10 Types Of People Who Cheat Their Partners The Most As REVEALED by Studies

10 Types Of People Who Cheat Their Partners The Most As REVEALED by Studies

“There is nothing inherently painful about being cheated on.”

― Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Cheating! This is one of the primary risks we take while getting into a relationship. We are so engrossed in love that we often don’t recognize that our partners are going to cheat on us. Before going through the terrible part of finding out the act of cheating, there are some ways by which we can identify whether the person is going to cheat on us or not.

Through journal studies and surveys of users on cheating websites, science seems to know exactly what makes someone more likely to be unfaithful.

From studies published in journals and surveys published by websites on cheating like Ashley Madison, IllicitEncounters.com, CheatersVille.com and others, certain types of people who are unfaithful have been revealed.

It’s not necessary that a cheater will only have these traits or a person of this type is going to cheat on you, but this has been proved to be true for most cases.

Here are the 10 types of people who are most likely to cheat

(1) Person whose age ends with 9:

Have crush on that 29-year-old guy and he asked you out for a date? Wait.

Let the year pass and if he still feels the same, then make a move.

According to the works of researchers in Proceedings of Natural Academy of Sciences, people who are stepping into the penultimate year of a decade are most likely to be unfaithful.

The reason is, people who are turning 19, 29, 39, 49 and so on are prone to make choices which can change their life.

In the dating website Ashley Madison, over 950,000 out of 8 million men have extra-marital affair and they all belong to this age group: 29, 39, 49, etc.

(2) Men who are tall:

Dark or fair, we always tend to have a thing for tall men. But wait before you give your heart to them. According to IllicitEncounters.com, guys above 5’10” are prone to cheat twice on their partners.

(3) Rock and roll fans:

Rap lovers, we have a bad news for you. IllicitEncounters.com did another survey and found out that 41 percent of cheaters are rock and roll fans. There’s no harmony in them.

(4) IT men:

Don’t get fooled by your tech-savvy nerd. Survey by Ashley Madison website reveals men who work in IT sector are prone to cheating. It’s time for you to format your heart.

(5) French men:

Wine and cheese might make a perfect date but not a perfect relationship. According to a survey by LELO, a sex toy brand, 75 percent of French men have confessed that they cheat.

(6) Females who teach:

Female teachers can give you a course on cheating because they are experts in that too. Ashley Madison’s survey revealed that wives who cheat are more likely to be teachers. Lesson learnt!

(7) Men whose names are Wayne:

Wayne! Yes, that’s the name of most cheaters. A survey showed that 2000 women feel they can’t trust men who name is Wayne.

(8) The Blondie:

Yeah, it’s tough guys but the truth is always bitter. A survey by CheaterVille.com reveals that 42 percent of female cheaters have blonde hair compared to only 11 percent of their black counterparts. Guess it’s time to change colour!

(9) Shopaholics:

One-third of the women cheaters surveyed by Ashley Madison reveals that they spend a lot on their appearances after they started cheating. 27 persons have even confessed that they use secret credit cards. The brand they love is the Banana Republic. Stay away from them before they rob off your heart.

(10) Twitter users:

According to the research published by University of Missouri, Twitter users are prone to be cheaters. Time to block the affair!

Reference: Yourtango

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