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Classy Is When You Have A Lot To Say But

Classy is when you have a lot to say but choose to be silent

And When You Love Her Don't Just Love Her Petals

Why do we think love will fix us and make us whole

Take care of the people you love,

Go where you're loved stay where it's consistent.

Genuine love recognizes and respects

Fall in love with the one who teaches you how to fall in love with yourself.

Accountability Feels Like An Attack When You're Not Ready

In Three Words I Can Sum Up Everything I've Learned About Life

Life Is Not A Problem To Be Solved But A Reality To Be Experienced

Life Is The Most True School The Teacher Who Never Stops Teaching

We Are Born We Die Somewhere In Between We Live

Your life right now is a result of what you did a year ago.

Everybody Knows My Smile But Nobody Knows How I Feel

Best thing you can do for yourself

When I planted my pain in the field of patience it bore fruit of happiness. ~ Khalil Gibran

You've Changed.. Yes, I have Changed.

I used to rush to defend myself against false accusations

I had to figure out if I was an empath or a traumatized kid

Stuck Between Idk Idc And Idgaf

Disappointed But Not Surprised

The Problem With The World Is That The Intelligent People

Quiet The Power Of Introverts In A World

I Have Full Blown Conversations With My Dog

I Am An Overly Emotional Unemotional Clingy But Distant Private Person

The Biggest Scam Your Brain Is Telling You

Night Is The Mother Of Thoughts

The demons are back and stronger than ever.They are looking for a fight.

The Pain Started Years Ago But I'd Lived With It For So Long

When Being In A Relationship Hurts You Leave

Sometimes the only logical thing to do

The Only Way You’ll Find Out If You Have It In You Is To Get To Work

If a man is acting like he doesn't give a fuck about you,

A big part of who I am is who I'm not.

If You Don’t Know Who I Am

It's Funny How You're Nice To My Face

Life Changes You Lose Love. You Lose Friends.

The Distance You Kept During My Struggle

Simply By Living In This Particular Time And Space

The more fearful a person is, the more he uses his mind.

I am sorry, but this is my time.

Thankfully, persistence is a great

Your strongest muscle and worst enemy is your mind.

Anchoring Bias Interesting Facts About The Brain

Backfire Effect Interesting Facts About The Brain

Fundamental Attribution Error Interesting Facts About The Brain

Negativity bias Interesting Facts About The Brain

Optimism Bias Interesting Facts About The Brain

Pessimism Bias Interesting Facts About The Brain

Don’t Stress The Could Haves If It Should Have It Would Have.

You Don’t Have A Right To The Cards You Believe You Should

Not connected by blood but rather by energy.

Empaths Don't Act Fake

What lies behind us and what lies before us

You should sit in meditation for twenty minutes everyday

I Think As You Grow Older You Look For Very Different Things In People

You Once Told Me That The Human Eye Is God's Loneliest Creation

Thoughts Are Never Honest

If We Take Care Of The Moments The Years Will Take Care

Time Is What We Want Most

All That Really Belongs To Us Is Time

Zodiac Signs and Stereotypes

Zodiac Signs Reactions To Insults

How The Signs Answer The Phone

Zodiac Signs Know This Because They Just Do

How Much Does Your Sign Love Animals?

The Only Thing Your Sign Does Well