How To Know If A Relationship Is Worth Saving


How To Know If A Relationship Is Worth Saving

Is your relationship is worth saving? If you are in a state of confusion then reading this can help you.

You used to love and absolutely enjoy each other so much until the recent misunderstood, then the second quarrel happened.

And now you don’t even know where in your relationship you are at the moment, and if you still feel the same way about your partner?

Why did it happen? How to know if a relationship is worth saving? Is it possible to fix the things?

“The truth is, everyone is going to hurt you. You just got to find the ones worth suffering for.” – it doesn’t sound optimistic, however, it does make sense.

Unfortunately, betrayal and disappointment happen even in truly intimate, long-term relationships. No matter, if it is on some “you’ve been smoking again!” level, or comes to much more serious things like cheating and having an affair. In any case, it will eventually affect your relations dramatically.

So, maybe, the essence of true love is not to find the one worth suffering for, but build a relationship worth fighting for?

If you keep asking all those questions to yourself, passing “Is-My-Relationship-Worth-Saving” surveys, you’re at the right place now.

What are the main signs to stay in a relationship?

Let’s figure it out together!

1. You’re Playing on the Same Team

Regardless of who is more to blame for the argument, perspective couples overcome it together as a team.

Imagine that your partner bought a car without asking your opinion on that, and it set you off. Would you still feel like you’re gonna get out of that debt together? If yes, the “WE-power” hasn’t left yet, so it’s definitely worth keeping the fire.

2. You Share the Responsibility for Whatever Happened

It’s obvious that there’s no your direct fault in your partner’s cheating – it seems like their complete responsibility.

But if you’re still ready to consider the situation under various angles, without blaming only your beloved, and find out some possible causes of such behavior, connected with your own actions (maybe, you were kind of emotionally distant lately), it’s a reason to give the relationship a chance.

3. Those Butterflies Are Still There

If you still believe in a mighty power of love and feel butterflies in your belly, that’s a signal you’ll probably save the relationship, getting through the harsh times.

Try to spend more time together, building the situations when you can express your feelings through hugs, kisses, sweet words, care, and attention as much as possible. These little investments won’t ruin your couple, for sure!

4. It’s You Both, Who Are Doing and Acting

If you’re constantly noticing that the partner is reluctant to act, sacrifice, look for a way out, and even more, denies a problem in a whole, refuses to change something, doesn’t even want to visit a therapist – it’s a warning signal to leave.

If on the contrary, you both are active “doers” – there definitely is a thing to struggle for.

5. You Can Trust Your Partner Anyway

Lost trust is the most significant indicator you’re growing apart.

If you can be completely honest with your partner, express all your thoughts and feelings without fear, communicate openly and freely, there’s nothing to worry about – you’ve got a bunch of reasons to stay together on and on.

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  • Imagine Yourself Separated

How do you feel when thinking about breaking up? Are you sad or happy? Or, maybe, confused? Thinking it over will definitely help.

  • Silent Communication

Just check yourself: if you’re meant for each other, you’ll understand the partner without words. Test your beloved: try to tell them what you want by means of eye contact only. Can you?

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The Millennial Love Expert, a Relationship Counselor, and Dating Coach who works with individuals and couples to create the love lives, Samantha Burns, is sure:

“The presence of problems in relationships does not mean that you are destined to split up. Some issues are more difficult to overcome than the others, but both the success and failure in the process of relationship-building depends on how you two cope with these problems.”

How To Know If A Relationship Is Worth Saving

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