Psychology Facts

Power-Packed Body Language Tips For Making A Killer First Impression

Body language plays a big role in making a strong first impression. Here are a few helpful body language tips for creating a lasting first impression when you meet someone new.

How to Read Eyes And Know What Someone Is Thinking

Our eyes can really tell a lot about us. When we know how to read eyes, unconscious eye movements can help us a lot to understand someone.

7 Triggers To Catch Someone’s Attention Based On Science

When we know how to use psychological triggers to attract attention, we can choose to positively influence the behavior of others around us. Here are 7 Science-Backed Ways To Attract Attention From People

The Kubler Ross Change Curve: Understanding The 5 Stages Of Change

The Kubler-Ross Change Curve, derived from the Kübler-Ross model, enables us to adapt to change, understand how our emotions are affected and navigate transitions.

The Dunning-Kruger Effect (And How To Avoid This Cognitive Bias)

According to the Dunning-Kruger Effect, people who have little understanding about a topic, generally overestimate their capability and knowledge about it.

Do You Have A Doppelganger? Here’s What Science Says

Is there someone in the world who looks exactly like you? Is it even scientifically possible to have a doppelganger?

10 Body Language Cues That Can Instantly Give You Away

How and why others might know what you’re thinking and feeling.

Top 9 Important Things You Should Know About Liars

Being able to understand when, why, and how people lie helps you establish more honest relationships and prevent disasters from happening due to being falsely informed.

Priming Psychology: How To Influence Someone’s Thoughts and Behaviors

Do you want to be your best self? Or do you want to motivate someone to do their best? Then the power of priming psychology can help you achieve success.

25 Interesting Psychological Facts You Didn’t Know About Yourself

These psychological facts are not only shocking and interesting, they are also highly fascinating and fun to learn.

30 Psychological Facts About Love That You Will Really Love

What is more interesting is that there are a lot of interesting (and romantic!) psychological facts about love, you might not know about.

25 Interesting Psychology Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

Why we behave a certain way, and the reasons associated with such interesting psychology facts is always fascinating to learn about.

25 Amazing Psychological Facts That Will Boggle Your Minds

There are some amazing psychological facts that can tremendously help you understand yourself and the people around you better.  

5 Body Language Hacks That Can Increase Attraction

Knowing the vibe you're giving off means you can control your communication and the conversation.

9 Psychological Tricks To Make Someone Like You Instantly

Do you want someone to like you instantly? Follow these 9 not-so-known rules and trick people into perceiving you in a positive light.

14 Handy Social Skills That’ll Make You More Likable Instantly

Knick-knacks of social interactions ranging from making an appreciable first impression, instigating small talks, being a good listener and to ending a conversation well.

6 Dos and Don’ts To Use Leverage The Right Way  

When used correctly Leverage can be an extremely powerful tool.These 6 dos & don’ts should help to ensure you are leveraging the right things

How to Decode Emotions In Text Messages: 6 Effective Ways To Get Started

Here are six tips to help you better decode emotions in text messages, or at least prevent yourself from jumping to conclusions based on scant evidence.

Color Psychology Decoded: What Your Favorite Clothing Color Reveals About You

Even though we might not be aware of the symbolic meanings of each color, experts believe that there is a good reason why we are drawn to certain colors on a subconscious level.

The Origin Of Dreams And How They Affect Our Lives

Dreams are the gateway to a magical dimension that allows us to predict the future or communicate with spirits or other immaterial entities.

What Wearing All Black Reveals About Your Personality

Here are some of the common personality characteristics of people who just love wearing black:

10 Nightmares And What They Are Trying To Tell You

Your Nightmares might surprisingly be trying to hint you at something you have been long ignoring.