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Do you remember the first time you grabbed crayons? We have all spent hours creating an artwork that was displayed on the refrigerator. And most of us remember the feeling of satisfaction and joy we experienced. Art is an intrinsic part of our society, culture and history. It allows us to express our imagination, ideas and emotions.

Everything and anything we see can be art. It can be a painting, sculpture, illustration, photography, drama, music, writing, architecture and even food. In fact, normal everyday objects can appear artistic.

In essence, art can be anything. It can be defined as any creative work, any activity which demonstrates beauty, any expression of ideas & emotions and the process of creating something visually appealing & entertaining. It also refers to the expertise of the artist in creating his artwork. The process is as beautiful and crucial as the final artwork.

Art transcends time. And an artwork transcends it’s artist. It breaks all boundaries and barriers to share its meaning and message. It speaks a universal language and rises above religion, class and politics. It evokes different emotions and reactions in us and compels us to feel, think and act uniquely.

It represents our inner values and makes us realize that we are all connected through emotions, ideas, love and friendship. It enables us to pursue our passions, express our true selves and understand what actually matters in life. By making us think deeply, feel profoundly, and act spiritually, art helps us reach our true potential and live a better, more fulfilling life. 

This page will help you discover valuable articles, stories, blogs and tips about art & artworks and how it can help you live a happier and more satisfying life.