10 Incredible Lessons You Learn On Being In A Good Relationship

10 Incredible Lessons You Learn On Being In A Good Relationship10 Incredible Lessons You Learn On Being In A Good Relationship

Lessons You Learn On Being In A Good Relationship

Sometimes you need to experience the worst of things to inculcate the capacity to embrace and value what is genuinely out of the world. Before I stepped into adulthood, I already had been in relationships which lasted for years. And at some point in those relationships, I believed I have found my perfect match, my soulmate. But those relationships ended on various grounds, one common ground being a lack of maturity on both of mine and my partner’s part. While I was a bit too impulsive and always looked for the next best person to be with while some of my casual, as well as committed relationships, have also been abusive ones.  Either way, the separation was what looked the best sort of thing to do.

Then I stepped into adulthood and I fell in love. Wishing this time it works. Well, it did. It naturally did. I did not have to intentionally work it out, it effortlessly materialized into something I hoped and prayed for so long. After a long time I felt genuinely contented, and shall I say, truly happy. But alongside it taught me certain life-enhancing lessons that I would never learn through any casual relationship.

True love, feels and makes you act differently than casual relationships do.

You get to witness love from an altogether different viewpoint. The relationship flows smoothly and doesn’t get hard and burdensome. And why should it?

10 Incredible Lessons You Learn On Being In A Good Relationship

10 Lessons You Learn On Being In A Good Relationship:

Here are a few lessons I learned from being in a healthy relationship.

1. Admit your mistakes

Admitting one’s mistakes takes you a lot of work on your own self. Perfection is a lie. The more you seek it, the more you find flaws. So don’t forget that you are a human being and in no need to be right all the time. There might be times when you will make some horrible mistakes and mess things up. We all do. But what attitude you have about handling your mistakes makes all the difference.

Be forthcoming about it. Verbally admit your mistakes to your partner. Have you unintentionally hurt your partner? Tell him it was your fault but you didn’t mean it. It reflects that you prioritize ‘we’ before you prioritize ‘I’.

2. Inculcate trust on your partner 

Know that your partner is not in a relationship with you with ulterior motives. If they have to backstab you every time you turn your back, and why will they do so much for you? And why would you be with such a person?

Initially, start with trusting your partner. It’s not a lie that trust is the strongest foundation of a lasting relationship. If you notice something out of the place later through the relationship, you can discuss that with your partner. Trust ensures your mental peace and also the security of the relationship.

3. Learn to apologize

Sometimes putting your ego aside, admitting to your fault and apologizing takes a lot of courage. Once you try it, you will know what I am talking about. When you are apologizing to your partner for your mistake, you are not doing it for him/her, you are actually doing it for yourself.

Apologizing takes away the burden of guilt. It means that you have consciously accepted the fact that you have done something wrong and now you are ready to mend things. Genuinely apologizing alongside changed behavior enures a smooth flow in the relationship.

4. Know that misunderstandings are inevitable

There is probably not one relationship out there without some sorts of misunderstandings. When two people interact, they do so with a distinct mental set and value system. Misunderstandings are sure to follow because of two reasons, firstly, because we are often so engrossed in our mental frame that we forget to consider the perspective of the other person, and secondly because we interpret information coming from the other end in our own special way, most of the times in ways the speaker never meant. Take it in your stride that misunderstandings in a relationship are unavoidable. It’s better to wipe it under the rug and stay laid back about it.

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  1. Relationships are like walking in stilettos.. If I fall and you don't try to catch me, you're coming down to.. that will make me unforgettable. Merry Xmas All & TMJ <3

  2. …we may want a relationship to last ''forever'' but it can only be lived one day at a time… a relationship going well is a paradise…if and when it falls apart…it is a hell…

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