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How To Deal With Money Issues In A Relationship

Almost every couple has at some point or other argued over money.

7 Tips For Living A Happy Life

Here are a few things I have learned to do, that makes my life full of happiness.

6 Signs To Tell If There’s A Negative Energy In Your Space And 6 Ways To Clear It

Have you ever noticed that you suddenly feel sick, uneasy, restless or just feel drained of energy in certain places?

10 Ways To Survive Loneliness: Lessons I Learned From Being Alone

Loneliness isolates you and escorts towards a journey of hopelessness. 10 ways to survive loneliness.

3 Signs You Maybe Turning Into A Bitter Person and 4 Things To Do About It

Bitterness is as experiential as it can get. It doesn’t really matter how much you possess in life or how much you have lost. This context isn’t very dissimilar from happiness.

Birds As Spiritual Messengers

5 Ways The Universe Uses Them To Communicate With Us

7 Common Traits Shared by People Who Grew Up In Dysfunctional Families

Dysfunctional families create the mess that we never intend to put ourselves in.

4 Harmful Relationship Behaviours That the Media Tells Us Are Romantic

More often than not the messages that we have ingrained in us through media are actually harmful behaviors and have nothing to do with authentic love. Here’s a list of 4 such behaviors that media tells us are romantic but are actually harmful.

Mind Talks

Single Mother

Single Mother

How to talk to students about racism so as not to injure them

There’s no question: talking to students about race can be sensitive, and yes, even a bit messy. So here are pieces of advice on how to make this conversation easier.

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Caption This

Wise Pick

Wise Pick For 15 April

Wisepicks for ‘Caption This’ image Published on 15 April. Click to read more selected captions submitted by our readers…

Kristin Davin, Psy.D.

Solution Focused Therapist and Coach

Dr. Karen Finn

Personal Life and Divorce Coach

David Wygant

Dating, Relationships, & Love – If you’re on this journey to find love

Mitzi Bockmann

NYC based Certified Life Coach and mental health advocate

Elizabeth Stone

Founder of Attract The One. Her popular program Ex Attraction Formula, has helped hundreds of women reunite with their men.

Sylvia Salow

Life coach, public speaker, and an author.

Triffany Hammond

Triffany Hammond Teaches the tools you need to get out of your own way so you can reach your highest potential.

Karla Crisostomo

Passion-Over-Practicality Advocate

Nicola Beer

A world-renowned expert in relationship psychology and transformation.

Kelly Ann Garnett, MA

Kelly has been coaching men and women who are looking for love.

Clayton Olson

International Relationship Coach, Author, and Facilitator

Darlene Lancer, JD, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist