Dark Night Of The Soul:12 Signs You’re Experiencing Spiritual Death And Rebirth

Signs Experiencing Spiritual Death And Rebirth

Do you know what Spiritual Death is? It’s not death in terms of physicality but the death of false identifications we have with our ego, mind, and body.

What Is Spiritual Death And What Causes Spiritual Death?

We believe that enlightenment or spiritual awakening is a linear process that takes us to our highest potential once we start our journey of self-awareness.

But, awakening is actually a destructive process that removes all that is untrue. It has nothing to do with becoming happier. It’s about becoming your authentic self by eradicating all kinds of pretense and false identities.

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Spiritual awakening or Enlightenment entails being awake to our true nature. And it is no walk in the park because to be aware of our true nature means we need to let go of all the false identifications and limiting beliefs we have. This process is called the “Dark Night of the soul” or “Spiritual death”.

It is not death in terms of physicality but the death of false identifications we have with our ego, mind, and body. When we begin to awaken to our infinite nature, our Ego-self faces the threat of spiritual death and tries to do everything in its power to maintain the Status Quo.

Spiritual Death And Rebirth

But when we begin to move forward on this awakening journey and awaken to our true nature of being an infinite and eternal being, the Ego gives in and learns to collaborate with our soul.

Ego death or spiritual death is a rite of passage wherein we realize that we are the infinite soul and the Ego is just an instrument that we use. And this is the moment of our Spiritual rebirth when we step into our Infinite nature and create our reality from a place of love and compassion.

Spiritual Death is like the phoenix burning only to rise again from its own ashes. If you are going through the dark night of the soul right now, hang in there, soon you will realize your Infinite Nature and the cosmic miracle that you are! Now, let’s explore the symptoms of spiritual death!

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12 Signs Of Spiritual Death

Here’re the 12 signs you are experiencing spiritual death and rebirth:

Spiritual death symptoms are also signs of your spiritual rebirth
Spiritual death symptoms are also signs of your spiritual rebirth

1) You feel helpless

When you start on the awakening journey, you may feel incredibly lonely and experience cognitive dissonance. This is because all the belief systems and conditionings you had, crumble right before your eyes and you would not know whom to discuss these things with.

But hang in there, once the Ego crumbles, you will realize that you are the same essence that is there in everything else and you will feel more interconnected with the entire Cosmos than you ever felt before.

2) You feel as though you are not living to your fullest potential

When you start this process, you will realize that you are not living your life to your highest potential. Don’t be scared of this feeling of discontent, this is actually the driving force that will guide you on the path that you need to take to become your best possible version.

3) You feel like something is missing in your life

Even though you may have everything in your life that looks good on paper; a good career, relationship, and financial stability, you would still feel like something is missing in your life.

This is because you are not hearing the cries of your soul that are desperately trying to get your attention and wake you up to your true nature. When you realize your real self, you will finally find the missing piece of the puzzle.

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4) You are physically, mentally, and emotionally drained

The process of spiritual death and rebirth can be extremely draining and exhausting; physically, emotionally, and mentally. This is because our body is undergoing a lot of changes on the energetic level and we might feel headaches, flu, body ache, and other uncomfortable symptoms. But hang in there; this is not an unending process.

5) You feel like you are being pulled in multiple directions

Prior to this journey, you could have a clear understanding of who you are, what your values are, and where you are going, but the spiritual awakening process will turn your life upside down and make you feel like you are being pulled in different directions.

As you go through the Spiritual death/rebirth process, you will awaken to new possibilities in your life. You will get clarity on who you really are and you will start living your life in alignment with this understanding of your true nature.

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6) You are searching for your purpose

You may have your life completely figured out until this point. But as you enter the Spiritual death/rebirth process, the previous purpose and meaning of life will not satisfy you.

You will embark on a journey to find your true calling, and you will get there at the end of this Transformational process!

7) You begin to see through your unhealthy coping mechanisms

When you start to awaken, you can see through all the antics of your Ego and how you get stuck in your reactive Ego patterns. You will be able to see through all the unhealthy coping mechanisms that you indulge in like substance abuse, drinks, or toxic relationships to escape from the pain of not hearing the cries of your soul.

The sooner you face the pain without the unhealthy mechanisms, the sooner you will pass through the dark night of the soul and step into your infinite and eternal nature.

8) You will feel out of place or like you don’t belong anywhere!

You will suddenly feel so out of place and avoid all social events. You would want to spend more time in solitude and contemplation to get in touch with your real self.

Don’t worry, this is a temporary phase. Once, you get aligned with your real nature, you will stop feeling so out of place and get back to your usual outgoing self.

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9) You feel overwhelmed

Till now you would have felt so in the groove, meeting deadlines, accomplishing goals, and slaying your targets, but suddenly you will start realizing that these things have lost their charm.

Slowly and gradually, you’ll start reorganizing your life. You’ll let go of everything that does not resonate with the real you and start building your life around what looks authentic to you.

10) You want to get out of the “hamster wheel” of your life

You will feel as if you are stuck on a treadmill. Each day you will wake up, go through the grind and sleep only to wake up the next morning with the same feeling of disinterest and apathy. All these signs are the push that you need to reorganize your life and step off the hamster wheel.

11) You experience intense self-doubt and self-worth issues

During the initial stages of spiritual awakening, you may find yourself doubting every move that you make. This is because the way you used to do things earlier will not make any sense to you now and you have not yet found the courage to do things in a new way that aligns with your soul’s purpose.

Be patient. You will get through this transformation phase and overcome all self-doubt and self-worth issues.

12) You struggle with Insomnia

Throughout this process, you may have worrying thoughts about where you are, where you want to go, and how you will get there. The racing thoughts might just accelerate at night and interfere with your ability to have a good night’s sleep.

Try doing meditation and mindfulness practices to calm down your racing thoughts and improve your quality of sleep.

So, are you Spiritually Dead? It might not be a bad thing after all! Let us know in the comments down below and also feel free to share the article with your friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the first spiritual death?

According to Christianity, the first spiritual death is considered to be the separation from God, caused by the exile of Adam and Eve from heaven.

How does spirituality affect death?

Spirituality helps one to embrace an empowered outlook on life and death. It helps us to process grief and bereavement. It opens our eyes to the eternal nature of souls.

How do you know if you are dying spiritually?

If you’re experiencing the signs mentioned in the article, you’re going through the process of spiritual death and rebirth.

Spiritual Death Signs Are Also Harbingers Of Your Spiritual Rebirth
12 Spiritual Death Signs Are Also Harbingers Of Your Spiritual Rebirth
Spiritual Death Signs Are Also Harbingers Of Your Spiritual Rebirth
12 Signs You Are Spiritually Dead And Ready To Born Again!
Signs Experiencing Spiritual Death Rebirth pin
Signs Experiencing Spiritual Death And Rebirth pin

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