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Where the mind speaks. The heart shares. And the soul confides.

Your Safe Place

Talking about Minds Journal, it’s a safe space for anyone and everyone trying to improve their mental health, relationships, lifestyle, career and themselves. We are a global mental and emotional wellness platform, dedicated to empowering awakened individuals to read, share, assess & improve, while having some fun along the way. Our informative resources, crafted by expert authors, encompass a wide range of disciplines –

  • Mental health
  • Psychology
  • Emotional health
  • Spirituality
  • Fitness
  • Self-improvement
  • Parenting
  • Relationship
  • Dating
  • Emotional abuse
  • Horoscope
  • Entertainment
  • And the finest quirks of human behavior

A supportive online community

Our goal is to develop a stigma-free and judgment-free online community of experts, authors and readers with the shared goal of being supported and feeling connected. Our authors, both distinguished subject-matter experts and published authors, craft every piece of article based on scientific research and from their personal experience to help our readers elevate their thinking, navigate through life challenges, build more satisfying relationships and a fulfilling life.

Telling stories that inspire 

Our informative articles and blogs are carefully constructed by Bestselling Authors, Psychologists, Therapists and Relationship & Life Coaches from around the world to help you find balance, inner bliss and growth. Read. Research. Learn. Prosper. 

Our vast selection of quotes are geared to inspire and motivate you. No matter what depth of emotional and mental turmoil you may be going through, these words of wisdom from renowned philosophers and real-life winners will help you find the way forward. 

Our Reader’s Blog allows our readers to become an active part of The Minds Journal Community. Learn about the intricacies of life through our reader-submitted true stories and articles with Mind Talk; get inspired with authentic thoughts & quotes submitted by readers just like you with Readers Thought; and openly express yourself with our uniquely interactive Wise Pick.

At The Minds Journal, we also know how to have some fun. Explore hidden truths and embarrassing facts about yourself with our light-hearted and fun quizzes and personality tests. Test your intelligence, learn some trivia and uncover fascinating details about your personality. 

We have also proudly published our first book ‘Soul Works: The Minds Journal Collection’ in 2021, which received a lot of love and appreciation from our peers and readers alike. We are in the process of publishing more books in the near future that will add value to the lives of our readers.

Do you want to Unleash Your Mind? 

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Our Reach

The world loves us and we love the world

The Minds Journal has an impressive and expansive reach on different social media platforms, with millions of readers visiting our website every single day. With the help of our team of professionals, we have been able to make our content available to millions of readers worldwide. And our readers and followers love what we do.

We have millions of built-in audiences who visit our website from different parts of the globe including North America, Canada, The United Kingdom etc. With about 1.6 million users/month and 3.2 million page views/month, we are constantly motivated to deliver new, original, high quality and informative content to our readers on a daily basis. 

We are driven to always do our best thanks to the love and support of our followers on different social media profiles with –

  • 5.6M Followers on Pinterest 
  • 1.8M Followers on Facebook
  • 306K Followers on Instagram
  • 215K Subscribers on YouTube
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  • 11.92K Followers on Snapchat
  • 21.1 K Followers on Threads

And counting.

Our Team

Our passionate team of professionals

At The Minds Journal, we promote the works of reputed authors and subject-matter experts from across the world. Our team involves a vast pool of authors and regular contributors including 150+ psychologists, relationship coaches, life coaches, self development experts, entrepreneurs, bestselling authors and our own team of talented writers.

We are constantly collaborating with psychology experts and mental health professionals to organize free-for-all weekly webinars on a wide range of topics like mental health, relationship, self improvement, abuse recovery, health, lifestyle etc.

The Group:

Our group of companies consist of 3 separate organizations operating under the single Mind Journal umbrella:

  • Minds Journal Pvt. Limited
  • World Mental Healthcare Association (WMHA)
  • Mind Health Pte. Limited

Minds Journal Pvt. Limited

Championing the mental health discussion

Minds Journal Private Limited was established in 2016. With its headquarters in Kolkata, India. It functions as a Mental Health and Psychology focused IT company that is dedicated to providing novel solutions to both experts and individuals who need help. 

Both Mrs. Sakshi Choudhary and Mr. Ritesh Choudhury are currently appointed as the Directors of the Media And Publishing company. The organization is supported by an ever-increasing team of professionals from different disciplines, along with subject matter experts and psychologists from all over the world. 

Minds Journal Pvt Limited has two primary brands through which the organization is working hard to promote mental health awareness and to make reliable resources & professional help easily available to anyone in need:

  • The Minds Journal
  • Mind Help

The Minds Journal

Our flagship online portal, The Minds Journal is the largest, globally recognized, free digital library on mental and emotional wellness. The Minds Journal empowers individuals to read, share, assess & improve their mental and emotional health. Through original & high quality, informative and helpful Articles, Blogs, Stories, Poetry, Quotes, Images and Videos, our writers, readers and contributors help, learn, improve, share and inspire others who need support. 

Mind Help

Mind Help is a reliable and helpful platform focused on providing research-backed & accurate information on a wide range of psychology & mental health topics. We are supported by leading psychiatrists, psychologists, clinicians, therapists, counselors and mental health experts from across the world. Through reliable resources, world-class online mental health solutions and an unprecedented network of mental health professionals, we provide instant access to the best online support and counseling to the global community. 

World Mental Healthcare Association (WMHA)

Promoting excellence of ethical practice in psychology

Advocacy, education, support & awareness

Based in India, World Mental Healthcare Association is a licensed non-profit organization and a leading psychological advocacy platform. It strives to serve as a representative body for mental health professionals and institutions. Registered under Section 8 of Companies Act 2013 with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India, WMHA offers streamlined support and guidance to establish better professional practice policies and code of ethics among mental health professionals and students with the help of leading experts in this discipline. By conducting continuous field work in our community, WMHA is dedicated to raise mental health awareness through proper education and support.

With its 360-degree approach, WMHA is dedicated towards providing solutions through educating, advocating and promoting mental health and public awareness. It is a licensed establishment that identifies the needs of people suffering from mental illnesses and empowers them to connect with professionals, counselors and support groups in a hassle-free way.

Listen. Learn. Educate. Lead.

At WMHA, our mission is to create a caring & helpful community where everyone can seek the right support, connect with others and share their stories. Our aim is to help everyone understand mental illness better. We provide immediate access to valuable educational programmes and allow patrons to become WMHA members to support our quest to make mental healthcare stigma-free. We plan to pioneer novel and unique public awareness events and activities to successfully offer affordable & helpful mental health awareness programs, centers and services that can be easily accessed by the public, both online and offline. 

With World Mental Healthcare Association, you can –

  • Easily access online/offline mental health support in your own community.
  • Talk to people experiencing similar conditions & share reliable guidance & support.
  • Talk to a trained and professional crisis counselor online to find relief.
  • Find affordable or free-of-cost mental health centers for immediate help.
  • Get cost-effective online therapy from trained psychotherapists.
  • Access specially-designed mental health self-assessments to better understand yourself.
  • Get customized training programs from different social welfare establishments.

Join us and get a WMHA Membership to access or help us build globally leading mental health solutions, educational programs and online discussion groups to promote mental health awareness in your community in your own voice.

Mind Health Pte. Ltd

Digitalizing Mental Healthcare

A pioneer in mental healthcare AI

Based in Singapore, Mind Health is a pioneering mental healthcare AI development organization. With the support of qualified and experienced professionals, researchers, analysts and developers, we offer helpful, valuable and customized technological aids for mental health professionals to enhance their online practice in a hassle-free way. We are also dedicated to developing easily accessible technology-driven products and services for individuals looking for affordable mental healthcare solutions to improve their lives.

A promising future for mental healthcare 

Did you know that Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help to detect mental illness symptoms with over 90% accuracy? 

At Mind Health, we believe that using cutting-edge technology and artificial intelligence in mental healthcare can undoubtedly make diagnosis & treatment more effective, decrease costs and widen access. As mental healthcare can be successfully delivered online without sacrificing its spirit, AI technology can actually improve mental health outcomes by offering innovative, and safe solutions and opportunities conveniently.

Our AI-driven solutions include –

  • Website with Blog and Online Call Features
  • Android App for Online Consulting & Online Therapy
  • IOS App for Apple Products
  • And Many More

Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, Mind Health has carefully designed AI tools that can greatly help in early identification, diagnosis and treatment of psychological conditions and can also be effective in prevention as well.