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9 Relationship Habits That Are More Harmful Than Cheating

Relationship Habits That Are More Harmful Than Cheating

Can there be any other harmful relationship habits apart from cheating?

Daily doses of cynicism can slowly rot the partnership

It’s safe to say that many would list cheating as the most damaging thing a person can do in a relationship. But there is something even more stealthy that can erode a relationship from the inside.

What can be worse than cheating?

The day to day negative interactions show how selfish we can act, how cold we can be, and how unfair we can treat our partner. Basically, prioritizing our own self-benefit, in spite of the fact that it’s sabotaging our partner’s needs.

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The problem starts when a couple starts practicing constant negative interaction, and tenacious negative thoughts about their partner as selfish, unsupportive, or even dismissive of our own needs.

As coined by Dr. John Gottman (a leading researcher in the field of psychology and relationships), this behavior on the part of one or both members of a couple leads to “daily despair,” which doesn’t allow for any time for recuperation and repair of the relationship.

This can cause it to lose “its special meaning,” and ultimately feel replaceable.

Eventually, people might tell themselves that let’s ignore the issue, instead of risking a fight. But it becomes dangerous when the couple starts ignoring issues and starts comparing our partner to others.

Lets find out how to recognize this relationship killing pointers in your own relationship?

Here are a few signs:

Relationship Habits More Harmful Than Cheating

1. Never Saying ‘Thank You’

Not saying please and thank you. People need to feel appreciated. If they feel appreciated, then their frame of mind is better and everything in general is better.

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You don’t need to go ga ga on everything but simply saying “thank you” when they do something is enough.

2. Taken for granted and being way to comfortable

When one stops putting in any effort into the relationship. They become lazy and forgets grooming up.

They get complacent with work and lose their drive. that is getting comfortable in the relationship, and that is completely assuming that someone loves you no matter what.

It’s totally fine to get comfortable with someone and to stop acting the way you do at the beginning of a relationship – that’s normal and pretty necessary for a relationship to last.

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Things get worse when one person, or both people, stop putting any effort in at all. If you both are in a boring routine life because you’ve just become complacent with each other, that’s not good!

You have to keep doing new things for each other and once in a while putting in the effort you did in the beginning. You must rekindle the fire once in a while.

3. Absence of Trust

Lack of trust can really screw the relationship. This is so true and so important. Trust is one of the biggest parts of any relationship. If you don’t trust each other, it’s never going to work long-term. Trust is the great soother of any relationship.

4. Always Being hooked with Your Phone

You can’t just hang out with your partner and both glued with their respective phones the whole time. That’s weird and not okay.

5. Not Being Affectionate

Withholding affection is really harmful relationship habit. Some people NEED it. Others don’t function well without it.

6. Acting Arrogant and superior Towards Each Other

This can be really harmful as it tears apart your self-esteem. Being treated in a condescending way is horrible. Mutual respect is very important. Don’t constantly speak down to each other.

You’re partners!

7. Lack of Communication

Lack of communication. 95% of the damage in relationships could be fixed if people just took the time to clearly convey how they’re feeling.

8. Lying About Small Things

Lying. Even if it’s just a lot of small things it really does add up, it leaves you thinking “What else would they lie about?”.

9. Waiting Forever To Discuss Anger

Waiting until you’re fed up and angry about something before you tell your partner that something is bothering you.


If you’re mad, say it right then.

Don’t wait, because it will only lead to bitterness and resentment that will lead to more anger, and the whole thing will become a bigger deal than it should be.

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But there are some relationships where Trust is the foundation stone, trust is the brick wall and trust is the roof.

There is care about how their partner feels, and they know their partner cares how they feel.

The pleasure of making each other happy is much more important than self-gains.

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As we all know, no relationship is perfect. It’s smart to be realistic about one’s expectations, and know that a certain amount of bitter disagreement is normal in a relationship.

There’s often no turning back.

You can write the fate of your relationship, be sure to build trust on with your partner on a regular basis — and be careful to avoid negative behaviors such as dismissiveness, selfishness and manipulation.

Let me know your thoughts about harmful relationship habits in comments. And, feel free to share the post with your friends.

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9 Relationship Habits That Are More Harmful Than Cheating
Relationship Habits That Are More Harmful Than Cheating Pin

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