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How To Be Single After A Long Term Relationship?

How Single After Long Term Relationship

Even after giving some of your best years to your love life, you ended up with a broken heart. While there is no quick fix to heartache, you might want to learn how to be single after a long-term relationship ends and let the healing start.

When you have been in a steady and committed relationship for a considerable amount of time, being single again takes some serious life adjustments. Whether you willingly walked out of your relationship or the breakup was sprung upon you, it’s never easy to deal with life after a long relationship ends.

So, how do you deal with the end of a long-term relationship in the best possible manner and come out of this ordeal stronger?

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How To Be Single After A Long-Term Relationship?

When you are in gut-wrenching pain after the end of your relationship of several years, it might seem improbable to see the light at the end of the tunnel. But believe us, you CAN be single and happy after a long relationship ends. Let us tell you how!

Single and happy after a long relationship ends.
How to be single after a long-term relationship? By prioritizing growth

1. Lean On Your Support System

One of the most rewarding experiences of life certainly is building and maintaining a close-knitted support network. This could very well include your family, friends, coworkers, and any other non-romantic relationship. Being in a committed relationship took a lot of your time.

But now you can make it a point to leverage your newfound singlehood to focus on these other relationships that were on the back burner till now. When you lean on the warm and fuzzy care of your loved ones, it serves a 3 fold purpose:

  • You realize you have enough love and support to live a single and happy life
  • You will have someone to talk to when you need to open up about your feelings
  • They will help take your mind off things that remind you of your lost love

How to be single after a long-term relationship? Pick up the phone and talk to someone now!

2. Choose Positivity

Easier said than done, right? We are not saying that the things that you are feeling after your relationship ended, are negative. We are just asking you to mindfully choose positivity when you are plagued with despair, hopelessness, or emotional fatigue.

While it’s okay to cry and let it all out, you also need to know when to stop. The sudden end of your relationship might make it hard to see the silver lining in the dark clouds of depression, but if you stay in this energy for too long, you will slow down your healing process.

Do you want to know how to be single after a long-term relationship? Clean up, dress up, and show up! Put on your best outfit and some make-up, and go out with your friends. It will do you good to meet new people and spend some quality time with your friends.

If you are struggling to gather energy and make some positive changes, try these following tips:

  • Practice saying out loud positive affirmations such as “I can get through this and create a happy life for myself”.
  • Write down your positive intentions in your journal along with specific strategies to make your life better.
  • Stay away from places and things that might remind you of your ex, including their social media profiles.
  • Define your goals in life and plan out strategies to realize them.

3. Get Busy

While we are not asking you to drown yourself with work and not carve out time to rest, it will help if you can find some interesting hobbies and activities that will keep you busy. What makes you happy? Do more of that! Even if it’s playing video games.

You can also try your hands at something new like trekking or go back to an old favorite activity such as cooking or reading. Creative projects like redesigning your home or joining a pottery class are sure good options as well. You can also:

  • Join a gym or fitness course like Zumba or pilates
  • Volunteer at the local shelter
  • Go for daily walks
  • Participate in activities like Escape Room with your single friends
  • Go on a weekend trip

How to be single after a long-term relationship? Keep your schedule filled with more enjoyable tasks.

4. Don’t Chase New Relationships

One of the blunders that can reset your healing is going for a rebound relationship. You might feel jumping into a new relationship will solve all your problems; you will no longer be lonely, you can get even with your ex who is already seeing someone, or you can have someone to sleep with at night.

While all your desires are natural and valid, they will not help you move on. Eventually, your pent-up issues will blow up and ruin your new liaison. Sooner or later you will project your unresolved emotions onto your new unsuspecting partner and go through another messy breakup that your mental health cannot afford.

How to be single after a long-term relationship? Don’t chase love, let love find you again.

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