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Almost all of us have at least one close friend with whom we spend most of our time. Someone we can trust and rely on. Someone we can turn to when we need help. Friendship is a gift that can make our life beautiful and meaningful. Friends matter a lot to us, yet we think very little about how valuable they are to our emotional and mental well being.

One of the most defining traits of any friendship is a strong preference for a specific person. We expect our friends to be honest and genuine regardless of the situation. We understand each other and share a special bond that can often be stronger than a romantic relationship. Friendship refers to a voluntary and mutual affection between two or more people and is a strong interpersonal bond. Most friendships usually comprise of certain common characteristics like respect, love, kindness, honesty, care, forgiveness, loyalty, trust, openness and more.

True friends are crucial for our emotional and mental health as well as for the quality of our lives. Every friendship is an excellent opportunity to love not only another person, but yourself too. Friendships allow us to understand ourselves and grow as human beings. A good friendship can help you experience life to fullest and provide you the necessary courage to face the various challenges of life. By investing yourself in developing genuine friendships, you can create a loving and meaningful bond that will last a lifetime.

This page will help you discover valuable articles, stories, blogs and tips about friendship and how you can strengthen the bond with your friends to live a happier life.