Out-of-the-Box Ways To Get Over A Breakup, Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Unusual Ways To Get Over A Break Up Of The Zodiacs

Sometimes a break up can hit us so hard, that we begin to act like someone we’re not. Everyone gets over heartbreak in their own way — some ways to get over a break up are just different than others.

Breakups can make you do some unimaginable things. Things that, in retrospect, make you question the kind of person you are (and were). So, when you’re ready to laugh at yourself and your past, here are a few unorthodox ways on how to get over a breakup.

Are you ready to know how zodiac signs deal with breakups in an unorthodox fashion? Let’s go!

Ways To Get Over A Breakup, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Unusual Ways To Get Over A Break up, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

1. Aries: You Choose Inaction Over Action

The last thing you’d expect from Aries is to do absolutely nothing after a breakup. If you find yourself lying in bed with a blanket and a bag of chips, something’s off. You’re usually super active and productive—so don’t waste any time! Get up, call a friend, and go back to being your lively self.

2. Taurus: You Stay Grounded (Literally)

For Taurus, grounding is essential. Seek comfort in the stability that nature provides as well as tactile experiences. Try gardening, pottery or baking—anything that soothes your senses and reminds you that everything comes full circle. Things have to fall apart to come together again just like dough rising or flowers blooming.

3. Gemini: You Begin A Curiosity-led Journey

Stimulate yourself with activities that keep your mind busy. Think chess, coding or learning a new language using Duolingo’s daily challenges.

It’s important for Geminis who are grieving to keep their passion for learning alive especially during tough times—it’ll help them get through those heavy-hearted moments.

4. Cancer: You Start A Melodic Healing

For Cancer, one of the ways to get over a break up is by turning tears into music! You don’t need to become a world famous artist—just play an instrument or sing away those sorrows. Singing can heal the heartbroken best so be sure to do it whenever you’re feeling down.

5. Leo: Furry Companionship

Wondering how to get over a breakup? Well, the only thing that will help Leo heal from their wounds is companionship and it’s not rebound or dating apps but having a pet.

If adopting isn’t feasible at the moment then consider volunteering at an animal shelter instead—it’ll put Leo on the right path of healing.

6. Virgo: Embrace The Unknown

If Virgo suddenly finds themselves singing karaoke on stage then they’ve definitely stepped out of their comfort zone. They’re usually shy and avoid the spotlight so doing this would be pretty big for them.

They’re showing that they’re curious enough to try something new and reckless, even if it doesn’t work out, they’ll end up with a great embarrassing story to tell as an ice breaker for the next person they meet.

7. Libra: Isolate through Meditation

A Libra will often seek comfort in friends after a breakup, however being comfortable with yourself is crucial. Encourage a heartbroken Libra to spend 20 minutes meditating alone everyday.

The clarity achieved here can create an amazing friendship with one’s self, and balance out the support given from loved ones.

8. Scorpio: Unleash Breakup Through Paintings

Verbalizing heartbreak may be difficult for a secretive Scorpio, instead guide them into artistic expression.

One of the ways to get over a break up is by letting them paint or draw freely, as it can serve as therapy. It’s important to hold nothing back; let those intense feelings flow onto the canvas for emotional release.

9. Sagittarius: Travel To Reset

The extroverted Sagittarius tends to bite off more than they can chew especially when recovering from love lost. They should embrace this time when feeling burnt out and reset through travel! Whether it be a trip across the world or simply exploring new cities nearby for a day. A change in environment is perfect for Sagittarius’ wanting to hit pause and reflect.

10. Capricorn: Heal Through Cooking

A Capricorn thinks that their perfectly ordered lives are no longer in control after a breakup. In order to regain that control they must pour every emotion into the kitchen! Grow fruits, learn how to bake bread, or master dishes from around the globe.

Becoming an award winning cook aligns so well with Capricorns’ loving of hobbies and hard work ethic which will benefit their mind, body and heart.

11. Aquarius: Dance Through Heartbreak

An Aquarius often retreats into themselves following heartbreak, but push them outside of their comfort zone by enrolling in dance classes!

Don’t let your Aquarius avoid these new experiences as dancing requires vulnerability and bravery; two things an Aquarius needs most at this time in life. The movie Silver Linings Playbook featuring Jennifer Lawrence & Bradley Cooper can serve as inspiration for this unexpected remedy.

12. Pisces: You Turn Your Breakup Into Art

A dreamy Pisces may choose to sleep their sorrows away, or mix it with a visual art form such as photography or filmmaking.

Doing such activities will push the Pisces out of their comfort zone and allow them to do what they love most in life which is creating. Whether it be a visual diary or an indie film, the outlet can surprise and delight a Pisces.

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When sweet memories turn sour and things get beyond toxic, it’s time to heal and move on. If you need help learning how zodiac signs deal with breakups, then maybe you should try stepping out of your comfort zone.

It’s never too late to change your life for the better, even if you’re feeling down or stressed about what used to be.

Share your thoughts on the ways to get over a break up, according to you!

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