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Life is riddled with ups and downs. Most of us feel low, moody and sad from time to time as a normal reaction to the struggles of life. However, if you feel sad, hopeless and empty most of the time and you’re unable to enjoy the pleasures of everyday life, then you may be depressed. Depression can adversely affect your physical and mental health and prevent you from living your life. 

According to the WHO, depression is the primary reason for disability in the world. Over 322 million people across the globe are suffering from this mental disorder. In the United States, around 16.1 million adult men and women and 3.1 million adolescents live with depression, according to the NIMH. Depression has become a major public health issue. 

It is a mood disorder which causes constant feelings of sadness, hopelessness, emptiness and loss of interest. Clinical depression or major depressive disorder can be a persistent problem with episodes lasting from weeks to months and even years. It not only affects how we think & feel, but it also affects our sense of self worth and self esteem. As it affects your physical and mental health, you will find it hard to complete day-to-day activities. With deep psychological and emotional pain, sufferers engage in self harm and become suicidal as they may feel that life is not worth living. However, with the right help, support and medication, it can be treated effectively.

If you are suffering from depression and unable to share it with anyone, then we’re here to help. Here you can find innumerable resources and self-help tools that will enable you to identify and cope with it through helpful information, advice, tips and suggestions.