The 3 Most Common Types Of Cheaters: Uncovering The Love Fraudsters


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Most Common Types Of Cheaters: The Silent Echoes Of Deceit

In every love story, the sweet haze of romance often hides some unsettling figures lurking in the shadows—figures of deceit that can turn sweet stories bitter. When it comes to infidelity and cheating, you might be a bit surprised to know that there are different types of cheaters, mainly 3 types of cheaters.

Revealing these types of cheaters might bring out uncomfortable truths, but they’re important for understanding the complex world of human emotions. Through their different ways of dishonesty, they show the complicated and tangled nature of cheating. Each one represents a warning about the rough patches that love can sometimes hit, carrying tales of caution for hearts finding their way in love’s unpredictable journey.

With every uncovered act of dishonesty, we dive deeper into understanding the puzzle that is human love, slowly exploring our own fears and strengths. Through their stories, we learn about the challenging world of trust and love, discovering how to navigate it, one experience at a time.

Let’s find out more about the 3 types of cheaters that exist. 

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3 Types Of Cheaters

1. The Escapist Cheater

This is those types of cheaters who really likes to escape problems. When tough times shake things up, instead of holding on tight, they quickly jump off, finding comfort in other places. Rather than facing and solving the problems with their partner, they find it simpler to rush into the arms of another, where issues are nowhere in sight, or at least, haven’t shown up yet.

These types of cheaters lives in a make-believe world thinking the grass is always greener on the other side, ignoring the reality that with a little effort, their own lawn could be just as green, or maybe even greener. The story they tell themselves is one of running away, where facing the problems is swapped with the fleeting excitement of fresh, secret adventures.

Examples of escapist cheaters

  • Sarah and Tom have been married for five years with two young children. Recently, they’ve been clashing over parenting styles and finances. Feeling overwhelmed, Tom seeks escapism in an online relationship with someone who seems to appreciate his viewpoints, unlike Sarah.
  • David feels stuck in his career, a feeling that’s grown into a general dissatisfaction with his life, including his long-term relationship with Mark. Instead of discussing his frustrations, he starts a fling with a co-worker who seems to admire his ambitions.
  • Emily always dreamt of being a musician but ended up in a corporate job to pay the bills. Her partner, Jake, is supportive but realistic about their financial needs. Emily starts spending time with a fellow musician, and soon, their camaraderie turns into a romantic affair, providing Emily a fantasy escape from her mundane reality.
  • John has always feared commitment. When his live-in partner Maria starts discussing marriage and children, John panics and begins a secretive relationship with someone who isn’t interested in a serious commitment, providing him an escape route from his fears.
  • Linda and Bob have settled into a comfortable routine, but Linda craves the excitement of the early days. She begins a secret relationship with someone she met at the gym, reliving the thrill of new romance and dodging the discussions about reigniting the spark in her existing relationship.
Types of cheaters

2. The Tyrant Cheater

One of the most menacing types of cheaters, and probably the most toxic one out of all the 3 types of cheaters.

The abusive cheater, is truly a sly fox in disguise. Under a mask of love, they exert control, play with feelings, and craft a harmful space where their partner begins to question their own worth. While keeping up a show of affection, they purposely seek connections outside, often showing off their cheating to cause emotional pain.

Their actions come from a place of wanting control rather than lack or need. They cheat to show dominance and to pull their partner deeper into a circle of low self-esteem and dependency. This dangerous trail of lies leaves deep wounds, some that might take a lifetime to mend.

The abusive cheater revels in their partner’s agony, finding twisted satisfaction in their tears. They aim not just to cheat, but to demean and belittle, leaving a wreckage far beyond the immediate heartbreak.

Examples of abusive cheaters

  • Anthony is constantly controlling and belittling his partner, Bethany. When she musters the courage to confront him, he spitefully engages in open affairs to demean her further, making her feel worthless and powerless.
  • Caroline often manipulates Derek’s emotions, making him believe that he’s lucky to have her. She cheats openly and then convinces Derek that it’s his inadequacy that drives her to others, entangling him in a web of self-doubt and dependency.
  • Edward never misses a chance to undermine Fiona’s self-worth. He cheats and flaunts his affairs, ensuring that Fiona is aware of every detail. The emotional torture is his way of exercising control and keeping Fiona in a perpetual state of despair.
  • Gloria, upset that her partner Henry has started standing up for himself, begins multiple affairs and flaunts them to belittle and hurt him, aiming to shatter his newfound confidence and keep him subservient.
  • Ian constantly criticizes Julia, making her feel inadequate. He embarks on extramarital affairs, flaunting them as a means to further erode Julia’s self-esteem, ensuring she remains dependent and defeated.

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3. The Caregiver Cheater

One of the most subtle types of cheaters is the caregiver cheater.

It might seem bizarre, but sometimes, under the garb of a caregiver, a cheater might be hiding, nurturing their ego and needs over their partner’s. These cheaters aren’t the outright villains one might expect; they often present as nurturing souls catering to the needs of their partner.

However, these types of cheaters, amidst their caregiving, they lose themselves, eventually seeking validation and affection outside the sanctity of their primary relationship.

In weaving a narrative of self-pity, they convince themselves that their nurturing disposition entitles them to seek solace in another’s arms. They might say, “I was just too busy caring for everyone else that I needed some care in return.” The reality? They find themselves entangled in a web of deceit that casts a long, dark shadow on their relationship.

Examples of caregiver cheaters

  • Rachel’s long-time friend, Adam, is going through a rough divorce. She spends evenings comforting him, which slowly but surely turns into a physical affair. Though still committed to her spouse, she justifies the affair as being a source of support for Adam during his tough time.
  • Mark’s partner, Anna, has been unemployed for a while, which has led to financial stress at home. Mark finds solace and validation with a colleague who appreciates his financial contributions, leading to an emotional and later physical affair.
  • Linda’s neighbour, Kevin, recently lost his wife. Linda starts spending more time with Kevin to help him through his grief. Over time, their friendship blossoms into a romantic relationship, although Linda still cares for her husband.
  • Jason’s wife, Emily, is battling a severe illness. Amidst the turmoil, he meets Sarah, who’s also caring for a sick parent. Their shared struggle leads to an emotional affair. Jason convinces himself that this affair helps him be a better caregiver to Emily.
  • Sophia is a nurturing soul, always tending to others’ needs. When her partner, Ryan, becomes distant and self-involved, she finds herself drawn to someone who cherishes her caregiving nature, eventually leading to an affair.
Types of cheaters


In conclusion, the journey of deceit is a complicated one with many different characters hiding in its corners. Understanding the different types of cheaters, especially these 3 types of cheaters and what drives them is the first step towards clearing out the problems and letting love shine through the darkness.

All these types of cheaters shows a dark side of relationships, highlighting how important honesty, talking openly, and knowing oneself are in growing love that’s genuine and true.

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Have you ever had experience with these types of cheaters? Which of these 3 types of cheaters did you find the most intriguing, or even scary? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments down below!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Am I polyamorous or just a cheater?

Being polyamorous involves consensual non-monogamy and open communication among all parties involved. If you’re hiding relationships or breaking agreed-upon boundaries, you may be cheating rather than practicing polyamory.

Should you ever forgive a cheater?

Forgiving a cheater is a personal decision, and can depend on many factors like the circumstances of the cheating and the willingness of the cheater to make amends. It’s important to consider your own feelings, the potential for trust to be rebuilt, and the overall health of the relationship.

Are most cheaters serial cheaters?

Not all cheaters are serial cheaters; some might cheat once and learn from their mistakes. However, some individuals might develop a pattern of cheating due to underlying issues or lack of self-control.

3 types of cheaters

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