9 Tiny-Yet-Toxic Relationship Habits That Kill Your Relationship


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9 Toxic Relationship Habits That Are Worse Than Cheating

Certain toxic relationship habits slither through the cracks, poisoning the love and trust that once thrived. Learn what these habits are before they leave a devastating scar.

While cheating is commonly regarded as one of the most destructive acts in a relationship, there exists an even more insidious force capable of silently killing the very foundation of any relationship.

What is worse than cheating in a relationship?

The day to day negative interactions show how selfish we can act, how cold we can be, and how unfair we can treat our partner. Basically, prioritizing our own self-benefit, in spite of the fact that it’s sabotaging our partner’s needs.

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The problem starts when a couple starts practicing constant negative interaction, and tenacious negative thoughts about their partner as selfish, unsupportive, or even dismissive of our own needs.

As coined by Dr. John Gottman (a leading researcher in the field of psychology and relationships), this behavior on the part of one or both members of a couple leads to “daily despair,” which doesn’t allow for any time for recuperation and repair of the relationship.

This can cause it to lose “its special meaning,” and ultimately feel replaceable.

Eventually, people might tell themselves that let’s ignore the issue, instead of risking a fight. But it becomes dangerous when the couple starts ignoring issues and starts comparing our partner to others.

Let’s find out how to recognize this relationship killing pointers in your own relationship?

9 Toxic Relationship Habits That Are Worse Than Cheating

Relationship Habits More Harmful Than Cheating

1. Never Saying ‘Thank You’

Not saying “thank you” or “please” within a relationship can have detrimental effects. It is essential for individuals to feel appreciated and valued. When gratitude is expressed, it positively impacts their state of mind and enhances overall dynamics.

Toxic Relationship Habits
Toxic Relationship Habits

It is not necessary to excessively shower praise, but a simple “thank you” can go a long way in acknowledging the efforts of our partners.

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2. Taken for granted and being way too comfortable

Being taken for granted and becoming excessively comfortable occur when people cease to invest effort in a relationship. They become negligent in their appearance and fail to maintain grooming habits.

Moreover, they grow complacent in their work and lose their motivation, presuming that their partner will love them unconditionally.

toxic relationship habits
things that are worse than cheating in a relationship

While it is acceptable to feel at ease with someone and evolve from the initial stages of a relationship, completely assuming unconditional love can lead to complacency.

Things get worse when one person, or both people, stop putting any effort in at all. If you both are in a boring routine life because you’ve just become complacent with each other, that’s not good!

You have to keep doing new things for each other and once in a while putting in the effort you did in the beginning. You must rekindle the fire once in a while.

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3. Absence of Trust

Lack of trust profoundly damages relationships. It is undeniably true and crucially important. Trust stands as a foundational pillar in any relationship, playing a pivotal role in its long-term success.

Without mutual trust, a relationship is bound to falter. Trust acts as a powerful balm, nurturing and sustaining the bond between individuals.

4. Always Being hooked with Your Phone

Constantly being engrossed in your phone while spending time with your partner is one of the most unhealthy relationship habits that should be avoided. It’s important to be present and engaged in the moment, rather than being absorbed in your digital world.

5. Not Being Affectionate

Withholding affection can be detrimental to a relationship. While some individuals require affection for emotional well-being, others struggle to function without it.

6. Acting Arrogant Towards Each Other

This can be really harmful as it tears apart your self-esteem. Being treated condescendingly is horrible. Mutual respect is very important. Don’t constantly speak down to each other, you are partners!

7. Lack Of Communication

Insufficient communication is one of the toxic relationship habits that cause of numerous challenges. Remarkably, about 95% of these issues can be effectively resolved if individuals invest the time and effort to express their thoughts and emotions clearly.

toxic relationship habits

Effective communication is a two-way street – active listening and genuine interest in the other person’s point of view. By valuing their input and acknowledging their emotions, you can foster a sense of validation and strengthen the trust within the relationship.

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8. Lying About Small Things

Dishonesty, even when it involves trivial matters, can have a cumulative effect, leaving one wondering about the extent of the deception and prompting questions like, “What other things might they be hiding?”

9. Waiting Forever To Discuss Anger

Rather than harboring anger and frustration, it is crucial to promptly communicate with your partner when something is bothering you.

Waiting until you reach a boiling point only nurtures bitterness and resentment, intensifying the situation unnecessarily. By expressing your concerns in a timely manner, you can prevent the issue from escalating into a bigger ordeal.

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No relationship is perfect; it’s important to be realistic about expectations and acknowledge that disagreements are normal. However, it is crucial to actively foster trust and avoid negative behaviors like dismissiveness, selfishness, and manipulation.

Once certain actions take place, there may be no going back. Therefore, consciously shape the destiny of your relationship by prioritizing trust-building and steering clear of harmful behaviors.

Let me know your thoughts about the worst habits in a relationship in the comments. And, feel free to share the post with your friends.

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9 Relationship Habits That Are More Harmful Than Cheating
Relationship Habits That Are More Harmful Than Cheating Pin
9 Toxic Relationship Habits That Are Worse Than Cheating
unhealthy relationship habits
bad relationship habits

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