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Toxic Relationship Expert. A victim of a narcissist herself, Tigress Luv has been healing broken hearts and helping people overcome a relationship with a narcissist since 1998. You can read more articles from Tigress at her sites or in her monthly magazine, AFTERSHOCK, a magazine for recovery specifically geared towards victims of a narcissist. For more work from her visit http://aftershockmagazine.org/ http://breakups.org/ http://breakingupwithyournarcissist.com/
A Computer Programmer with a passion for books; wine and spirits; and good movies. I can often be found inside the bathroom writing articles. Snuggled up in a sofa with a slug of Sauvignon Blanc wine. I can compute the permutation of people infront of an ATM machine; extract the square root of plate numbers; calculate the distance between you and your shadow using vector analysis; understand the Boolean Logic and the fundamental theorem of Galois theory. I can calculate the motion of heavenly bodies or I can write about the beauty and madness of people or anything and everything under the sun.

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