August 11, 2018


Lost partly me, the day you said you’re leaving

Cursed hard myself within, oh! my soul grieving

Our friendship was strong but seemed you never care

I fought against all the odds to be always there

Like a shadow behind you, followed everywhere

But time witnessed only fringes between us somewhere

And this bereavement left me by myself all alone

Lamenting the things I shouldn’t have said or done

And forgive me if ever I hurt you my friend!

For we live in a world of different hues

With intuitions sometimes overpowered by biased-views

You saved all your time judging me for no good reason

But  I was never a competitive material, oh my friend!

Sadly, never a word of apology came from your end

Still, I valued our friendship more than anything

That’s why these eyes couldn’t hold back the big ocean

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