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13 Signs Your Spouse Might Be Cheating On You

signs of a cheating spouse

From presidents to movie stars, from billionaires to an ordinary Joe (or Jane), all have at times or the other either thought about cheating on their spouses or even worse, acted on their straying impulse. While lusting over a secret crush in imagination is quite common, infidelity has some grim and serious consequences. If you are suspecting your life partner is seeing someone behind your back, watch out for these subtle signs of a cheating spouse.

Although extramarital sex is still widely considered unacceptable and even unforgivable in even the most liberal cultures, a study showed 23.2% of men and 19.2% of women who were in a monogamous relationship, have engaged in extradyadic sexual encounters that had the potential to harm or end their committed relationship. This startling fact brings us back to the question; what are the signs of cheating? Let’s have a look.

13 Signs Of A Cheating Spouse

Ignorance is not always a blessing and especially in the case of extramarital liaisons, the wronged partner often finds out when it’s too late and the relationship is no more salvageable. That is why identifying the subtle signs of cheating can prove to be a deciding factor in a marriage.

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signs of a cheating spouse
13 Signs Your Spouse Might Be Cheating On You

1. Conceited Much?

Suddenly your spouse has started taking care of their personal appearance. They are spending a lot of time at the gym or buying new clothes and accessories to go with their sculpted body. They have become aware of their looks, what they eat, what they wear, and none of these seems to be for your attention or admiration. These are often signs of a cheating spouse or a partner who is about to commit infidelity.

2. Money Matters

Cheating spouses normally prefer to use cash, as it doesn’t leave an electronic trail. Watch out if they are making too many trips to the ATMs or taking out cash from their bank accounts. Also, in addition to splurging over their appearances, if they are spending a lot on things that they can’t or won’t explain, it should ring an alarm. These types of unexplained money management are sometimes signs of cheating.

3. Going AWOL

So they can’t explain where they spent their money, and on top of that, they are quite fishy about their whereabouts. You feel like a CIA agent every time you ask them a simple question like where they went after work or what they ate for lunch. A cheating spouse will always be evasive and try to avoid your queries.

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4. No More Spark

Has the spark fizzled out in the bedroom? A cheating spouse is most likely to show less erotic interest in their partners. If you find them devoting hours on the definition of their abs or arm muscles and yet they are no longer passionate about you, you have reason to worry about. The lack of chemistry does not remain confined between the sheets. In your daily life too, your spouse stops paying you any attention, doesn’t show any affection or care, and simply stonewalls you when you try to communicate with them.

5. Flying Off The Handle

While marital disputes can often lead to illegitimate affairs, fights between a couple can also be a clue to a straying partner. When the lack of love and care turns into sudden fits of rage and ugly fights, mostly initiated from their end, you might want to reconsider your living situation. Frequent outbursts, quarrels, and violence are often red flags that no one should ignore. Make your safety a priority and try to seek help and support in order to navigate such critical situations.

6. A Few Too Many

According to research, binge drinking or the recreational use of drugs such as Marijuana, etc. have often been linked with infidelity. Substance abuse can be a cause as well as an effect of a partner straying outside the wedlock. If you have a drinking problem or if your spouse has suddenly started smoking joints, know that all is not well. You might want to get to the root of the problem before it’s too late for both of you.

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