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The Deep Telepathic Connection Between Humans and Animals: How To Read Your Pet’s Thoughts

Do you want to talk to your pet? Telepathic communication between you and your pet involves two-way human animal conversation through the transfer of thoughts, feelings,, perceptions and instincts.

The True Meaning Of Karma: Understanding Karma, Karmaphala and The 12 Laws

The real meaning of karma is action or deed. In Buddhism, karma is an energy created by willful action through deeds, thoughts and words. 

60+ Carl Jung Quotes On Finding Yourself

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Understanding The Difference Between Your Belief System And Spirituality

It may be hard for you to accept, but your belief system is a work of fiction. It’s a narrative that’s either self-constructed, borrowed from another source

5 Hair Colours And The Elements They Represent

What color is your hair? Do you know about the different hair colors and the elements they represent, and which can also give a peek into your personality?

What Happens After Death?

Here I share what I see when crossing over spirits both as an Akashic Records Reader and a Medium.

Which Ancient Symbol Reflects Your Soul: Find Out With This Quiz

From the Incas and the Norse Vikings to the Ancient Egyptians, ancient symbols epitomized our souls. Find out which symbol represents your soul.

Are You Under A Psychic Attack? Symptoms and Ways To Protect

These can be taken as symptoms of overwork or psychological issues or even stress, but from the standpoint of energy medicine, you’re under psychic attack.

The 8 Stages Of Leaving Organized Religion

Many of us were indoctrinated into organized religion before we were old enough to make our own choices, but despite years of dedication, once we begin to wake-up and question this foundation, the journey out of religion begins.

The Best Way To Cultivate Contentment And Inner Peace In Yourself

Are you struggling to find some much-needed contentment and inner peace, amidst all the chaos and difficulties surrounding you?

Religious Repression: How It Works and The Road To Recovery 

Recovering from religious repression is a journey from disempowerment to freedom, and it usually takes a fair amount of time — but in the end, nothing is of greater value.

What are Akashic Records?

Cancer was created when a rouge soul group infiltrated the Akashic records vault to manipulate the human soul to body program

How To Set Yourself Free Of Worry

With everything that is going on right now, are you feeling more stressed out than usual? Are you struggling to set yourself free of worry?

How To Help A Loved One Cross Over

Losing a loved one can be horribly emotional and hard. These transitions are not easy. Here are tips to helping a loved one cross over.

Retreating Into The Inner Sanctuary And Igniting Your Spiritual Awakening

Retreating into the Inner Sanctuary (human heart) for spiritual connection and protection …whilst the Outer Sanctuary heals.  

The Subconscious Soul Database

Why do you think sometimes we are attracted to people or dislike them for no reason? Have you ever met a stranger and felt that you have known them forever? Here comes the role of the Subconscious Soul Database.

What’s Your Spirit Animal Based on Your Day of Birth?

How each day of the Week is associated with one Spirit Animal and what does it mean?

Mushin: How The ‘No Mind’ State Can Help You

No Mind is a state of pure consciousness and leads to complete awareness of the self. It is a state of mind that challenges you to connect with your inner self by eliminating all thoughts, especially self-limiting beliefs.