they know when someone is lying. An empath can be an exceptional listener and a big-hearted, generous friend. However, as they are unable to set clear boundaries for themselves, they often end up absorbing the stress and emotional pain of others.

According to Dr. Elaine Aron (1991), almost 15-20% of the population are empaths. They are mostly introverts and feel drained after socializing. They often feel their great when they are in and around nature.

If you think you’re an empath, then you can find a lot of valuable resources like articles, blogs, stories and tips on this page that will help you identify and understand yourself better so that you can live a more fulfilling, meaningful and purposeful life.