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10 Signs of Narcissistic Supply

Signs of Narcissistic Supply

People who are narcissistic have a desperate need for seeking attention and tend to form relationships with people from where they can feed their ego or fuel their self-worth, which is known as narcissistic supply.

14 Ways A Narcissistic Grandmother Can Harm Your Children

Ways Narcissistic Grandmother Can Harm Your Children

Who would have thought that you would ever have read about a narcissistic grandmother? We fall in love and then we get married without taking a hard look at our partner’s parents. Never really see the warning signs coming. We may never recognize the clues that display our partner has a narcissistic mother. It can also happen that even though we knew, we couldn’t simply understand the effects it can have on our future family.

9 Clever Mind Games Narcissists Play In Relationships

mind games narcassist play relationship

Most narcissistic people often portray themselves as a commitment-phobe and claim to have a huge traumatic history behind it. They will tell you all kinds of stories like how their parents broke up or their ex-girlfriend or ex-wife broke their hearts and now they are just too damaged to commit. The commitment game, a classic example of mind games narcissists play while dating.

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