Self Development

Self-development is a lifelong process. Most of us want to improve ourselves, especially after facing various challenges in life. Personal development can be a powerful and transformational mental tool, provided you have the inner motivation to follow it through. It is like a self-empowerment.

This page offers you valuable and helpful articles & stories that help you focus on your personal development needs. Helpful tools and information to help you reach your full potential and make effective and positive decisions and life choices for your future.

The path to self-development begins with self-awareness, experiencing life mindfully and with concentration. Here are some ways you can start your personal development journey right away:

The 8 Stages Of Life According to Erikson

life according to erikson

According to Erikson, development of the self is a lifelong process. He understood our development as a succession of eight life stages that manifest themselves throughout the life cycle.

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