The Cheaters’ Playbook: 3 Types Of Men Who Have Affairs


The Cheaters' Playbook: Types Of Men Who Have Affairs

Have you ever wondered why do some men have affairs? It isn’t always because they’re just looking for excitement or are bored. There’s usually more to it. There are actually 3 types of men who have affairs, and we are going to do a deep dive into that today.

In a perfect world, love would keep everyone on course, but the truth is we often have to deal with betrayal and heartbreak. We’re going to take a close look at the 3 types of men who have affairs, some of the glaring traits of men who cheat, and most importantly, why do men have affairs.

Let’s start with understanding the traits of men who cheat.

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10 Toxic Traits Of Men Who Cheat

Here are some of the major characteristics of men who have a tendency of cheating on their partners.

  • Difficulty with commitment and a fear of long-term relationships.
  • A strong desire for novelty, excitement, and variety in their romantic lives.
  • A tendency to seek validation and affirmation from multiple partners.
  • A lack of impulse control and difficulty resisting temptations.
  • A tendency to prioritize their own needs and desires over the commitment to their partner.
  • A history of engaging in risky or thrill-seeking behaviors.
  • Poor communication skills, particularly when it comes to expressing their emotions and needs.
  • They avoid addressing relationship problems directly, instead they try to seek fulfillment outside the partnership.
  • A belief that they are entitled to pursue multiple romantic or sexual connections.
  • A pattern of dishonesty and a willingness to deceive their partner.

Now that we have talked about the traits of men who cheat, let’s talk about the 3 types of men who have affairs.

3 types of men who have affairs
The Cheaters’ Playbook: 3 Types Of Men Who Have Affairs

3 Types Of Men Who Have Affairs

1. The Serial Cheater/The Womanizer.

He is exactly what he sounds like — a man who cheats. And he doesn’t just cheat once or twice, but multiple times. After all, you can’t resist trying out different things in life right?

Well, that’s his mindset when it comes to romance too. Men like them thrive on attention, and are always on the lookout for new “conquests” and the next thrill. Think of him as a magnet for excitement since he’s constantly surrounded by new people to win over and stroke his ego.

Why do they cheat?

a) Ego boost: You see, serial cheaters use infidelity to validate their self-worth. The thrill of seducing and conquering new partners feeds their ego and reaffirms their desirability.

b) Fear of intimacy: Deep emotional connections are scary for serial cheaters since they struggle with them and fear vulnerability. By dating multiple people at the same time, they create an emotional barrier that protects them from getting too close to you.

c) Boredom and routine: A dull relationship can push some men away from it in search for excitement elsewhere. They use affairs as an escape plan from the monotony of being in the same relationship for a long time.

d) Lack of impulse control: For some men, cheating becomes a compulsive behavior, and they find it impossible to resist temptations. The thrill of secret encounters and doing something “forbidden” makes it even more addictive to them.

e) Emotional immaturity: When it comes to healthy relationships, serial cheaters are usually clueless. They’d much rather see infidelity as a way to channel their emotions or avoid addressing issues than work on themselves in the long run.

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2. The Opportunist.

Out of the 3 types of men who have affairs, this one is probably the most dangerous, because you never really expect them to betray you.

When temptation comes knocking, the opportunistic cheater can’t help but answer the door. He doesn’t necessarily look for affairs, but when a chance falls into his lap he’s hard-pressed to say no. He’s the type of guy that lacks self-control and then gets trapped.

Why do they cheat?

a) Lack of self-control: It’s difficult for them to have a firm grip on their impulses. All it takes is one attractive opportunity for them to act purely based on desire, without thinking about the consequences.

b) Dissatisfaction or neglect: They satisfy their cheating urges when they feel too neglected or dissatisfied in their current relationship. All it takes is a momentary encounter for them to cheat on you.

c) Thrill-seeking: Affairs come with excitement and novelty which can be very enticing for the opportunistic cheater, who enjoys taking risks. A secret rendezvous offers enough thrill to take over any commitment they’ve made in their main relationship.

d) Inadequate communication: When there’s a lack of communication, relationships start to crumble, and if resolved, then the situation just keeps on getting worse. When men start feeling like their needs are unheard or unmet, seeking validation or fulfillment outside of the relationship only becomes easier.

e) Opportunity for power and control: Sometimes opportunistic cheaters just want power and control over someone else. Infidelity allows them to flex their dominance and feel superior to whoever they’re with.

3. The Unhappy And Frustrated One.

When it comes to the 3 types of men who have affairs, I genuinely feel bad for these men.

For them, it is mostly about genuine moral pain and feeling lonely with their current partners. He instead opts for an affair as a means to run away or find himself. He is that guy who simply looks for an emotional bond, closeness and companionship from the person he is in a relationship with.

Why do they cheat?

a) Emotional void: Men who may feel like they are not emotionally satisfied in the relationship will tend to look for love elsewhere. Experiencing that emotional void is extremely painful for them.

b) Lack of communication and intimacy: When there are issues related to communication and intimacy within relationships, they feel unfulfilled and disconnected. So, they use cheating as a coping strategy for getting the emotional or physical affection that they lack at home.

c) Relationship dissatisfaction: They will look for other sources of happiness if their needs have not been met over time. In most cases, a cheating partner will convince himself that what they are doing is logical and justified.

d) Fear of confrontation or change: Some men who are unhappy in their relationships may fear addressing their concerns directly or breaking up with their partners. Instead, they choose infidelity as a way to avoid confrontation or significant changes that comes with separation.

e) Hope for a better relationship: Sometimes they cheat because they are severely unhappy in their relationship, and it might serve as a wake-up call instead. This could be done hoping that their partner will finally realise how unhappy they were, and take steps to work on the relationship more.

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Psychology of BetrayalWhy Do Men Have Affairs?

There can be many reasons as to why some men choose to stray from their marriage or relationship and betray their partner. Here are a few reasons why some men choose to be unfaithful.

  • They feel unfulfilled and unhappy in their marriage.
  • They crave new, thrilling experiences.
  • They don’t feel content or joyful around loved ones.
  • They are looking for approval and attention from others, and not just from their partner.
  • They have a hard time handling temptation which leads them astray.
  • They harbor desires that are out of the ordinary.
  • They battle feelings of worthlessness, insecurity, and self-doubt.
  • They try to fulfill the emotional void within them and try to find other connections.
  • They engage in casual romances to distract themselves from their relationship troubles.

Please note however that they aren’t justifications for infidelity but an understanding of the multi-faceted reasons behind it.

3 types of men who have affairs
The Cheaters’ Playbook: 3 Types Of Men Who Have Affairs


To understand the reasons behind why do men have affairs is not simply black and white. Though understanding these 3 types of men who have affairs can give you some clarity, it is important to deal with each situation separately and compassionately.

Nonetheless, infidelity is a reflection of deeper relationship problems, which can be worked on with the help of open communication and even therapy in order to being back the lost trust and faith.

Cheating is a decision made by someone; hence they must take responsibility for their actions too. Trying to understand the roots of cheating can help you build strong relationships based on trust, truthfulness, and mutual respect in future.

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Have you ever been in a relationship with any of these 3 types of men who have affairs? Why do men have affairs do you think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below!

why do men have affairs
The Cheaters’ Playbook: 3 Types Of Men Who Have Affairs

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