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10 Signs Your Relationship Is Gradually Falling Apart

signs your relationship is falling apart

The ending of a relationship is one of the most painful experiences. Especially so if you couldn’t see it coming. The events leading up to the separation are sometimes laid out in the open, yet can be hard to spot. If a relationship is falling apart, it’s always a good thing to get out early, instead of trying to delay the inevitable. If you have a hunch that there is trouble in your paradise, watch out for these warning signs of a deteriorating relationship.

What you need to also remember is that every relationship goes through ups and downs, and if you two are committed to making it work, knowing what are the signs of a deteriorating relationship might help you to reroute the course of your love life and keep the flame alive.

Is My Relationship Failing? Signs Your Relationship Is Falling Apart

If your needs are not met in your current relationship or you are not vibing right with your partner, then accepting the truth and doing something about it is the right thing for you. And you wondering “Is my relationship failing” should be the first clue. So, what are the other signs of a deteriorating relationship?

1. Emotional Detachment

Emotional closeness is the core of any relationship and if you feel you and your partner are emotionally drifting apart, then it means your bonding lacks interdependence. When partners stop caring about each other’s sentiments and feel detached from each other’s emotions, their relationship is on its way to the end. A study says “emotional accessibility is more important than sexual accessibility in evaluating romantic relationships..

2. Trouble With Self-Disclosure

Do you open up to each other? Does your partner love to share their achievements or the little details of their workaday with you? Do you intently listen to your partner and express enthusiasm or empathy? If not, then you two have trouble with self-disclosure and this is a surefire sign of a deteriorating relationship.

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3. Subtle Non-Verbal Clues

Often it is not what we say but how we say it that matters. Has your partner stopped speaking to you lovingly and affectionately? Have your conversations become mechanical and routine? Do they even bother to plant a kiss on your cheek before rushing off to work? Many non-verbal cues indicate whether your relationship still has warmth or is going towards a terminal point.

4. Resentment

Sometimes when we bottle up our dissatisfaction or apathy towards a partner, our frustration comes out as misplaced resentment. Every little flaw of that person starts to annoy us to a great degree and this leads to squabbling over petty matters. Make sure your partner doesn’t feel ignored or dismissed in your relationship. A better-structured communication can save your relationship from becoming a thing of the past.

5. Secrecy

Although we all need a personal space, no healthy relationship should have secrets. If your partner feels the need to hide things from you or you no longer want to share your secrets with your significant other, it can be a sign warning you to take a hard look at your deteriorating relationship.

6. Disrespect

The absence of mutual respect is one of the signs of a deteriorating relationship. Whereas it is a normal thing for couples to occasionally fight and say hurtful things in the heat of the moment, if disrespect becomes a norm and one of the partners is always on the receiving end of demeaning and belittling behavior, it is time to think about the status of the relationship.

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