9 Tactics To Trigger The Hero Instinct In A Man


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Hero Instinct In A Man: Ways To Trigger Their Inner Hero

Do you know there’s a hero instinct in every man? If you want to unlock that side of your man then you have come to the right place. Today, we are going to talk about how to trigger the hero instinct in a man, and do it the right way.

From understanding their innate drive to protect and provide, to unraveling the mysteries of their emotional landscape, we will explore what is the hero instinct, and what does hero instinct in relationships look like.

So, ready to know more about this side to men? Let’s go then.

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9 Ways You Can Trigger The Hero Instinct In A Man

1. Ask for his help whenever you need it.

Men like to feel needed. Men like to feel useful. Your boyfriend or husband may not tell you this openly, but they love it when you ask them for help. When something’s broken and needs some good old fixing, they’re eager to show they can mend it, and this is one of the easiest ways to trigger the hero instinct in a man.

So, don’t buy into the idea that seeking help is a sign of weakness. It doesn’t mean you’ve failed as an independent woman or a “good feminist” if you let him lend you a hand.

He’ll feel pleased and valued when he’s your go to guy for some support. So let him play the hero once in a while, and see how he shines.

Hero instinct in a man

2. Don’t try to suppress his masculinity.

These days, masculinity gets a bad rap and most of the time it’s treated as something negative. But let me tell you, being manly or masculine is not a bad thing at all. Just like we women love the idea of embracing our femininity, men should not be made to feel guilty for being comfortable in their masculinity.

If the man in your life wants to engage in typically masculine activities, for example, sports, fishing, camping or even just grabbing a few beers with his guy friends, let him do so.

The more you try to hold him back from what truly makes him happy, the more he will come to despise you. So, how to trigger hero instinct in a man? Help him embrace his masculinity wholeheartedly.

3. Treat him with respect during rough times.

Even when you are having a serious argument or disagreement, try not to get personal and hurt his weak points. Be respectful and try to understand where he’s coming from. Men might not always show their hurt and disappointment openly, but they are human too and they can also feel heartbroken and disrespected.

Try to make him understand that even though you are not on the same page, you would like to make things work instead of dragging the issue repeatedly. Make it clear you’re both on the same side.

Sure, it’s okay to be upset, but make sure that you are always there for each other. Relationships are all about give and take, and if you keep on being stubborn and egoistic in the name of being a “strong woman”, you will just be driving him away from you.

4. Be his biggest cheerleader and make him feel confident.

Your guy may seem self-assured, but he still appreciates it when you compliment him and cheer for him; it makes him feel like he is capable of great things.

When you are able to lift his spirits and convince him that he can win the world if he wants to, you will not just trigger the hero instinct in a man, you will make him realize how much you love and appreciate him.

With you, his self-doubts vanish, because you inspire him to face the world and shine. Providing such encouragement is priceless, and the more you do it, the more he’ll view you as a positive influence in his life.

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5. Ask him to grill and barbecue some delicious food.

Now this may seem random for some people, but trust me when I say this – being able to man the barbecue grill is one of the greatest joys of a man’s life. Trust me! No matter how stereotypical it may seem, the relationship between a man and his grill is a special one.

Grilling under an open sky seems to stir excitement in most men, in my experience. It could be instinctual, harking back to their ancient roles as providers. Whatever the reason may be, tell your guy to grill some steaks or burgers and watch his macho side come alive!

And don’t forget to express your admiration. Give the man some credit for his excellent cooking skills especially if he prides himself on it.

6. Let him take care of you.

What is the hero instinct, you ask? If you are wondering how to trigger hero instinct in relationships, then remember this.

No matter how strong, independent and established you may be, there’s nothing wrong in letting your man take care of you sometimes. Men love taking care of the people close to them, especially their family.

It makes them feel useful and protective; imagine how you feel when you are able to help and support a close friend when they’re going through a tough time.

When you let him pamper you, it makes him feel important and valued. So, if you catch a cold, don’t stop him from fussing over you. He’ll appreciate feeling useful, and you’ll get the TLC necessary to bounce back.

Hero instinct in a man

7. Celebrate his achievements and let him know how proud you are of him.

How to trigger hero instinct in a man? Celebrate his every win! No win is too small – every guy likes to know that his efforts matter.

For example, he fixed the television which was malfunctioning for a long time. Appreciate him. Did he get the raise he was working hard for at work? Celebrate that. Cheering him on every time he accomplishes something tells him that you think he’s important and you know what means to him, and also triggers the hero instinct in a man.

In short, be his biggest cheerleader and always be on his side of the ring rooting for him. It might sound a bit corny, but what the hell? If these small, corny things make him feel special, then why not?

8. Ask for his advice.

If you are together for quite some time, then there must a certain level of trust and mutual respect in your relationship. And sometimes asking for his opinion and taking his perspective into account can really help you.

Be it matters related to work, family, friends and whatever else, ask for his advice. When you ask him for his opinion and take his two cents seriously, it makes him feel special and important.

This gesture shows you value his insight and ability to make sound choices, and that’s quite the compliment. And compliments can really rev up a man’s energy, and also bring out the hero instinct in relationships.

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9. Make sure he knows how important and fundamental he is in your life.

What is the hero instinct in a man, and how to trigger hero instinct in a man? When he feels important and when he feels like a superstar in your life. He has to feel essential otherwise, what’s the difference between him and a platonic friend?

When a man gives you his heart and commits fully to you, it’s natural for him to expect that he will be an important person in your life. He wants that commitment because you are important to him and you add a lot of good things in his life.

Even though my husband never fishes for any compliments nor does he look for validation from me, I know that appreciating him even a little bit makes his heart feel happy and full.

Sometimes I ask for his advice regarding a difficult assignment at work. Sometimes I simply express my appreciation for him and how much I love spending time with him. Also, I never fail to express how much I love him for all the little things he does to make my life easier.

Hero instinct in a man

So, these were just some of the ways to trigger the hero instinct in a man. How many of these things do you already do for your man? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below!

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