8 Mistakes A Man Shouldn’t Make In A Relationship.

Mistakes man Make Relationship

Relationships are too delicate too sustain. A single mistake can make a deep scar. Learn few common mistakes a man shouldn’t make in a relationship.

Saying, ‘I love you,’ isn’t that hard if it’s love from both the sides. The journey begins right after that. Flaws make us human beings.

It doesn’t matter if you were in a relationship in the past or not. When a relationship breaks, there are tons of reasons for it. Not all relationships break because of cheating. Many leave the relationship feeling disillusioned.

A relationship needs a lot of adjustment and understanding. It’s okay to make mistakes but it is absolutely not okay to repeat them.

Many a time, a relationship fails because of our lack of understanding of life and people. Sometimes, one tends to do something which seems right but might be wrong if seen from a different perspective. Both men and women make mistakes in a relationship.


In this article, I will be talking about the mistakes a man makes in a relationship. Here is the list:

(1) You doubt her male friends:

Yes, your better-half is beautiful and intelligent. It’s okay if she has a number of male friends she loves to hang out with.

She might be close to them, she might enjoy talking to them for hours. Friends don’t have any gender. So, if she is hanging out with her close male friends, don’t think that she is ditching you.

They are just human beings. They are not sexually attracted to each other. You too have your female friends. Respect her.

(2) You ignore her too much and don’t even send her a text:

Express your love. Women love it when men express their love. You might be extremely busy in work but leaving her a text wouldn’t take more than a second.

Just one text will make her feel happy. Cutting off all the communication while you are busy and ignoring her all throughout the day will make her feel sad.

She always makes time for you and nobody is too busy.

(3) You can always make time for her:

Calling her for a few seconds too helps.

It will brighten her day and make her feel special. She will feel loved thinking of the fact that you still remember her in between work.

(4) You try to change the way she dresses:

This is one of the common and dangerous mistakes most men make while in a relationship. You might like certain dresses and you might want to see you lady in them but you cannot ask her to change the way she dresses.

It is her individual choice and you fell in love with her knowing the way she dresses. You can ask her to put on a certain dress you like and she will definitely do it if she feels comfortable in it but just because you are her better-half, you cannot ask her to change her style.

She will feel scared because by doing this, you are trying to snatch away her liberty. If this crosses the limit, she might leave with a broken heart.

(5) You shout at her or become violent:

Shouting or screaming or any displaying any act of violence is something every woman is scared of. Since ages, women have been abused.

This makes most of the women commitment-phobic today. They are scared of getting abused. You might be angry with her but try to control your temper.

Becoming violent will not yield anything. Rather, just talk to her and discuss things with her. She will understand.

(6) You do not like males admiring her and you blame her for this:

A lot of men have the tendency to blame their women because she is admired by males. Everyone admires an elegant and smart lady. So, if your woman is one, males will definitely do that.

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