Do you think you make too many sacrifices for your partner, yet get very little in return? Does your relationship feel one-sided? Then you might be in a codependent relationship. Codependency is where one partner becomes a giver or rescuer while the other partner plays the role of the taker or victim. These relationships have an imbalance of power that focus on the needs of the taker and ignoring the codependent person’s needs. 


Although codependency is casually used nowadays to describe a needy or clingy person dependent on his or her partner, it is much more complex. A codependent person will take extreme efforts and live their lives with the sole focus of pleasing another person who is the taker or the enabler. Such relationships can be between romantic partners, spouses, family members and even friends.


To put it simply, in a codependent relationship, one partner has a strong need for the other, and for that partner it is crucial to feel needed. This is known as the cycle of codependency. The giver or codependent partner will develop strong feelings of self-esteem, self-confidence and self-worth only by acting like a martyr and sacrificing for their partner. The person mostly will feel glad to be the receiver and feel good about their partner sacrificing themselves.

Codependency may include mental, emotional and physical abuse. It is a dysfunctional relationship as both partners don’t see each other equals and is based on neediness and sacrifices.

If you are in a codependent relationship, then here you can find all the necessary help and support. You can discover innumerable resources that will enable you to identify and deal with it through helpful information, advice, tips and suggestions.

Soul Alignment: How It Helps In Recovery From Codependency

true self soul alignment

We each must find our way, learning to honor, express, and love our true Self. Every day, we have a chance to discover who we are, what we believe, feel, need, want, and value. Indeed, every moment provides opportunities to affirm our authentic Self.

How Self Love Is The Key To Codependency Recovery

self love is the key to codependency

When we can really be anchored and rooted in this love that exists within us, then we’re not dependent on this other person, fearfully holding them to be responsible for a love that actually we can only ever find and access from within us.

-Meggan Watterson

How Attachment Style Determines Your Choices

attachment style determines choices

How love or unloved we feel as children deeply affect the formation of our self-esteem and self-acceptance. It shapes how we seek to love and whether we feel part of our lives or more like an outsider.

8 Ways We Sabotage Love

The Startling Reason We Sabotage Love

Fear of not being loved is the greatest reason we don’t find love and sabotage it in our relationships.

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