2 am

You Got Something To Say?

Hold your chin up and speak your thoughts out.

Some Memories Never Leave Your Bones

Make the most of the time you have. They're going to become memories some day.

She Broke Her Own Heart

You can't blame it all on him.

I passed the hardest moments alone

I put myself to the test and I passed.

Please Forgive Me For What I Said

Please forgive me for what I said when I was at war with myself and projecting onto you.

Let’s Talk About How Hard It Is To Open Up

If only there were a better way to let them understand.

There Is Nothing Prettier Than A City

The city's still asleep and here comes the sunrise bringing us the gift of a new day.

What Is Stronger Than The Human Heart

And little do we consider giving our heart a break.

It’s better this way, a little lonelier

As much as we hate to admit it, we're better off this way.

You Know What I Think We Are Most Afraid Of?

It wouldn't hurt to know, might even heal to do so.

Just Because I Let You Go

I've learned to live with not always having my way in life.

I Don’t Want To Die

A restart to this life is all I really need.

And Then There Is Me Always Waiting

I'll be here, exactly where you left me.

A Lot Of The Pain That We Are Dealing With

They're merely just thoughts, let them come and let them go.

Everything Comes Back

Where are you now that you're gone?