10 Toxic Behaviors That Ruin Relationships and How To Avert Them

10 Toxic Behaviors That Ruin Relationships and How To Avert Them

It is very easy to enter into a relationship but it is equally or rather harder to maintain the same essence of relationship lifelong.

This is because several factors come into the picture that can totally destroy relationships that once used to be very simple and sweet. In order to remain in a relationship in the same original state, it is therefore necessary to find out what are the negative behaviors that can undermine relationships and how the partners can avoid these traits or characteristics in order to save their relationships from having a fateful destiny.

Ten types of detrimental behaviors that can ruin relationships and how to avert them:

Given under are ten such characteristic behaviors that can be very harmful for the relationships along with some way-outs to keep away from those:

1. When two people are in a relationship, the relationship status compulsorily must turn into ‘committed’ rather than continuing with the same old ‘single’ status.

If any one of the partner wishes to and even acts like he or she is ‘single’ even after being in a relationship, it means that 100% commitment is not there from his or her side. In such a scenario, the other partner obviously feels disrespected as there is always a scope of a third person coming in between the two of them. Therefore, ‘I’m still single’ mentality is a strict no-no if a relationship is indeed precious for an individual.


2. Partners in relationships signify everything is shared between the two that include feelings, objects as well as finances.

After entering into a relationship, it is imperative that the sources of funds as well as the expenditure are completely shared between the two partners. One cannot continue to keep thinking about individual finances only. This can be a great declining factor for the relationships.


3. It is very much essential to take interest in the other partner’s activities but at the same time, each should have his or her own space for nurturing their own interests.

As per Dr. Seth Meyers, author of Overcome Relationship Repetition Syndrome, “In a push to fuse with their partner, some people will forget about their own interests, hobbies and goals—things that may have attracted their partners in the first place. To break codependency’s false bond, make a list of how and with whom you spent your free time prior to your relationship—a worthwhile exercise. Try monitoring the amount of alone time you have, as no couple should be spending all their free time together. Pursue an activity on your

own, such as going to the gym or take a fun class at your local community college. If you’ve lost touch with friends you genuinely care about in favor of spending time almost exclusively with your partner, regain your identify by making an effort to meet a friend or two for an activity or a meal.”


4. Insecurity and being over sensitive or over possessive about the partner can severely damage a relationship.

If one is really not trustworthy that is proved due to the actions exhibited by him or her, better to end the relationship as it is. Otherwise, unnecessarily brooding about irrelevant matters and cooking up stories due to utter insecurity can lead to demoralizing and disrespecting the feelings of the other partner. Hence, one must always refrain from all these mental issues.


5. Keeping on taunting the other partner or being continuously sarcastic about something or the other can be pernicious to any kind of relationship.

It is fine to be humorous or witty in order to have some light moments in a relationship but whenever that comes in the way of devaluing the person on the receiving end, it must be avoided.


6. When on one hand being too much touchy is inhibitory for a relationship, on the other hand, there must not be neglect on the part of any of the partners when it comes to expressing their emotions or be affectionate towards the other partner.

Therefore, both the partners have to show the extent of love by means of hugs, cuddles, etc. This is very important in any relationship.

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