Toxic Love Disorder


Toxic Love Disorder

The Psychology of Toxic Relationships

Dr. Angel J. Storm, Beverly Flaxington, Christy Piper, Christina (Common Ego), Dominique Inkrott, Darlene Lancer, Dr. Elinor Greenberg, Dr. Forrest Talley, Jesston Williams, Dr. Josh Gressel, Julie L. Hall, Dr. Kristin Davin, Kim Saeed, Kaytee Gillis, Dr. Mariette Jansen, Dr. Peg O’connor, Signe M. Hegestand

Toxic Love Disorderis a groundbreaking book crafted with love by a team of reputed authors from around the globe. It offers a comprehensive guide to understanding, overcoming, and healing from toxic relationships.

Dive into a journey towards transformation as you uncover the secrets to recognizing toxic patterns, fostering self-love, and building healthier connections. This book empowers you with practical strategies to break free from the chains of toxicity and discover the strength within you.

Readers worldwide are already raving about this eye-opening masterpiece, praising its powerful insights and life-changing impact. It’s a lifeline for anyone seeking to transform their life and find the love they truly deserve.

Are you ready to imagine a future where you no longer settle for less, where toxic relationships are a thing of the past? ‘Toxic Love Disorder’ offers you the tools and guidance to make that dream a reality. This isn’t just a book—it’s your key to happiness and empowerment!

Meet Our Authors

Toxic Love Disorder stands as a collaborative effort, woven together by the invaluable contributions of many skilled and insightful authors. This book is packed with valuable insights and knowledge, thanks to a diverse group of experts who have dedicated their careers to learning and sharing their wisdom.

Every author has been crucial in making this book what it is. We’re thankful and proud to showcase their work, hoping it will inspire and educate readers for a long time.

Dr. Angel Storm – a certified life coach holds a Ph.D. in Conflict Analysis and Resolution with a concentration in International Peace, an M.A. in International Security, and a B.S. in Human Development. She served in the US Army for six years and continued work for the Defence Department for another seven years as a civilian. After her own experience in family court with a narcissist in 2017, she began life coaching and focusing on narcissistic abuse recovery. She loves helping people in all stages of narcissistic abuse recovery get their lives on track and grow in their purpose, despite having all the cards stacked against them. 


Jesston Williams

Jesston Williams has worked in various capacities in the health and financial sectors for many years. He is currently the Executive Director of Tangelic. With Tangelic, Jesston works to build and implement tactics to achieve strategic goals and collaborates with non-profit organizations to create state-wide plans for poverty alleviation. Jesston is also a board member with Fund for Empowerment, a Phoenix, Arizona-based non-profit organization whose mission is to build community resources for oppressed and marginalized people via direct services, capacity-building training, and project support. When he’s not leading the day-to-day operations of Tangelic, Jesston enjoys writing. He is the author of “In the Eye of the Father: A Memoir of Faith and Redemption.


Dr. Kristin Davin is a Licensed Psychologist with over 17 years of experience. She specializes in working with individuals to improve how they manage conflict, learn healthy modes of communication, gain valuable tools for overcoming codependent and unhealthy relationship patterns, and find a deeper connection to themselves. She takes a collaborative approach to therapy and coaching centred around meeting each person where they are, tailoring sessions to their unique path of growth and purpose.




kim saeed new-min


Dr. Peg O’Connor is the author of Higher and Friendly Powers: Transforming Addiction and Suffering (Wild house Publications, 2022) and Life on the Rocks: Finding Meaning in Addiction and Recovery (Central Recovery Press, 2016).


Kaytee is a psychotherapist and writer who specializes in working with survivors of traumatic relationships. Her recent book, Invisible Bruises: How a Better Understanding of the Patterns of Domestic Violence Can Help Survivors Navigate the Legal System sheds light on the ways that the legal system can perpetuate the cycle of domestic violence by failing to recognize IPV patterns.


Mariette Jansen

Dr. Mariette Jansen is a narcissism relationship expert and life coach, who has written two self-help books: From Victim to Victor and Rulebook of a Narcissist. Both are available via Amazon.


A prominent relationship expert and media spokesperson, Darlene Lancer is a marriage and family therapist who has counselled individuals and couples internationally for over 30 years. She’s the author of 10 books, including Codependency for Dummies, Dating, Loving, and Leaving a Narcissist: Essential Tools for Improving or Leaving Narcissistic and Abusive Relationships, and Conquering Shame and Codependency: 8 Steps to Freeing the True You. Follow her popular blog and receive a free copy of “14 Tips for Letting Go” at


Beverly is a three-time Amazon bestselling and Gold-award winning author. Her books include “Understanding Other People: The Five Secrets to Human Behavior”, which won the gold award from Readers Favorite. She is an entrepreneur, adjunct professor at Suffolk University and a well-known international speaker on many topics related to human behavior and relationships.


Hi, my name is Christy and I help women and men heal after a toxic relationship so that they can find a great partner. Why would I want to do that? I discovered my passion after seeing how people who are vulnerable to toxic relationships get taken advantage of in a lot of different areas of their life.


Through her weekly YouTube videos, personalized coaching, and transformative self-development programs, Christina sparks hope within survivors, helping them to recognize and break free from abusive partners and embrace a life of resilience and empowerment. For more information visit and unlock the path to healing and self-discovery.


Dominique Inkrott is a Licensed Social Worker. She completed her Master of Social Work in 2018, and has worked with a variety of populations in various settings – VA hospitals, private medical centers, and multiple counselling centers. She has chosen to focus her work on couples and relationship issues, a clinical focus which has been very rewarding. She also writes a blog and hosts a podcast exploring dating, relationships, and related issues facing young adult women.


Dr. Forrest Talley is a clinical psychologist who has worked in a variety of settings (as a Co-Training Director of an APA internship, primary supervisor, Army psychologist, college professor, and psychologically informed janitor). He currently has a private practice and can be contacted at


Contributions by Julie L. Hall, author of The Narcissist in Your Life: Recognizing the Patterns and Learning to Break Free, Hachette Books,, and international speaker and trauma coach.


Signe M. Hegestand (b.1974) Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Author, Psychotherapist, and TEDx speaker 2019. She specializes in working with victims of psychological abuse and other dysfunctional relations.


Here’s what readers across the globe have to say:


“Toxic Love Disorder is a wild rollercoaster ride through the twisted, and oddly enchanting world of love. Reading it is like getting a backstage pass to the circus of emotions, complete with clowns, acrobats, and the occasional fire-breathing ex. 

So, whether you’re currently stuck in love’s corn maze or just curious about why love sometimes behaves like a cranky toddler on a sugar high, this book is like holding a mirror up to the most wonderfully messy, cringe-worthy, and yet undeniably real parts of loving and being loved.”

Aamil Keeyan Khan

“I found Toxic Love Disorder utterly captivating; I couldn’t put it down! This book takes you on an eye-opening journey through the intricate complexities of toxic relationships.

With real-life examples and expert advice, the author’s empathetic tone guides you through the often bewildering world of unhealthy love, providing actionable steps for those eager to heal and transform their love life. I wholeheartedly recommend this book to everyone – it’s an essential read. ”

– Johanna Kate

“Toxic Love Disorder is an essential read for anyone questioning their relationship dynamics. The author’s expertise and compassionate approach make it a powerful tool for self-discovery and personal growth.

This book not only illuminates the red flags of toxic love but also provides a clear roadmap for healing and discovering the love you truly deserve. Highly recommended, it’s a guiding light toward healthier relationships and a brighter future.”

– Stephen Varady

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