8 Unmistakable Signs He Will Never Come Back: The Final Farewell


Glaring Signs He Will Never Come Back: No Second Chances

Ah, the bittersweet realm of love and heartbreak. We’ve all been there, hanging onto that tiny edge of hope that things might get better again, and we don’t have to go our separate ways. But let’s face it, sometimes it’s just not meant to be. Today, we are going to talk about the signs he will never come back. Yes, it’s going to get a bit heavy today.

If you are wondering whether he is ever going to make a grand return to your life or not, then let me tell you – you are in for some tough love, my friend. In this article, we are going to explore eight glaring signs that are repeatedly telling you that your ex is not coming back.

It’s time to face the reality and discover if it’s time for you to leave the past behind you and look forward to a better and brighter future.

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8 Major Signs He Will Never Come Back To You

1. He doesn’t respond to your texts and calls anymore.

When the person you love stops responding to your calls and texts, it can hurt a lot. No one likes to be ignored, even if you are a very strong and confident person. If he’s leaving you on read or sending your calls to voicemail, it’s not a positive sign.

It means he is not interested in staying in touch with you, and he doesn’t care anymore about how that makes you feel. Otherwise, he would at least say a brief “Hello, how are you?” to show some interest.

And if he was the one to end things and walk away, then it’s a huge sign your ex is not coming back.

Signs he will never come back

2. He has unfollowed you on social media.

This might sound like a superficial or unserious sign, but if he doesn’t follow you anymore on social media, it’s one of the subtle signs he will never come back.

He did this because he wants to stay far away from your digital life and circle of friends. Even if he still does have a little bit of concern for you and your well-being, it seems like his emotional attachment is weakening.

If he is not interested in your social media anymore, then that means he is no longer curious about what you have to post or say on it.

3. He has blocked you from all his social media accounts.

When someone blocks a former partner on social media, it’s a clear sign of rejection. It may not be what your ex meant to convey, but by blocking you, he’s effectively severing ties. How to accept your ex is not coming back? By understanding that blocking might be his way of closing the chapter for good.

His choice to block you suggests he doesn’t think it’s important to stay in touch with you anymore, nor is he interested in knowing what you are up to. It could also signal that he wants to push you away.

Another possibility might be that he hopes this will prompt you to get over him without him having to face questions about rekindling things. One of the glaring signs your ex is not coming back is this one, right here.

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4. He has started dating again.

One of the biggest and most obvious signs he will never come back is when he starts dating again. Seeing him with someone else can be heart-breaking and excruciatingly painful, but it is what it is.

If you have just called it quits, and he is already out seeing people, then he is never coming back, darling. It might feel like a low blow, but that’s the reality now, and you have no other choice other than accepting it.

If that seems like his game, then girl, it’s time to let him go for good. Remember, you cannot force someone to love you and stay with you; if they had to, they would. If he truly appears to be moving on, then you should too, and accept that your ex is not coming back.

5. He returned all your stuff.

This is probably one of the most painful things about a breakup – returning everything back to each other. All those things that you gifted each other, giving them back can feel like you’re going through the breakup again.

These items echo memories from when you were together. So if he starts returning these things, it could mean he’s closing the book on what you both had.

He no longer wants memories of you in his life, and he’s preparing to leave everything behind, and this is just his way of cutting the last string holding you both together.

Signs he will never come back

6. He has started sleeping around.

If his dating bothered you, then his sleeping around is another story altogether! Hanging out with other people after your breakup is normal; it’s just a way to get your mind of the heartbreak.

However, if you ex has already started sleeping around, then it’s one of the sure-shot signs he will never come back. When your ex chooses to be with multiple partners, then it’s very clear that the intimacy both of you shared meant little or nothing to him.

How to accept your ex is not coming back? If he is “having fun” and doesn’t give two hoots about how that’s making you feel, then let him go and focus on living your best life.

7. He has not spoken to you for more than 6 months.

People often say “Absence makes the heart grow fonder,”, but in this case, it really doesn’t. If your ex has not spoken to you for 6 months or more, and nor has he shown any interest in resolving things, then your ex is not coming back.

The emotional and physical distance between you two is too great now, and in his mind, there’s no coming back from that. Men are typically quite straightforward and predictable.

Basically, if your ex-boyfriend wanted to get back with you, he would’ve made it clear by now. He’d have called you or messaged you, or even attempted to see you in person.

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8. He doesn’t regret ending the relationship.

If your ex was the one who initiated the breakup, and he doesn’t feel any remorse for it, then it’s one of the most obvious signs he will never come back. If he cheated on you and never even apologized for it is how to accept your ex is not coming back.

A lack of an apology is a huge clue that he has moved on and has no intention of coming back to you. If he showed even a tiny bit of regret, then it would have been obvious that he still cares about your feelings and the relationship.

When a guy doesn’t bother to apologize for hurting you or messing things up, that’s him saying he won’t come back to you. And if there’s no remorse for his actions – well then its likely over for good. He is clearly not worth your time and energy.

Signs he will never come back

If you see most or all of these signs he will never come back, then I know how depressing it can feel. All of us have been at this juncture at some point. However, always remember that even though it hurts like hell now, things will get better.

You will move on, you will love again, and you will taste happiness again. You deserve so better than this. I promise, there is someone waiting for you, who will treat you like the queen you are!

how to accept your ex is not coming back

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