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8 Unexpected Benefits Of Being An Empath

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Here are some self-care ideas for highly sensitive people which will give you the power to function properly throughout your life.

10 Strategies To Protect Your Energy As An Empath

Here are some of the most effective and easy protective techniques you can use before, during or after crowd exposure:

Empaths and Low Self-Esteem: How You Can Set Yourself Free

Empaths are natural healers and tend to take everything they experience by heart. This type of intense sensitivity can often lead to low confidence in them.

9 Important Reasons You Should Avoid Negative People If You’re An Empath

It may seem unkind to suggest avoiding negative people, but here are 9 reasons why you should:

Empaths and Co-Dependency: What it Means and How to Let Go

Empaths can often get them into toxic relationship equations with victims and narcissists

What it Really Means to be an Empath

With your share of gifts and sensitivities, for whether you know it or not, empaths often make the world a better place. 

When An Empath Loves A Narcissist, This Is How It Ends

When an empath loves a narcissist, there is nothing but trouble.

How Empaths Can Recover from Trauma And PTSD

Empaths and sensitive people often experience some level of post-traumatic stress. This is, in part, because they’re on sensory overload for so many years their systems are flooded with adrenaline.

Empaths and Addiction: The Dangerous Relationship

When an empath feels too much, he/she often tries to manage this sensory overload by numbing themselves to shut off their thoughts and diminish empathy.

How An Empath Faces Rejections

Time and time again, there are situations that make the hearts of the hypersensitive, delusional creatures such as ourselves bleed with pain.

Empathic Illnesses: Do You Absorb Other People’s Symptoms?

Empathic illnesses are those in which you manifest symptoms that are not your own.

27 Traits Of An Empath

Not sure if you are an empath? Here are the top 27 traits of an empath.

Can Empaths Feel Spirits Too?

The more an empath grows in awareness, the more he will be able to unleash the psychic abilities hidden within.

13 Traits Of A Real Empath

Here is a list of 13 qualities that a real empath has: These traits are innate and not learned. You are either an empath or you are not.

15 Ways To Stay Grounded And Protected For An Empath

The best form of protection and way to stay grounded for any Empath is to create a resilient, healthy body, quiet mind and strong energy field. Below are 15 of the best ways to achieve this:

Trauma Trigger People And The Empath

Those who act as a trauma trigger to an Empath, cause a response at the mere mention of their name and can have them awash with painful emotions, just by thinking about them.

What is a Food Empath? 6 Ways To Reduce Stress and Overcome Food Addictions

Diets often fail for sensitive people because they are unaware that they are overeating to protect themselves from overwhelming or negative energy