Understanding Men

3 Things Women Do That Make Them Look Desperate and Drive Men Away

Here are 3 dating and relationship mistakes that make women look desperate and don't get a guy to like them — but chase men away.

8 Reasons Why Men Pull Away When Falling In Love

If your man has pulled back or asked for space, I know firsthand how heart-wrenching it can be. However, all hope is not lost, and it’s not always your fault if a man pulls away when things are going well.

10 Things Men Think About (And Actually Say Out Loud) When They REALLY Like You

If you’re wondering what your guy is thinking about you and if he really likes you, then here are a few things you should know about.

4 Signs The Guy You’re Dating Is Definitely A Keeper

Do you think you have found Mr. Right? Regardless of the sheer volume of toxic men out there, you can actually find some decent and genuine guys out there who you can date.

How To Give A Man Space So That He Comes Back To Love You More

Men are complex. One day they may shower you with love, while the very next day they may seem withdrawn. So when your man...

10 Things Men Are Dying To Hear From A Woman

There are several deeply touching things you can say to your man other than just “I love you.”

This Is What Makes A Woman Truly Beautiful To Men

As a man with a nineteen-year-old daughter, I am sometimes quite concerned with society’s continuing obsession with beauty, more specifically about our definition and attitudes about a woman’s beauty.

3 Things All Driven Men Look For In A Partner

Driven men, successful men, and entrepreneurial men all have something in common… They all yearn for an emotionally fulfilling relationship.

5 Dos and 5 Don’ts For Dating a Good Man

Five attributes and behaviors a good man looks for in his partner, and five he studiously avoids.

Why Do Guys Pull Away: 5 Real Reasons Your Man Is Withdrawing

If you notice that a previously attentive man is showing signs of fleeing, one of these things is likely going on.

How To Be The Man She Deserves

When Your Wife Challenges Everything Your Know About Being A Man

Only Real Men Cry: Men Who Cry Are Not Weak, They Are Stronger

The fact is only real men cry. Only real men have the inner strength to look inside, accept their true feelings and find strength by being vulnerable. Men who cry are the real winners in life.

5 Reasons Why Men Fall Out Of Love —none that have to do with you.

If you’re with or have been with a man who has distanced from you, don’t always take responsibility. Here are five reasons men fall out of love—none that have to do with you.

12 Ways to Spot a Misogynist

How can you know if your loving caring partner is a misogynist? There are ways to spot a misogynist if you know what to look for.

6 Things That Make Men Suddenly Lose Interest When Dating

You are probably the reason why he will lose interest just when you start feeling a connection.

5 Phrases That’ll Make Him Fall In Love With You Instantly

5 phrases that will hit a man so hard that he will be desperate for your love and affection.

8 Body Language Signs That Tell You He’s Into You

Want to know if a guy likes you? Stop paying attention to what he says and focus on his body language.

5 Signs a Man Is Genuinely Connected to His Heart

A man genuinely connected to his heart, who lives each day with his brain and balls in proper service to his heart’s deeper wisdom, is a man that breathes life into the world.

STOP Dating Him Immediately! 3 Warning Signs He’s Playing You

He is attractive and charming. He knows exactly what you want to hear. And he knows how to make your heart pound. But he never actually walks the talk. Does he? If you are dating a player, you will always know. You just need to look for it.

What Men Actually Want From Women

What Men Want (As Told By 9 Brutally Honest Guys)