Mental Health

10 Hidden Traits Of Depression You Might Not Know About

These traits might seem very normal on the surface, but there is much more to it than what meets the eye.

Mental Health Wellness Guide For Your Child

Did you know that mental health disorders are common in young children? According to a recent study, about one in six children has a...

Toxic Positivity: Why It Is Not Always A Good Thing

How being positive all the time can be negative for your mental health.

10 Best Ways You Can Support A Loved One with Depression

If you want to support your depressed loved one, you will need to know a few things about depression itself and how to help effectively.

Gut Health & Mental Health: Understanding The Gut Brain Connection

Is your gut feeling trying to tell you something? Recent studies have revealed that gut health influences mental health, and stress, depression & anxiety can be caused by certain gut bacteria. Find out more here...

5 Emotions That Can Cause You Pain, And How To Control Them

How To Regain Control Over The 5 Emotions Most Likely To Cause You Pain


10 Initial Desires Of A Narcissist At The Outset Of A Relationship

Narcissists have these wants at the outset of any relationship with you.

5 Ways You Feel When In A Toxic Relationship

The things you feel in a toxic relationship can have serious repercussions when it comes to your mental health, peace, and confidence.

How A Narcissist Plays You And How Their Cycle Of Abuse Works

Most of the time, you don't even realize when a narcissist plays you, do you? 

Who Is a Malignant Narcissist? Who Are The People They Target

A malignant narcissist is one step above the conventional narcissist, who derives pleasure from destroying other's sense of dignity.

Elder Abuse and Neglect: Guide to Identifying and Preventing It

Elder abuse is more common than you might think. Learn to spot the warning signs and what you can do to help an elderly person at risk.

My Journey Of Healing: Facing Every Difficult Emotion Head-On

How writing how I felt helped me in my journey of healing


The Myth and Danger of Multitasking

Multitasking is a myth and this myth is dangerous.

3 Radical Acts of Self Care That will Help You Heal After Burnout

Here are three (3) radical acts of self-care which cost nothing that is guaranteed to help you start recovering from burnout:

5 Ways to Beat Holiday Stress and Bring Harmony To Your Family Gatherings

To help you survive this holiday, here are five tips for dealing with anxiety, beat holiday stress, and bring harmony to your family gatherings.

10 Signs You’re Burnt Out And What To Do About It

"Burnout is what happens when you try to avoid being human for too long." - Michael Gungor

What is This Increased Stress Many of Us are Experiencing?

This Shift is affecting our consciousness and every aspect of life: our political, social and economic structures, the environment, institutions, our relationships, every thought we think and every feeling we feel.

Which Stressors Put You Over The Edge Based On Your Personality Type

Here is what puts you over the edge according to your personality type, and how to get yourself back to your best self:

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What if we could see Anxiety, depression and all those monsters inside our head as tangible monsters?

5 Movies on Mental Illness Which Everyone Should Watch

Movies on various types of mental illnesses which are not just some wonderful pieces but are capable of guiding us all.


Anxiety In Children: 15 Calming Things You Can Say As A Parent

Here are 15 calming things you can say to your child to relieve their anxieties and worries:

14 Ways To Cope With Anxiety And Depression On Christmas

The pressure to have a perfect Christmas and to be happy despite whatever is going on inside might create a toll for many

What Your Anxiety Can Teach You About Life

No one likes feeling anxious. Yet, anxiety is a great teacher, if we allow it to be. Here are 3 lessons I’m learning from my own anxiety: how to own it, use it and transform it.

5 Ways Mandalas Can Help Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Art has been a means to express one’s psychic intricacies for a long time.

5 Powerful Ways To Stop Worrying and Start Controlling Your Life

5 steps to take to calm your worry and anxiety so you can take back control of your life.

15 Art Therapy Exercises to Control Your Mind and Channel Your Emotions

Art therapy has had some tremendously positive effects on our ability to focus, process grief, express anger, and relax.


10 Hidden Traits Of Depression You Might Not Know About

These traits might seem very normal on the surface, but there is much more to it than what meets the eye.

8 Things You Can Do If You Want To Stop Feeling Depressed And Lonely

If you’re feeling depressed and lonely all of the time it’s important that you do something about it and do something about it now!

10 Best Ways You Can Support A Loved One with Depression

If you want to support your depressed loved one, you will need to know a few things about depression itself and how to help effectively.

How To Help A Person Who Is Feeling Suicidal

How To Respond to a person who says he is feeling Suicidal? Here's what to say and what not to say and handling your own discomfort.

Are You Feeling Depressed At Work? Is Your Job Making You Sick?

How do you figure out if you are feeling depressed at work or it’s something else? If it is about work, what part of work is it about or is it just the whole thing?

Overcoming Depression In Women, One Step At A Time

Overcoming Depression In Women, One Step At A Time Reportedly, depression in women is more common and widespread than depression in men.

Personality Disorders

The Covert Narcissist: Angel On The Outside, Devil On The Inside

Covert narcissists are dangerous people who know how to hide their narcissistic traits in public and raise hell by controlling and manipulating your life in private.

The Golden Child: How They Are Created In A Narcissistic Family

The Golden Child, does shine from the outside, but inside he's a forced picture of his parents expectations

Sociopathy 101: Understanding the Mind & Psyche Of A Sociopath

"It is not that [the sociopath] fails to grasp the difference between good and bad; it is that the distinction fails to limit their behavior." -Martha Stout

3 Sneaky Techniques Narcissists Use to Gain Attention

For any narcissist, attention is a staple food. Here are 3 sneaky techniques narcissists use to gain attention

Narcissistic Personality Disorder: Who Is A Narcissist And What Makes One

People with NPD often come across as arrogant and conceited with a tendency to look down on others who they perceive as inferior.


The Stages Of Grief: Ways To Cope With Loss and Minimize The Pain

The stages of grief can guide us to better understand the processes and emotions related to coping with grief and loss and find balance.

How Childhood Trauma Impacts our Physical, Emotional and Relational Health

The impact of childhood trauma is such that, it can end up potentially destroying a person's future relationships and everything along with it

Traumatic Bonding: How A Narcissistic Relationship Is Similar To Stockholm Syndrome

Narcissistic relationships are considered toxic for a reason, and why it is never a good idea to be in one.

Emotional Muscle Memory: How To Release Painful Emotions Trapped In Your Body

Have you heard about Emotional Muscle Memory? Here are some powerful tools that can help you dissolve trapped emotional muscle memory and release muscle tension when you feel emotionally triggered.

The Childhood Wounds We Carry In Adulthood, When We Were Deprived of Love

During childhood, the emotional connect we develop with those around us has a major role to play of what we become in our adulthood.

Why I Haven’t Looked At Myself In A Mirror For Months

Find out why I haven't looked at myself in the mirror for months.


What is Emotional Eating and 7 Expert Ways To Combat It

Do you feel like munching on something all the time? Are you eating to hide your emotions? If food is your go-to solution whenever you feel upset, then you may be engaging in emotional eating.

The Essential Five-Step Guide To Detoxify From A Love Addiction

The Essential Five-Step Guide To Detoxify From A Love Addiction

The ONE Thing You Are Addicted To Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Here's one thing you are addicted to based on your zodiac sign