The Winter Solstice Spiritual Meaning — Is Christmas A Time Of Rebirth?


The Winter Solstice

Ever wondered what the Winter Solstice spiritual meaning is? It’s not just a time of darkness but so much more. Let’s take inspiration and learn from it!

And as we know, Christmas changes everything, we hope you’re here for change!

December 22 marks the beginning of rebirth — following the year’s shortest day. The winter solstice since ancient times represented symbolically the death and rebirth of the Sun, marked by a festive holiday, Saturnalia honoring the pagan sun god, on December 25th.

This day came to be Christmas. On Jesus’ birth, celebrated that day, the angel says “God’s power will rest on you.” The power of God flows through each of us. How do you call upon that spirit and manifest it in your life? Do you have a relationship with your higher power?

Winter Solstice Spiritual Meaning: Soul vs Spirit

Whereas our soul refers to the individual expression of our humanity in our unique personality, mind, and emotions.

Although some writers have a broader definition of spirit to include the soul and believe our intellect, emotions, fears, passions, and creativity, theologians claim that our spirit is that which communicates with God and connects us to the universal.*

Manifestation of Spirit

Everything on earth—including every species of plant and animal, and each individual person, plant, each flower, seed, and cell—is a materialization of supreme intelligence, the absolute, or the Godhead, which I refer to as the divine.

The Winter Solstice Spiritual Meaning
Spiritual Meaning Winter Solstice: Spiritual Rebirth

Our soul is its conduit and unique manifestation. It seeks full expression like an acorn becomes an oak and a caterpillar a butterfly. Each of us is a divine incarnation. In the Hebrew bible, the breath of God (ruach) enters the individual soul (nephesh).

The Soul, Our Real Self, and Codependency

The kernel of that “I” is there at infancy, though our latent potential lies hidden and camouflaged by external influences and our codependent “false self.” What does our soul want? It calls us to live an authentic life.

Once we realize our true self, we discover freedom and our power, and our will enables greater self-expression. Expression of our individual soul, our real self frees us from the bondage of codependency.

We suffer when we don’t live our truth and our values. When we do, we illumine our authentic Self. We ignite our power and potential, and our mind, life, and relationships attain harmony.

Our discontent screams for us to change. Yet, too often, we resist the challenges that are required and instead deny our yearnings with excuses or try to change someone else. It’s the disconnect from our true Self that causes us pain.

When we align our soul and our authentic Self, we are at peace, with no need for approval or to convince or change anyone. We find the resolve and courage to come into soul alignment and manifest what we want.

This is simple, but not easy for those of us who due to our past conditioning and trauma have abandoned our Selves, as we were once abandoned. In order to survive, we adopted a persona, beliefs, and habits that took us further from our true nature. Our soul begs us to come home—what we will never find in a relationship or work unless they support our authentic Self and allow our soul’s expression.

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Recovery – Living a Soul-Centered Life

Recovery from codependency is a process of soul alignment It’s calling for change. How do we undertake this journey? We must spend time with ourselves, not in distraction, but by being quiet enough to feel and listen.

Our awareness and perspective expand, and our perceptions sharpen. More time in meditation and contemplation infuse our body/mind with spiritual energy that allows us to perceive our soul’s guidance–whispers of wisdom from within.

The Winter Solstice — Christmas As A Time Of Spiritual Rebirth
Spiritual Meaning Of Winter Solstice

Living authentically means thinking more with our heart than our ego. However, advice to “Follow your heart” can be tricky, for our soul’s guidance may be obscured by neediness, shame, and fear. Our heart may want us to cling to an abusive relationship, but our soul never wants us to be diminished or undermined.

We can easily get lost by clinging to our traumatized parts. We may not hear or trust the leadings of our soul. They may be obscured by past programming, doubts about our worth, dependency, and lack of courage to step forward, take a stand, and make a change.

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We each must find our way, learning to honor, express, and love our true Self. Every day, we have a chance to discover who we are, what we believe, feel, need, want, and value. Indeed, every moment provides opportunities to affirm our authentic Self.

When you don’t meet your needs or act in accordance with your wants and values, welcome this awareness with curiosity rather than self-judgment. What is the source of conflict between what you need and want and how you act? Self-examination provides clarity and potentiates better choices in the future.

For example, if you say yes when you want to say no, or eat a dessert when you’re trying to lose weight, instead of attacking yourself, develop compassion for the parts of you that still struggle and are in need of self-love. To deepen self-love and compassion, listen to the Self-Love Meditation and practice self-nurturing.

Winter Solstice Spiritual Meaning For The Holiday Season

When we don’t believe in ourselves or that change is possible, working with someone who does can open real possibilities by removing cobwebs and blinders. A therapist or coach can hold a vision of the future you before you can see it and can support you in the changes your soul is yearning for. Mentor yourself by practicing the Soul-Alignment Meditation to begin living a soul-centered life.

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True happiness lies in being conscious of our true self! Have a happy holiday season, hope Christmas 2023 changes everything in your life and fills it with positivity.

Written By: Darlene Lancer
Originally appeared on Medium
Republished with permission
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What Does The Winter Solstice Represent? Winter Solstice Meaning To Celebrate Christmas 2023

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