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Family is undoubtedly one of the most important influences in our lives. We form our first relationships with our parents and we depend on them to protect us and provide for our needs. Our families give us unconditional love and support and make us realize its true importance. Our parents are our first teachers, guides and role models. Families steer our lives even when we are adults as all our values and beliefs are mostly influenced by our parents, siblings and close relatives. Whenever we encounter a devastating setback, feel down, unsafe or insecure, we turn to our families for emotional and mental support.

When your parents actively promote positive thinking, growth and development, you thrive in your adult lives. They give us the love, support, help and resources we need to survive when we have no one else. Our families directly influence our personal well-being, relationships and success. It is crucial to our mental, emotional and physical health. However, when we grow up in a toxic, dysfunctional family, it can adversely affect our identity, career, relationships and future.

We share the sorrows and joys of life with our families, help and support each other and teach one another that helps us grow in life. Families allow us the environment for personal growth by offering us values, identity and security irrespective of our age. In a dysfunctional family, however, we experience neglect, misbehavior, conflict and abuse which determines our behavior as adults. Our parents, relatives and loved ones offer us our sense of self and build the foundation for our lives. By spending quality time with them, we learn the importance of love, communication and appreciation.

Whether you have a loving family or coping with a dysfunctional one, here you can discover numerous helpful resources like articles, stories, blogs and tips that will enable you to recover from the toxicity and build a stronger bond with your loved ones to live a happier life.