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Minds Journal is a Platform for Strong Awakened Individuals which has been created keeping in mind the importance of mental health in our daily lives.

We empower our readers with tools to self assess, to elevated thinking, to navigate challenging situations wisely, and to find their way to a more fulfilling life and relationships with self and others.

We have a vast bank of relatable articles and blogs related to mental health and the different facets of it such as parenting, self-development, relationships, family, emotional abuse and much more. We feature Self help articles, relationship advice, dating tips from Mental Health Therapists, Relationship Experts, Psychologists, Life coaches from around the World

Apart from blogs and articles, you can also binge on thousands of inspiration quotes, love quotes,  introvert quotes … and so much more! Browse Quotes

You can not only read, but you can also submit your own writings and get a chance to feature your thoughts with millions of like minded individuals. 
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Our Motto – 
Unleash Your Mind
Let The Mind Talk Begin

1. Your Guide to BETTER Mental Health

Access valuable resources like ARTICLES, BLOGS, STORIES, QUOTES, THOUGHTS & VIDEOS to cope with mental & emotional health issues, share views, transform your life & motivate others.

2. Self Improvement…SIMPLIFIED!

Discover hundreds of helpful and honest digital resources & tools on personal growth & coping skills to live a better life everyday in the easiest and most hassle-free way.

3. Share Your THOUGHTS

We know you have a story to share. Now share your thoughts & emotions with the world. SUBMIT your original articles, stories, quotes & poetry and REACH millions of READERS worldwide. 

4. We Help You to Help Yourself

Our digital mental health platform brings together writers and readers from across the world to share and discuss thoughts & ideas that promote WELL-BEING & SELF DEVELOPMENT.

5. You Deserve HAPPINESS

Life shouldn’t be exhausting. You don’t have to stay in the darkness. You deserve to BE LOVED. You deserve to be HAPPY. Let us show you the way to living a better life.

6. Minds Journal is for EVERYONE

Whether you are coping with mental health issues, abusive relationships, introversion or simply trying to live a more fulfilling & mindful life, we help you FIND THE BEST ONLINE RESOURCES for your exact needs.