Being spiritual means to be loving and kind, first to yourself, and then towards others. Spirituality means putting your trust in God, the Universe, or the One Creator and connecting to higher consciousness. Being spiritual means, you care about the planet, the animals you share this planet with and the people you are connected with. You can approach the realm of spirituality by practicing religion, yoga, meditation, personal reflection or simply by being in nature. Spirituality is within you. You simply need to follow your intuition and feel a higher presence within yourself.

In this section, you can find crucial information and valuable articles and blogs regarding spirituality and how you can become more spiritual. 

Karmic Relationships And Shit: 5 Lessons To Know

Karmic Relationships and Shit

I used to mistake my karmic relationship for my soulmate, my twin flame, my forever. But karmic relationships are not meant to last. Karmic relationships are lessons….hard and often painful lessons.

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