6 Worst Types Of Breakups Hard To Get Over: Heartbreak Hall Of Fame


Worst Types Of Breakups: The Heartbreak Hall Of Fame

Welcome to the land of breakups, where we put a magnifying glass on the most chaotic and worst types of breakups that can make even the strongest hearts feel a whole lotta pain. Being in love is a beautiful experience, isn’t it? However, there’s always a risk of things not working out, but that’s the risk you take when you fall for someone, right?

Breakups are never pleasant, and they always hurt. But, but, but. There’re 6 types of painful breakups that just knock the wind out of you, and these are probably the worst types of breakups, in my humble opinion.

In this article, we will look at some of the worst types of breakups that have left hundreds and thousands of souls shattered and searching for answers. So, go ahead, grab some tissues, sit back tight, and fasten your seat belt as we take a bumpy ride through love’s debris.

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6 Worst Types Of Breakups You Could Possibly Go Through

1. The one where you did not see it coming.

Alright, picture this: everything seems perfect in your relationship, you are having fun and spending a lot of time together and you think “it doesn’t get better than this!”, and then bam! Your partner breaks up with you out of nowhere.

You know that feeling when the feels hit you from behind so hard that eventually, you find yourself lying on your couch in those sweaty sweatpants and devouring a pint of ice cream whose flavor reminds you too much of your own salty tears (yeah, you can say I’ve been through this).

One of the worst types of breakups to exist in the human world, it feels overwhelming and awfully painful.

2. The one where you were ghosted.

The disappearing act of Houdini was way more entertaining than this one, I bet! What is worse than being dumped but you don’t even realize you’re dumped until much later? It’s like being suspended between heaven and earth not knowing when it’s over.

Ghosting someone is like performing the ultimate vanishing act. You would think that a simple “no” or “this is not working out, we should break up” would be better than radio silence, right? Wrong!

When someone ghosts you and leaves you hanging, you are left wondering what went wrong and what did you do to deserve this. One of the many types of painful breakups, it leaves you reeling and doubting yourself.

So heed my advice: cut your losses, move on, and don’t bother sending those “just making sure you got this” texts because it will only be a waste of time. Let the ghost remain just that, a ghost.

One of the worst types of breakups is ghosting.

3. The one where you were betrayed by your best friend.

Ouch! Out of all the different types of breakups, this one is a double whammy, and as someone who has been there, it hurts like hell. Being betrayed by your partner and your best friend is not just sad, it breaks you.

When you lose your lover, you feel broken already, and add to that your best friend? Oof! However, it depends on how deep your relationship was and whether you will feel that kind of pain, or you might feel that they’re perfect for each other and you deserve better.

If that’s the case, then there’s no point crying over people who did not deserve your love in the first place. Let them be together, and move on from the trainwreck they are. Hang out with friends who genuinely love you, indulge in self-care, and never forget how amazing you really are.

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4. The one where you were dumped in a very informal and casual way.

Breaking up with someone through Facebook or Instagram is one of the most insulting things to do to them. If they did not even have the basic decency to give you a call or meet you for half an hour to tell you that it’s not working out, then trust me, you’re better off without them.

They have practically handed you a gift by revealing their true colors, and they’ve shown you just what kind of person they really are. When someone breaks up with you via social media, they’re nothing but a coward.

So, take a deep breath and remind yourself that a decent person will always respect you enough to be upfront and honest about their feelings for you, instead of taking the “easy” way out.

5. The one where the breakup keeps getting dragged on.

One of the worst types of breakups right here, ladies and gentlemen. The breakups that seem to last too long and make you feel exhausted are easily one of the most annoying types of painful breakups.

You try to end things but it feels like closure is an imaginary being playing hide-and-seek with your sanity. So what should you do? The two of you meet up as though talking may bring some form of resolution. But guess what? It does not happen.

Instead, you find yourself in an endless chain of conversations, not knowing what is it you are actually doing. Are you trying to end it? Or are you trying to save the relationship? Are you giving it one last chance? Or are you simply being nice to each other? It’s like you’re willingly participating in a game of emotional masochism by dragging the breakup.

One of the worst types of breakups is when it is dragged on for ages.

6. The one where you got too serious too quickly.

This is the age-old story that starts off like ‘let’s have fun and nothing more’ only for one partner to fall head over heels for another during the course of their “relationship” 90% of the time.

Even though this is one of the worst types of breakups, sometimes it’s natural to freak out seeing the other person get too serious too fast. After all, love takes time and it’s not possible to fall in love overnight, is it?

When your expectations don’t match with theirs, and they’re not on the same page as you, things can get complicated, leaving both of you feeling confused at one point. So take a deep breath, my friend, and remember that it is sometimes better to slow down and enjoy the ride than hurtle towards a crash landing.

So, these are the six types of breakups that hurt the most. However, amongst all the tears, sweatpants, and pints of ice cream, there is some good news. All these different types of breakups teach you something about yourself and show you how strong and resilient you can be.

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Which of these types of painful breakups have you experienced till now? Which ones are the worst types of breakups, in your opinion? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below!

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