What Is Val-Core Dating: 4 Signs This Is Your Thing!


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What is Val-core Dating? signs it is your thing!

One of the latest dating trends in 2024 is the Val-core dating or value-based dating. But is it a new trend or has it just been newly named? Have you always prioritized values to choose a partner? Did you feel attracted to someone who shares the same values?

In Val-core dating people choose partners based on the values that matter to them.

Val-core Dating
What Is Val-Core Dating: 4 Signs This Is Your Thing!

Let us understand the concept first.

Val-Core Dating: Is It Your Thing?

We have always been enticed by the concept of how opposites attract. From movies to great novels, the contradictory dynamic kindled the fire of romance, understanding and passion. But what if similars attracted each other? Is it possible?

I personally believe that shared common values are a firm base for a long-term relationship. While enjoying differences are important, similar values can help in cultivating mutual respect. I will respect a person for the human he is, more than how perfectly he can carry out the duties of a partner.

Similarly, I have seen lack of empathy, compassion and right sense of justice is a big turn off for many, including myself.

I think it is safe enough to say that we have entered an age where dating and choosing life partner is not just about butterflies in the stomach, romantic dates, or superficial beauty and attraction. It is about safety, security and respect.

According to Bumble’s 2024 Global Dating Trends, 25% of singles find social and political engagement attractive in a person. Are you among them? Then, val-core dating is your thing.

Val-core Dating
What Is Val-Core Dating: 4 Signs This Is Your Thing!

Are you one of them? Let us find out.

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4 Signs You Are Into Val-core Dating

These 4 unmistakable signs prove that you have always been into val-core dating, exclusively.

1. You are looking for a long-term secure relationship

You are looking for security and safety since you are considering long-term relationships. Core values become automatically important for you to choose a partner and engage.

2. You Lose attraction if they support social stigmas

Statement like ” I am only concerned about my life and want peace” throws you off. It is the biggest turn off for you while discussing any social causes. You feel disconnected and disappointed instantly.

You feel comfortable, safe and secure with people who have similar values.

3. You question a lot

You question a lot, trying to know the other person’s mindset and views on values that matter to you. It is very important for you to know how well they can understand your emotions and whether they are the right match for you.

4. You prefer to continue discussions on important matters

You do not prefer to drop discussion on matters important to you even if they are not related to the relationship. Disagreement on such topics is a serious concern for you and you will discuss until a solution is found.

Val-core Dating: Is it peaceful or chaotic?

Finding a person who shares the same ethics is the best feeling in the world. Feeling safe and secure is the aim of relationships. A place where you can share your feelings and views while the other person supports, makes you feel at home. But is it always peaceful?

A healthy debate never harms anyone if both are open to suggestions. There are many benefits of Val-core dating:

a. Stronger Bond

Aligning on goals, ethics and principals can make your bond much stronger than any other kind of intimacy can. This is the highest level of intimacy and connection that one can achieve.

b. Better Communication in relationships

You can communicate better with no one feeling restrained from sharing thoughts and ideas since your ethics match and you both have respect for each other as humans from the beginning of the relationship.

c. Mindful Dating

Can we call Val-core dating as mindful dating? I think we can. But it is not the only type of mindful dating. Being conscious of what you want and being capable of stating that makes it easier for the other person to decide. Val-core dating is therefore a conscious form of dating that eliminates confusion and unnecessary drama in the long run.

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Final Thoughts

Val-core dating is definitely a conscious dating trend for me. It moves ahead of the general standards of choosing a partner based on superficial attractions. Do you agree? Let us know your thoughts and opinions.

What is Val-core Dating?

It is value-based dating where core values are the parameter for choosing a partner.

What are the statistics of Val-core dating?

According to Bumble 2024 report, 25% find political and social engagement attractive in a partner.

Why is dating harder in 2024?

With online dating, there are too many apps with a lot of options for choosing one right person.

val-core dating
What Is Val-Core Dating: 4 Signs This Is Your Thing!

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