10 Songs About Depression: Soulful Songs That You Will Relate To


Best Songs about depression that will calm your soul

Depression is the dark shadow that engrosses the normal life function of individuals making them numb or extremely agitated. In this situation, personally, I prefer to listen to music that can beat any stress with a calm vibe. And not only me, music therapy is one of the best ways to deal with depression and sadness. 

There is nothing more relaxing than listening to some soulful music that can calm your soul and also you can relate to them. 

Bands like Coldplay or famous songwriters like Lana Del Rey are not only popular for good music but for relatable songs that can nurture a weary heart. In this blog, we will talk about the top 10 songs about depression.

Some of the most popular songs about depression are as follows:

1. Hurt by Johnny Cash

Songs about depression
10 Songs About Depression: Soulful Songs That You Will Relate To

One of the best depressed songs is Johnny Cash’s Hurt. The song starts with the line “I hurt myself today/To see if I still feel”. In the immediate next line, he continues “I focus on the pain/The only thing that’s real”. This is one of the most common feelings among depressed people as their bodies do not produce much happy hormones. So, all they can feel is pain and sadness.

The song could also resonate with people who are depressed due to grief. The song’s lyrics discuss how he ultimately loses everyone. For anyone who has experienced the unexpected or abrupt death of a loved one, this song about depression may be relatable. 

Listen Here:

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2. Summertime Sadness by Lana Del Rey

songs about depression
10 Songs About Depression: Soulful Songs That You Will Relate To

Lana Del Rey’s “Summertime Sadness” combines a nostalgic melody with lyrics that reflect the bittersweet nature of fleeting happiness and enduring melancholy. Del Rey’s distinctive voice and the song’s dreamlike quality create a powerful sense of longing and heartache.

The powerful lines like “Oh, my God, I feel it in the air/Telephone wires above are sizzlin’ like a snare/Honey, I’m on fire, I feel it everywhere/Nothin’ scares me anymore” make this one of the best and most touchy sad songs of all time. Even if this music isn’t particularly eerie, anyone who suffers from clinical depression can nevertheless relate to it.

Listen Here:

3. Unsteady by X Ambassadors

songs about depression
10 Songs About Depression: Soulful Songs That You Will Relate To

The third one on the list of songs to hear when depressed is Unsteady. This song by X Ambassador is quite a relatable song for individuals who have been dealing with depression and are in need of help.

The song starts with the lines “Hold, hold on, hold onto me/’Cause I’m a little unsteady/A little unsteady” which directly states the unsteadiness that happens due to depression. 

In addition, the song is based on the theme of divorced parents and the complications that children face. Lines like “Mama, come here/Approach, appear/And Daddy, I’m alone” reflect the deep grief of individuals who have witnessed toxicity due to their parent’s separation.

Although we frequently imagine our homes to be secure havens, this isn’t always the case for certain individuals. Occasionally, our unstable home environment contributes to our depression by making us feel unsteady. 

Listen Here:

4. Never Let Me Go by Florence the Machine

songs about depression
10 Songs About Depression: Soulful Songs That You Will Relate To

Never Let Me Go by Florence the Machine is one of the most popular songs that depressed people can relate to. However, the song is a whole lot of celebration of negative emotions. In addition, the song also tells about accepting a heartbreaking relationship and going forward with it.

People who are dealing with depression due to relationships and similar issues may listen to this song to soothe their souls. Moreover, if you recently experienced the breakup of a relationship, this lyrical piece might make you cry a little.

Listen Here:

5. Tears Dry on Their Own by Amy Winehouse

songs about depression
10 Songs About Depression: Soulful Songs That You Will Relate To

Amy Winehouse’s hauntingly beautiful voice captures the essence of sorrow and resilience in “Tears Dry on Their Own.” This song explores the aftermath of a painful breakup, with Winehouse’s raw and honest lyrics depicting the struggle of moving on and finding strength in the face of despair.

The very title of the song tells about the despair that is prevalent in depression. Then the lines like, “I don’t know why I let myself get so attached/It’s my responsibility/And you don’t owe nothing to me/But to cut myself off I had no capacity” are desperately stating the helpless situation that individuals go through after a rough break up.

However, the song also reconciles two opposite feelings together in the lines “I don’t understand/Why do I stress a man/When there are so many better things than him at hand/We could have never had it all/We had to hit a wall/And this is inevitable withdrawal”.

Here I can highly relate to that urge of focusing on the better side of our lives instead of worrying about one person who broke me. In addition, such relationship issues are so common among youngsters that they go out of the life track. Therefore, such spirited songs will definitely help them to some extent to rethink their life decisions.

Listen Here:

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6. Breathe Me by Sia

songs about depression
10 Songs About Depression: Soulful Songs That You Will Relate To

Written in 2004 by Australian songwriter Sia, Breathe Me is a lyrical ballad for depressed souls. The song has a very calm rhythmic charm that is very soothing for me.

Starting with the calm vibe the song shifts into a higher note with more touchy words like “Ouch I have lost myself again/Lost myself and I am nowhere to be found/Yeah I think that I might break/Lost myself again and I feel unsafe.”

The song utters the most common urge that anyone feels during a depressive mood which is warmth. The lines “Be my friend, hold me/Wrap me up, enfold me/I am small and needy” are talking about us only, isn’t it?

Listen Here:

7. Everybody Hurts by R.E.M

songs about depression
10 Songs About Depression: Soulful Songs That You Will Relate To

“When your day is long/And the night, the night is yours alone/When you’re sure you’ve had enough/Of this life, well hang on/Don’t let yourself go/’Cause everybody cries/And everybody hurts sometimes”…these lines truly validates my weary soul and make me feel that I am not alone in the battle. The song points out that you can nurture your soul and come back to the mainstream even if you are hurt like everybody else.

“Everybody Hurts” by R.E.M. is a comforting reminder that no one is alone in their struggles. With its gentle melody and Michael Stipe’s reassuring vocals, the song encourages listeners to hold on and seek help when they’re feeling overwhelmed by sadness.

Listen Here:

8. Lose You to Love Me by Selena Gomez

songs about depression
10 Songs About Depression: Soulful Songs That You Will Relate To

Selena Gomez’s songs hit differently when you face a depressive mood or sadness. Thus, I would definitely mention her song Lose You to Love in this list for you all. The grieving opening lines “You promised the world and I fell for it/I put you first and you adored it/Set fires to my forest/And you let it burn/Sang off-key in my chorus/’Cause it wasn’t yours” touched me in a different level.

Also, phrases like “In two months, you replaced us like it was easy” express heartbreak’s emotional toll and a sense of betrayal. The song’s themes of loneliness, introspection, and the quest for self-worth represent the mental state connected to depression.

Listen Here:

9. Mad World by Gary Jules and Michael Andrews

songs about depression
10 Songs About Depression: Soulful Songs That You Will Relate To

This somber cover of Tears for Fears’ “Mad World” by Gary Jules and Michael Andrews gained widespread recognition for its appearance in the film “Donnie Darko.” Its melancholic tone and introspective lyrics poignantly capture the sense of confusion and sadness that often accompanies depression.

The world is a different place for people who are depressed. They find multiple things meaningless awkward and hard to take. For them, the lyrics “And I find it kinda funny, I find it kinda sad/The dreams in which I’m dying are the best I’ve ever had/I find it hard to tell you, I find hard to take/When people run in circles, it’s a very, very/Mad world, mad world,” is the perfect match.

Listen Here:

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songs about depression
10 Songs About Depression: Soulful Songs That You Will Relate To

“Adam’s Song” by Blink-182 tackles themes of depression and suicide with surprising depth and sensitivity. The song narrates a story of loneliness and despair but also hints at hope and the possibility of finding light at the end of the tunnel.

Adam’s Song is a perfect everyday song to calm your soul. I mean, who could not relate to the lines like “I never thought I’d die alone/I laughed the loudest, who’d have known?” or “I never conquered, rarely came/Tomorrow holds such better days/Days”?

Listen Here:

Concluding Thoughts

The songs that I have listed in this blog are quite impactful for people who are facing depression and persistent sadness. There is no limit to such lists as in this post-modern world life has become different and such songs are in high demand. Feel free to suggest the best songs about depression in this list.

1. What are the sad songs called?

Sad songs or lyrical potery are called lament.

2. Which is one of the most suicidal songs?

Gloomy Sunday is one of the most suicidal songs about depression.

3. Who are ‘Sad Girl’ singers?

‘Sad Girl’ is a popular pop genre and some of the popular singers are Billie Eilish, Gracie Abrams, Olivia Rodrigo, etc.

songs about depression
10 Songs About Depression: Soulful Songs That You Will Relate To

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