3 Sneaky And Scary Breakup Tactics Of A Narcissist


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Three Sneaky And Scary Breakup Tactics Of A Narcissist

When a narcissist breaks up with you, don’t expect a normal breakup at all. Look out for these scary and sneaky breakup tactics of a narcissist that they use to manipulate you, brainwash you, and then dump you for good. Now let’s find out what to expect when a narcissist breaks up with you, and how the whole process goes when it comes to breaking up with a narcissist. 

When he believes the relationship is over, he will begin his “end game.”

A narcissist’s endgame tactics are varied. If he still sees value in the relationship he may try to win you back so he can resume his control and abuse of you.

He may suddenly turn nice and “promise to change,” stop drinking, enter therapy, or an abuser program. He may suddenly take care of the things that you have been complaining about. He may tell you “that you will be lost without him,” or “no one else will want to be with you.”

But if he believes you are permanently leaving him, he thinks you are seeing someone else or he is finished with you, you may be in for the “fight of your life.”

Be prepared for the following if you think your relationship is ending with a narcissistic man.

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3 Sneaky And Scary Breakup Tactics Of A Narcissist

1. He finds another “bedmate.”

A narcissistic man may have another relationship lined up before he dumps you and his behavior can change dramatically and overnight. He can become extremely unpredictable, withdrawn, hostile, and unfeeling and his abandonment can happen quickly and without warning.

When he makes up his mind that he wants to be with his new romantic interest, he may do outrageous things to get rid of you.

And when he does dump you, there will be no apologies or expression of remorse because a narcissist does not feel guilt, shame, or regret his reprehensible actions.

Breakup Tactics Of A Narcissist
Breakup Tactics Of A Narcissist

2. He does things to run you off.

When a narcissistic man believes that he can no longer control you or he is finished with you, he can become destructive and dangerous. He will use minor issues to set you up for extreme verbal or physical abusive events and his increased rage will seem to come out of nowhere and for no apparent reason.

He will say and do new and vicious acts against you. He will set you up for elaborate altercations to punish you, frighten you, and anger you so he can justify abusing you and deserting you, all the while, the narcissist draws satisfaction from the drama and pain he creates.

Unknown to me, my fiancé (living 100 miles away) was dating another woman. He came to town and he took me to dinner; I thought it was like any other date night. Instead, he started the worst fight of our relationship at the restaurant, and then he physically assaulted me when we got back to my home.

It was the death blow to our relationship. I found out the following week his new floozy was already living with him.

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3. His verbal attacks escalate to physical abuse.

The narcissistic man’s endgame can be treacherous and scary. He may throw things and strike objects near you to terrorize you into submission and he may destroy your treasured possessions to penalize you.

He may threaten to harm your children, pets, or a family member. He may file false charges against you, report you to child services, or threaten to take the children away from you.

He may use his physical size to intimidate you, e.g., he stands in the doorway blocking your exit during an argument. He may make statements like, “I’ll break your neck” and then he dismisses his threats by saying he didn’t really mean it.

He may threaten you with bodily harm, stalk you, and show up at your work or home unannounced looking for a fight.

Breakup tactics of a narcissist
Breaking up with a narcissist

When Jackie broke up with her jealous, verbally abusive boyfriend, he stole her favorite clothes, jewelry, and perfume so she couldn’t “look good around another man.” He terrorized Jackie with endless threatening phone calls and texts.

He showed up at her apartment drunk late at night, pounding on her patio door and windows demanding that she let him into her apartment and when she called the police he keyed the side of her car.

He left notes on her car’s windshield at home and at work, vacillating from, “I love you. Please give me another chance” to “I’ll kill you if I ever see you with another man.” In his mind, if he couldn’t have Jackie—no one would have her.

DON’T open the door to an angry man and DON’T underestimate the end game of a narcissistic partner.

Written By Nancy Nichols 
Originally Published on Know It All Nancy
Printed with permission
3 Sneaky And Scary Breakup Tactics Of A Narcissist
3 Sneaky And Scary Breakup Tactics Of A Narcissist
3 Sneaky And Scary Breakup Tactics Of A Narcissist pin
3 Sneaky And Scary Breakup Tactics Of A Narcissist
sneaky breakup tactics

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  1. Esmeralda Guerrero Avatar
    Esmeralda Guerrero

    My ex did all three of these, he already knew the day he was leaving me for 3 days right before his ex wife came to get him as she drove from California to Houston, Tx droop off their kids (3 kids) of which he didn’t pay child support on, then she drove to Austin where we were and picked him up while I was working for us but unfortunately for either side I got to witness my own ghosting because I got off early bcs my baby daddy had called and informed me he drove drunk and totaled his car with my 7 year old in the front seat and was walking away from the scene of the crime to get his dad to tow the car back to his parents house. When I got in my truck and called him crying because my son wanted mama to leave Austi and come get him I went home for the day from work and ran into him walking out the front door with all his belongings in his hands making A B line to his ex wife who had pulled into the cul de sac I lived in and proceeded to get in while I cried pls can we talk about it and he looked at me with no soul and said you know what you did and take the fuck off and left me crying in the middle of the road

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