The Dark Night Of The Soul: 7 Omens That Signal It’s Arrival

The Dark Night Of The Soul: 7 Omens That Signal It’s Arrival

When you experience the dark night of the soul, you will feel a spiritual depression & existential crisis. 

Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars. – Khalil Gibran


Although we are all born with Souls, not all of us know how to fully embody them and integrate them into our human experience. The truth is that in our modern world, we live Ego-centrically rather than Soul-centrically.

Mystics, saints, and shamans throughout history have referred to our struggle as humans in different ways – but they all pointed to the need for us to consciously grow into our divine potential.

One of these people was Saint John of the Cross, a Spanish monk who coined the term “Dark Night of the Soul” (“Noche Oscura” the name of one of his poems) based on his own mystical experience.

These days, the concept of the Dark Night of the Soul has come to be used in a much broader way. What was once a term reserved for people actively going through a Spiritual Journey, now has come to easily label anything ranging from a few bad days and a period of depression to the death of a loved one.

But what really is the Dark Night of the Soul?

First, we’ll start with a basic definition:

What is the Dark Night of the Soul?

The Dark Night of the Soul is a period of utter spiritual desolation, disconnection, and emptiness in which one feels totally separated from the Divine. Those who experience the Dark Night feel completely lost, hopeless, and consumed with melancholy. The Dark Night of the Soul can be likened to severe spiritual depression.


7 Omens That Herald the Dark Night of the Soul

I am a forest, and a night of dark trees: but he who is not afraid of my darkness, will find banks full of roses under my cypresses. – Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra

“What’s the difference between the dark night and depression?” you may still wonder.

Even back in the 16th century, Saint John of the Cross himself was at great pains to distinguish the Dark Night from mere melancholia (depression).

After all, the symptoms of the Dark Night of the Soul are not that different from depression. But while depression is psychological/neurological/biological, the Dark Night heralds a deeply occurring change within known as spiritual transformation.

Here are 7 “omens” that you might be going through a Dark Night of the Soul:

  1. You feel a deep sense of sadness, which often verges on despair (this sadness is often triggered by the state of your life, humanity, and/or the world as a whole)
  2. You feel an acute sense of unworthiness
  3. You have the constant feeling of being lost or “condemned” to a life of suffering or emptiness
  4. You possess a painful feeling of powerlessness and hopelessness
  5. Your will and self-control is weakened, making it difficult for you to act
  6. You lack interest and find no joy in things that once excited you
  7. You crave for the loss of something intangible; a longing for a distant place or to “return home” again


The ultimate difference between depression and the Dark Night of the Soul is that depression is usually self-centric, whereas the Dark Night is philosophical in nature and is accompanied by existential reflections such as “Why am I here?” and “What is my purpose?”

Also, when depression ends, not much changes in your life in terms of your beliefs, values, and habits. However, when the Dark Night of the Soul ends, everything in your life is transformed, and life becomes wondrous again.


Why Suffering is Necessary

My desire to live is as intense as ever, and though my heart is broken, hearts are made to be broken: that is why God sends sorrow into the world … To me, suffering seems now a sacramental thing, that makes those whom it touches holy … any materialism in life coarsens the soul. – Oscar Wilde “Letters


Polish psychologist Kazimierz Dąbrowski coined a term Positive disintegration which views tension and anxiety as necessary in the process of spiritual and psychological maturing. In other words, it is the friction within us that causes the mirror of our Souls to be polished enough for us to glimpse our True Nature.

12 Signs You’re Experiencing Spiritual Death (and rebirth)

12 Signs- You're Experiencing Spiritual Death (and rebirth)

“Make no mistake about it – enlightenment is a destructive process. It has nothing to do with becoming better or being happier. Enlightenment is the crumbling away of untruth. It’s seeing through the facade of pretense. It’s the complete eradication of everything we imagined to be true.”
– Adyashanti

Spiritual awakening or Enlightenment entails being awake to our true nature. And it is no walk in the park because to be aware of our true nature means we need to let go of all the false identifications and limited beliefs we have.

This process in the spiritual awakening journey is referred to as “Dark night of the soul” or “Spiritual death”.

It is not the death in terms of physicality but death of false identifications we have with our ego, mind; and body.

When we begin to awaken to our infinite nature, our Ego self-faces the threat of death crisis and tries to do everything in its power to maintain the Status Quo.

But when we begin to move forward on this awakening journey and awaken to our true nature of being an infinite and eternal being the Ego gives in and learns to collaborate with our soul.

Ego death is a kind of rite of passage wherein we realize that we are the infinite soul and Ego is just an instrument that we use.

And this is the moment of our Spiritual rebirth, when we step into our Infinite nature and create our reality from a place of love and compassion.

If you are going through the dark night of the soul right now, hang in there, soon you will realize your Infinite nature and the cosmic miracle that you are!

“The phoenix must burn to emerge.” – Janet Fitch


I have compiled a list of 12 signs that you are going through Spiritual Death (and Rebirth) :

1) You feel helpless

When you start on the awakening journey, you may feel extremely lonely and face huge cognitive dissonance.
This is because all the belief systems and conditionings you had will crumble right before your eyes and you would not know whom to discuss these things with.
But hang in there, once the Ego crumbles, you will realize that you are the same essence that is there in everything else and you will feel more interconnected with the entire Cosmos then you ever felt before.


2) You feel as though you are not living to your fullest potential

When you start this process, you will realize that you are not living your life to your highest potential.
Don’t be scared of this feeling of discontent, this is actually the driving force that will guide you on the path that you need to take to become your best possible version.


3) You feel like something is missing in your life

Even though you may have everything in your life that looks good paper:
A good career, relationship, and financial stability, you would still feel like something is missing in your life.
This is because you are not hearing the cries of your soul that is desperately trying to get your attention to wake up to your true nature.
When you realize your real self, you will finally find the missing piece of the puzzle.

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4) You are physically, mentally and emotionally drained

The process of spiritual death and rebirth can be extremely draining and exhausting physically, emotionally and mentally.
This is because our body is undergoing a lot of changes on energetic level and we might feel headaches, flu, body ache and other uncomfortable symptoms. But hang in there; this is not an unending process.

The Dark Side of Spiritual Awakening

The Dark Side of Spiritual Awakening (2)

“Make no mistake about it – enlightenment is a destructive process. It has nothing to do with becoming better or being happier. Enlightenment is the crumbling away of… untruth. It’s seeing through the façade of pretense. It’s the complete eradication of everything we imagined to be true.” – Adyashanti


Spiritual awakening means being awake to your real nature and that is not a walk in the park because being aware of our true nature means we need to let go of all the old paradigms and conditioning of who we think we are.

When we are on the threshold of being united with the infinite, our ego-self faces the crisis of death and does everything in its power to dissuade us from seeing the truth. And hence starts the dark night of the soul, but once we get through this dark night, we open up wider and embody our true self.


Here are five signs we may encounter during the dark night of the soul and tips on how to overcome them:

1). Ego death

“As you grow up, you form a mental image of who you are, based on your personal and cultural conditioning. We may call this phantom self the ego. The term ego means different things to different people, but when I use it here it means a false self, created by unconscious identification with the mind.” – Eckhart Tolle

When we begin to awaken to our true nature, our ego goes faces a state of death crisis and tries everything in its power to maintain the status quo.
When we awaken all of our worldviews are shaken and we begin to see the illusory aspects of the ego and come to understand our role in the cosmos.

Ego death is kind of a rite of passage wherein we realize we are the infinite soul and ego is just an instrument that we use.


2). You feel alone

It is sometimes mentioned that spirituality is a lonely journey. During the initial phases of our spiritual journey we may feel very alone as our worldview is changing, we have a lot of questions and we don’t find a lot of people to discuss things with.
It is important to spend this time alone in solitude or meditation to deepen our understanding of our true nature. Once we start deepening our practice, we will discover that we are not as alone as we think we are and are always connected and supported by the infinite.

The answers that we have been looking for appear before us, either in meditation or through a book or any person.T he cosmos has its own ways.

Once you are awakened you will not get entangled in relationships that are codependent because you have learned the art of solitude and are whole on your own. This is when you get connected to your soul tribe.

“The capacity to be alone is the capacity to love. It may look paradoxical to you, but it’s not. It is an existential truth: only those people who are capable of being alone are capable of love, of sharing, of going into the deepest core of another person–without possessing the other, without becoming dependent on the other, without reducing the other to a thing, and without becoming addicted to the other. They allow the other absolute freedom because they know that if the other leaves, they will be as happy as they are now. Their happiness cannot be taken by the other, because it is not given by the other.” ~ Osho


3). You undergo huge cognitive dissonance

“In the field of psychology, cognitive dissonance is the mental discomfort experienced by a person who simultaneously holds two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values.” - Wikipedia

When we are awakening and going through the process of actualization of the soul, we are forming a new worldview and it is entirely different from how we have learned to view things through our conditioning.

In the beginning, we face huge cognitive dissonance, however as we get more established in our true nature we embody and exhibit our new worldview boldly.
We experience freedom, courage, expansion and universal love like we have never experienced before 

7 Stages Of Awakening You Have To Go Through Before Achieving Enlightenment

stages of awakening

There are many stages of awakening you have to go through before achieving enlightenment.

It’s a sad travesty that most of us spend our entire lives trying to reach the pinnacle of our spirituality, in the hopes that it would guide us towards nirvana.

But what we don’t realize in this fix, is that everything takes its due course, and trying to speed up the process would result in nothing but failure. Let nature take its due course, and sit back and watch the show. Trying to hurry, would amount to nothing if the end result is zilch.

Also, what we have stopped realizing is that all of us are at different stages in our life, which puts our energy vibrations at different levels too. We can’t expect what works for us at what time would work for them too. It all depends on how much we are attuned to our energy and spirit, and how determined we are to attain true salvation.

So, trying to help someone when you see them stuck at a phase would do more harm than good, for they would never understand what their own self is capable of, and keep on looking for a crutch their entire life. One needs to believe in oneself to attain success, and an awakening of the spirit, failing which they would just be at a normal state of being, existing in a limbo, with nowhere to go.

But, how do we awaken our sleeping spirit? How do wake up calls work? There are eleven steps designed to provide some help, and assistance in this task to self-discovery.

7 Stages of Awakening before enlightenment


1.  Confusion

The first step. You are confused. You don’t know where to be. Your life is in shambles and nothing makes sense. Everything muddies up your mind. And you have no idea where you are supposed to be at a particular stage in your life. You are just a rudderless boat, wandering into the vast abyss that is life.

You have no knowledge and no skill to successfully navigate through this meaningless existence. But, losing hope, would not do you any good. You need to be hopeful, that the sn is shining brightly down the horizon.


2.  Restlessness

You are impatient. You want it, and you want it now. You are at the edge of your tolerance level, and you want to vent your frustration. This monotonous life is making a mess out of you and you want true success, and happiness your way. You want to achieve bliss without the burden of a meaningless existence haunting your past. But the problem is you. You are in a hurry. You don’t want to sit and understand. You want to burst through things like a juggernaut, not realizing the damage it would do to you. Relax. You will reap what you have sowed.


3. Epiphany

This is the trick. You are surrounded by a vast multitude of emotions that cloud your mind. Your previous thoughts which you had negated and neglected as superficial or childish come back to the front of your mind, and you understand them, with even more clarity. The crushing burden is still present, but you are armed with new thoughts, new emotions and a greater understanding of the world. The new dawn has arrived.


4. Push and Pull

You can’t rest now. You lose an inch; you have to get it back. It is a continuous struggle between giving in to the ever-encroaching darkness and winning over to the path of salvation. You need to pull, while the dark side pulls too. See to it, that you don’t give in to it. The dark side would seduce you, give you a bench to sit on, and a towel to dry yourself, but don’t. You have worked very hard. Don’t lose.


5. Darkness

Don’t lose hope. The darkness has surrounded you, but it will go away. You will be crushed under the darkness, the negativity all around you. The hopelessness, the feeling of being a worthless parasite feeding off the humanity of people, will go away. Remember, every cloud has a silver lining.


6. Connectedness

You are in a higher realm of existence. You are connected to everything around you. Nature, the creatures, the animate and the inanimate; all are connected to you. You don’t want to let go. You don’t have to let go. Let your consciousness flow. Let it encompass everything.

7. Synchronicity

You are finally in sync. You have finally attained a balance with everything that is around you. You are calm, composed, even under duress, and you have realized true happiness comes from within. To make that possible, you have to be the dictionary meaning of laidback. Let everything happen without any obstacles, and you will be the Zen master.

The Witching Hour – Weird things happen between 03:00 – 04:00AM

witching hour weird things

The roots of Witchcraft go back to the very first civilizations humans ever created. It is very difficult to track down the complete history of the Craft (as Witchcraft is also referred to), as its ways are not easily distinguished from religions or other practices. However, it seems that through the millennia, some things resisted the decay of time. Regardless of barbaric prosecutions, they remained the same and common to all traditions. For example, the Witching hour!

Witchcraft, the great outlaw

Witchcraft was outlawed in Europe for most of the time after Christianity was established as the dominant religion of Europe. However, it has never left our world for many reasons. First of all, many believe that the Witches of the middle ages were, in fact, pissed of priests and priestesses of the old religions who dared to defy the “rules of Christianity”. They did what they had to do, to keep the magic cauldron warm.

Although Jesus Christ preached love and tolerance, witches or so-called ‘witches’ suffered the violence of the Witch-frenzy. Even now, Witch Hunts are pretty popular in some places of the World. (See here about modern Witch Hunts).

Thankfully, now, Witchcraft is officially tolerated in Europe. Witches have even branded a new Religion – Wicca – although only a part of Witches defines themselves as Wiccans. The practice of Magic can now go back to normal.

When is the “Witching Hour”?

It has been attempted to give definitions for the Witching Hour, but most of them sound unconvincing, as different rules apply in different traditions and locations. We will try to sum up what is going on.

  • The most famous version of the ‘Witching hour’ is the hour between 03:00 AM and 04:00 AM. It is also known as the Holy hour, or -interestingly- the Devil’s hour, too.
  • Some other versions put the ‘Witching hour’ at 2:16 AM, 3 AM, 3:15 AM or 3:33 AM, the suggestion being that this is an inversion of the time at which Christ died at Calvary. A mockery of Jesus’ death, who is believed to have died at 03:00 PM.
  • As we read the article of all Esbats – Phases of the Moon: “The ‘Witching Hour’ usually refers to the Midnight hour during a Full Moon. It was always regarded as a particularly potent time for Magic, as the Moon is not Waxing nor Waning and midnight are considered the time between the Days- in-between time in between worlds. During the Full Moon time all magic work is empowered, all magical work is fertile.” Keep also in mind that in a Full Moon’s night, the Moon is in it’s highest positions during real midnight (without considering DST).
  • Another theory – which is applied in Australia, the ‘be-Witching hour’ is around midnight.
  • According to a Japanese tradition, the Witching hour is at the moment of, and a little before and after, the sunset. According to this tradition, at that moment the veil between the worlds, just for a few moments, vanishes, and supernatural phenomena happen on their own too.


What happens during the “Witching Hour”?

The Witching Hour, the Bewitching Hour, the Devil’s Hour and the Holy Hour refer to this time of the Night when magic is strongest. During this time:

  • Witches, conjurers, and sorcerers are more magically capable to cast their spells. Why? Probably because it’s the time when they have more privacy to cast the spell exactly the way they want it.
  • During this hour, ‘the veil’ between Spirits and humans is lifted. This makes things easier for the spirits to travel our world and meet up with the humans of their choice. It’s the time when most “visits” occur.
  • Ghosts and Vampires go out to “play”. Their victims seem to be in the most vulnerable place. Haunted places become more so.
  • Demons “love” to attack during this hour. Many demonic possessions reportedly happen during this hour. The movie industry adopted the idea of Witching Hour (3 AM) into their scenes to add to the background of the thrill and horror. For example in ‘The Conjuring’, the clocks stop at 3:07 AM. From this time things get pretty messed up and take a seriously bad turn.


Why All these things happen during the ‘Witching Hour’?

  • Our body has an installed – fully functioning – biological clock, also known as the ‘Circadian Circle‘. It’s attuned to the light of the day. This “clock” is what goes wrong when we travel for a long distance. Have you heard of the “jet lag” syndrome? That’s what it’s all about. During the ‘Witching Hour,’ the body reaches it’s lowest temperature. We experience the deepest levels of sleep. All our biological functions seem also to be asleep.
  • Hospitals and nursing units report most deaths from 3 to 4 in the morning. According to a study by Harvard Medical School, the chances of death increase during this hour.
  • This is the time when we are more “sensitive” to external psychic stimuli. Mediums and psychics find it easier to “talk” and communicate with spirits during this time. This is when we “sense” the spirits more.
  • During the witching hour, we can project a telepathic message in a more successful way. Many experiments indicate the same hour as the most successful.
  • A large percentage of Sleeping Paralysis occurs during this time. During the dark ages, superstitious people believed that the witches and the demons were actually responsible for the sleeping paralysis along with their misfortunes. Puritans believed that witches carried out their dark rituals during that time, when everybody was asleep, only to avoid getting caught.


Do you Wake up during the ‘Witching Hour’?

Do you have a Witching Hour toilet habit? Many people wake up at this time to go to the bathroom. According to Dr. Karen Carlson, who conducts classes on improving women’s sleep quality at Boston’s Massachusetts General Hospital, “What sometimes happens is that women are going to bed early trying to sleep and then they wake up at 3 or 4 a.m. — and they’re not really meant to sleep more than six or seven hours, but they’re in bed early trying, and they awaken early.”

7 Levels of Spirituality – Where Are You?

7 Levels of Spirituality – Where Are You?

All magical, occult and religious orders have defined several and sometimes peculiar levels of power, consciousness, and wisdom through which one can evolve. The Levels of Spirituality and Magical Awareness are important for the initiate, in order to ‘check’ his/her power and receive the proper teachings to move on further. Moreover, Spirituality is not a stable state. It’s actually a continuous journey, which like a rollercoaster, has its ups and downs.


Spirituality Status: a moving Target

Even Hermits and those who devote their lives solely to the evolution of their Spiritual Awareness may go back and forth several times during their lifespan. Levels of Spirituality define your magical potency. How capable are you to cast spells? Moreover, are you spell effectively? Can you bend reality?


Levels of Spirituality

Please note that this is not a race. Although higher levels might seem extremely appealing, sometimes the Awakening can be messy. With Great Power, comes Great Responsibility. However, it’s very important to know where you are right now. It gives you the strength to move on. Spirituality, is a beacon of divine light, guiding us through the tough times of our lives, motivating us to keep on.


1. Mundane Level

This is the first state where spirituality is actually idle, waiting for the right chance to show its power. Most people spend their lives on this level wondering if there is life after death if angels exist if ghosts are real. However, all people have the chance to move on and there is always – at least – one major event which acts as an awakening call. No matter the levels of Spirituality, magic is always one breath away.


2. Neophyte Level

This is probably the most important of the Levels of Spirituality and is actually portrayed in the Tarot Deck, as the Fool. It’s this amazing moment where we actually get a glimpse of Real Magic – FOR THE FIRST TIME. Probably we are going through a rough period (anxiety, breakup, depression, serious illness or disappointments) but thankfully a ‘divine intervention’ out of nowhere helps us perceive the greater truth. This may shock us or make us wonder what has just happened.

Although the greatness of the Unseen World has yet to be revealed, something inside of us pushes us to learn more. The Divine seed is fertilized and now something amazing is growing inside of us.

  • Events: A near-death experience, a strange prophetic dream, an Out-of-body experience or any type of strong magical awakening.
  • Traps: Fear or doubt that this actually happened.
  • What others see: We are shocked/amazed by our Awakening.


3. Adept Level

This level is actually portrayed in the Tarot Deck, as the Magician. Although doubt may still be present, your awakening has made you realize the importance of Nature, Life, Emotions, and Passions. You start to care more about others and Nature. Empathy grows inside you.

You are under the grasp of the Magical Energy which flows around. Slowly but steadily, your awareness of the Elements of Nature expands.

However, your old life is still present trying to drag you down to the mundane level. You may try to speak ‘about this stuff’ with friends of yours, but somehow – no matter what they say – they don’t seem to understand the importance of your experiences. Old hobbies and habits don’t seem to interest you that much anymore. You need to change!

  • Events: You begin to understand the patterns of the Spiritual World. Minor awakenings, prophetic dreams, repeating numbers appearing constantly.
  • Traps: Giving in to society’s NO MAGIC policy. Permitting to be affected by your friends’ opinions about your experiences.
  • What others see: We are distracted from our chores and daily schedule.


Every 7 Years Your Body, Mind and Spirit Evolves This Way

Every 7 Years Your Body, Mind and Spirit Evolves This Way

It’s not a myth but rather a scientifically proven fact that our bodies and minds change every 7 years.

All of us are changing every moment, our cells are changing.

According to Rudolf Steiner and other scientists, seven-year cycles are extremely important to doctors, teachers, social scientists, and psychiatrists.


This is because of the changes our bodies and mind undergo every 7 years.

  • 0-7 years:

This is the beginning of life, the most important stage in one’s life.

At this period of time, we are driven by the instincts of hunger, the necessity for love, protection and support, the feeling of pain and the impact on the environment.

While this happens, our inner and mental structures are built which in later years allow us to feel, to think and to be aware of our identities as individuals.

We learn a lot of behavioral responses unconsciously and the culture we are born into has a strong influence in this.

An Australian aboriginal would react to a caterpillar by eating while someone from North Europe or America would behave in a different way. Our learning as babies depends on how we respond, with willingness or with fear.

The physical and glandular systems at birth are different from the ones in later years.

With the sexual organs yet to develop and a very large thymus which becomes smaller with age, we do not experience any sexual sensation and our responses to truth or lie are very primitive. Slowly, it is the social morality which the child develops.

Learning is one of the key activities of this period. We learn motor movements, speech, relationships we have with ourselves and with the environment and also language(s) to communicate.

Starting from our birth, we are dependent on our loved ones for our physical, emotional and social needs. If our loved ones leave us or we get the threat of their leaving, we experience the feelings of jealousy, anger or pain.

If we fail to mature beyond this age, as adults, we will experience this at a greater level.


  • 7-14 years:

The development of the earlier phase is continued here. The ideas, concepts, associations which had begun are now being discovered by the child.

The child experiences physical and psychological development. sexual organs slowly start maturing towards puberty.

The thymus considerably decreases in size promoting the development of right, wrong and social responsibility. Adult teeth replace milk teeth.

The child has started creating an inner world of their own with their own heroes, dreams, happiness, dangers, and imagination. The direction of the child’s interest is also visible at this point of time.

Associations with the outer world increase. The child learns to share, interact and control earlier instincts in favor of surviving harmoniously in groups.

The habits learned all this while becoming a part of the character of the child.


  • 14-21 years:

This period is characterized by strong emotional and physiological changes with the dawn of puberty.

We start becoming ‘self-conscious’, we start appreciating art, music, literature and distinguish between the subtler tones of color.

Our ideas of morality change. We become aware of our sexuality, we tend to choose a partner for our own needs and have a difficult time figuring out our boundaries.

Independence is one of the key driving forces of this period.

A number of us experience this urge to break away from home. Our childhood fades away leaving behind scars which affect our world.

This stage needs to add maturity and dignity to us. If it doesn’t happen, then we are labeled as lacking maturity.


  • 21-28 years:

This is the stage of refinement. The child finally enters into the stage of adulthood mentally and emotionally.

We start creating the base of our career and relationships which will earn us respect in the larger world. The sparks of interest seen in earlier cycles have a definite shape and abilities are more developed now.

In relationships, we learn to choose our partners based on the human beings they are. We learn to live a life with them by loving, supporting, adjusting, respecting, compromising without causing any harm to ourselves.

We act with our faculties of intuition, judgment, understanding, and insight. We start handling our relationship issues in a positive way and face the challenges in our professional levels.

Everything Is Energy And We Control It With The Power Of Our Thoughts

Everything Is Energy And We Control It With The Power Of Our Thoughts

Everything Is Energy And We Control It With The Power Of Our Thoughts

The Nobel Prize awardees in physics, beyond doubt, proved that the physical world is one big ocean of energy that materializes and dematerializes in a split second, over and over again. Nothing is solid. This is the world of quantum physics.

They proved that thoughts are responsible for holding this ever-changing energy field together in the form and shape of the objects we know.

Everything Is Energy

So why do we see a person, instead of flashing clusters of energy?

Think of a film roll. A film is a collection of about 24 frames per second. Each frame is separated from the other by a small space. Compared to the speed these frames change with, our eyes are tricked and see them as a continuous film.

Think about television. The cathode tube is a simple tube with a bunch of electrons hitting the screen in a certain way, making an illusion of shape and movement.

Anyway, this is how all objects are made.

We have five physical senses (sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste). Each of these senses has a specific range (for example, a dog hears a different range of sound that people do; snakes see a different spectrum of light than us, and so on). In other words, our senses perceive energy from a certain fixed point of view and that’s how they create images and form our perception.

Everything In The Physical World Is Made Out Of Energy

But that’s neither exact nor complete. That’s just an INTERPRETATION.

All our interpretations are based exclusively on our “inner map” of reality, but not the real truth. Our “map” is the result of the collective experience of our personal lives.

Our thoughts are associated with this invisible energy and they determine what form it will take. They can literally change the universe “particle after particle”, creating our 3D life.

Look around you.

Everything you see in our physical world began as an idea that kept growing until it materialized into a physical object through a series of steps.

You literally turn into your most frequent thoughts.
Your life has become what you imagined and believed in.

Everything We do Is Infused With The Energy Which We Do It

The world is literally your mirror, it allows you to experience everything you believe to be the truth in this 3D plane … until you change it.

Quantum physics tells us that the world is not a constant as it may appear to be. Instead, it is a place of constant motion in which our individual and collective thoughts keep building, tearing down, and rebuilding. It’s a perpetual mobile.

What we believe to be true is actually an illusion, almost magic.

Fortunately, we started to expose the illusion and, most importantly, we are learning how to change it.

Here’s a simple explanation.

What are the components of our body?

The human body is comprised of nine systems, including the circulatory, digestive, endocrine, muscular, nervous, reproductive, respiratory, skeletal and urinary system.

What makes these systems?

-Tissues and organs.

What are tissues and organs made of?


What makes the cells?

– Molecules.

What makes a molecule?

– Atoms.

What makes an atom?

– Sub-atomic particles.

What makes a subatomic particle?

– Energy!

We are just an energy light in its most beautiful and intelligent configuration. An energy that is constantly changing under the surface and all of that it’s controlled by our powerful mind.

You are one big and powerful human being.

If you could see under a strong electronic microscope and do other experiments on it, you would see that you are made up of clusters of forever changing the energy in the shape of electrons, neutrons, protons, and other sub-atomic particles.

So is everything else around you. Quantum physics tells us that the act of observing the object is the one that causes the object to be there.

The object does not exist independently of its observer! So, as you can see, during observation, your attention is focused on something and your intention literally creates that thing.

That is scientifically proven.
Your world has consisted of soul, mind, and body.

Each of these three has a function that is unique. What you can see with your own eyes and experience with your own body is the physical world, which we call the BODY. The body is an effect created by a cause.

7 Laws of Shiva Karma by Lord Shiva That’ll Change Your Life

7 Laws of Karma by Lord Shiva — the Highest Form of Existence Will Change Your Life

Lord Shiva which is a ‘Hindi’ term has originated from a beautiful concept of E + Shav = Shiva (Shav = Dead, and E = Energy). It means when energy flows into the dead body; it starts to live, hence called as Shiva. Which only denotes, we’re all born Shivas.


Shiva, the most important God in Hinduism and the crucial one in the trinity of Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh (another name of Shiva) who represent Creation, Preservation, and Destruction respectively. Shiva is a destroyer, not only the destroyer of the establishment when the judgment day comes but also the destroyer of misery and hurdles in life.

It is not me who is saying this, but everything which you’ll read here is an excerpt from a beautiful mythological book, ‘Dev Se Mahadev’ 

The author of the book reads the entire ‘Shivpuran’ to understand Shiva as religion, which is known as ‘Shiva Dharma’. He also researched well on the counterpart of mythology, science, to connect them both and bring in forth a concept which helps people understand different types of laws of ‘Shiva Karma’ to follow in their lives to attain the highest form of existence.

Have a look!


#1  Truth

The first law of Shiva Karma is the truth. This law asks the followers to follow the path of truth, justice and being true to themselves and those who are around. Remember the dishonesty, and false deeds may prevail the small battles, but the truth always wins the war.


#2  Knowledge is God.

A single person cannot possess the knowledge of everything, but everyone may possess the knowledge of something. We should find that seed of knowledge within us, and then do all our karma around it.


#3  Everything is an illusion.

No matter what life you’re living, at what place you are; if your happiness depends on the materialistic things you own, then happiness is an illusion for you, and it’ll be gone with that thing. The third law of Shiva Karma asks believers not to attach their happiness to earthly things.


#4  Beyond happiness.

The world we’re living in is growing more self-obsessed. Everyone is worried about their happiness and doesn’t care if people around them are happy or not. However, the real happiness is beyond limits, and it could be felt only when we have found the seed of knowledge within us, and we’re truthful with others and ourselves. Remember, happiness comes from within, not outside.


#5  Be formless.

If you may have noticed a happy person around you, you’ll see that the illusion does not control them. You put them in any situation at any place; they’ll be the same calm and content in their mind. So, the fifth and one of the most fundamental laws of Shiva Karma is practicing to be formless like water.


#6  Using all your senses.

When our mind is at peace with heart, and we walk on the path of self-realization, all our senses come together to work in proper synchronization. When you achieve this state in your physical form, the feeling you get is incomparable.


#7  Enlightenment is awakening.

With these laws of Shiva Karma, you achieve the enlightenment. The highest form of existence for a human. In this state of mind, you attain self-realization along with the proper understanding of nature and reality.

Enlightenment is the final state, and it can be achieved in this life only, without sacrificing the domestic life.

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7 Laws of Karma by Lord Shiva — the Highest Form of Existence Will Change Your Life

15 Things That Happen When You Discover Your Hidden Power

When you discover you are blessed with hidden power.

Once you are aware of your true worth, there is nobody in this world who can pull you down.

We allow others to dominate us only when we aren’t fully aware of our potentials. Being self-aware is the first step towards glory and success.

Having knowledge of your true self will eliminate all the negative thoughts from your mind and you will realize that there is nothing in this world that you can’t achieve. You shall no longer wait for validations and approvals.

Most importantly, you won’t be scared of being verbal about your thoughts. You will speak even if your voice shakes. That is the sort of power self-awareness brings in you. There isn’t a specific age group marked for this.


However, there are certain things which can indicate that you have finally discovered your hidden power.  To know what these things are, stay hooked!

1)  You face your fears.

You look at your fears in the eye and face them boldly. You are no longer terrified of them. You understand that fear will only cause harm until and unless you allow it you. Everything is in your head.

If you don’t let your fears conquer your mind, they can never affect you. Once you come to terms with reality there is nothing that can scare you. You are ready for whatever tomorrow holds for you. You have unleashed the inner warrior in you.


2) You become grateful

Even situations become tough, you start acknowledging the little things in life to remind yourself that you are worthy. You become grateful for everything that is written in your fate.

Once you come in contact with you inner-self you will realize that kindness is the best weapon provided to humans. Self-awareness makes you a humble person.


3) You conquer your thoughts.

You no longer allow the negative thoughts in your mind to mould you into doing mean things. You don’t let darkness cloud your mind.

But most importantly, you do not believe in what your mind forces you to believe when you are emotionally low. You realize that your current situation isn’t your final destination and you aren’t always going to feel this miserable. You remind yourself that it is just a tough time and not a tough life.


4) You notice signs

You see more than an average human being. The signs most people fail to understand or even notice you decode them and take your hints to use it for your betterment.

Everything is connected to everything. You receive messages from the universe and you know how to read and reciprocate to them.


5) You attract the good.

It is the law of the universe that whatever you send out to the world will come back to you, maybe sometimes twice as much. You start attracting good people due to the positive energy you emit.

You start being known for having a certain sort of serenity in you. You start attracting like-minded people who acknowledge your presence in their life and also appreciate you for who you truly are. They realize your worth. The negative people in your life automatically start getting discarded. This means their chapter in your life is over.


6) You are self-aware and confident

You are aware of your weaknesses and strengths. Each human has his own set of angels and demons. You too do. However, you are aware of them.

You have knowledge about your drawbacks and are working on correcting them. Being aware of your wrongs is the first step towards correcting them.

Some people are so blind that they can’t even see where they go wrong in life which is why they are never able to correct their mistakes.

This awareness helps you become a more confident person. You are aware of your flaws. Nobody can make you feel insecure about them or throw them in your face to demean you. Someone can only use your weakness against you if you aren’t aware of it.


7) Others’ opinions stop mattering

At the end of the day, it is all about what you think about yourself when you look at yourself in the mirror. You are your biggest critic and your best motivator.

6 Signs That Say You Have A Spiritual Gift

6 Signs That Say You Have A Spiritual Gift

We all are special in our own way. We all have our bad and good qualities. But the thing is that some of us more special than the others.

You ask, how?

Well, some of us have a spiritual gift that not all of us possess. But the ones among us who have this spiritual gift fail to realize that we have it. The result is a situation where we never actually use our spiritual gifts and let it go to waste. This isn’t the best thing to do surely.

So, we have to realize our spiritual gifts. In order to help you out we have brought to you a list of signs that reveal that you have a spiritual gift that you must hone and use in order to help the people around you:

 1) You Enquire Your Dreams:

Sometimes our dreams are intriguing, aren’t they? We see these things in our dreams which we know aren’t true. This is why most of us forget our dreams and don’t take them too seriously. But the ones amongst us who are spiritually gifted are aware of the fact that our dreams are crucial as well.Also, most of us don’t pay attention to our dreams because we tend to forget them but this is not the case with the spiritually gifted.

The spiritually gifted ones remember their dreams and even maintain a journal to write them down. They also look for the signs that their dreams give them.Thus, they try to deeply analyze and think about why they are dreaming what they are dreaming. Isn’t that amazing? Doesn’t this also show how highly aware they are of their own self?


 2) Visions Are A Part Of Your Life:

Not only dreams but visions are also a part of the life of a spiritually gifted person. Their mind is full of these visions and these visions may occur to them in the most random of situations. They may be doing the most common of things and then they would suddenly have some vision and could begin to work on that vision. Yes, they are a little weird like that. But the thing is that visions are a part of their everyday life.


3) A 4 AM Bathroom Habit:

Did you know that 3 to 4 AM is actually considered as a sacred time? Yes, this is true. And the spiritually gifted among has had a thing of waking up suddenly at 3 or 4 in the morning and obviously what is it that they do when they wake up? They go to the bathroom. So these spiritually gifted people are weird in this way also. While most of us have a 7 AM Bathroom habit, these spiritually gifted ones have a 3-4AM habit.


4) Nightmares Are Constant:

Well, dreams are constant and visions are constant so nightmares are also constant. The spiritually gifted ones toss and turn in the bed sometimes having the worst nightmares about things that are going to happen. And sometimes, these things happen too. Can you blame them? They are certainly very spiritually gifted.


5) Empathy Is Your Thing:

One of the most significant signs of a person being spiritually gifted is the fact that empathy is a part of their everyday life. It is almost like these souls cannot and would not live or survive without empathy. They are empathetic even in small ways just as they are in the big things. They don’t put this empathy on display or something. It is actually an innate part of their behavior and they don’t try too hard to be empathetic.

Somehow, they are naturally inclined towards other people and think about the welfare and emotions of other people automatically. Thus, their empathy isn’t a one-day phenomenon. They practice it every day and with all purity.


6) Your Intuition Is Super Strong:

If you are spiritually gifted one thing is for sure, your intuition is super strong. You almost know what is going to happen next. Sometimes you even use this intuition to help the people around you from any harm or trouble. This is because, as mentioned above, you are also empathetic and you worry deeply about people. This intuition also helps you sometimes in solving problems even before they have happened.

Wake-Up from the Spiritual Amnesia

Who or what am I? I’m just the sum of my personal life story, memories, experiences, thoughts, and sufferings? Or is therein me a hidden dimension of a mysterious Consciousness, which is superimposed by the noise of my personal life stories?

Who is the one who experiences the world through my body? Who is hiding behind my eyes sparkling with life? What is the biggest obstacle to enlightenment? How to escape from the prison of Mind Games? How to find my True Self?

In our days there is an increasingly powerful alarming impulse, and the number of people sensitive to the spiritual wake-up call is getting bigger and bigger. The effects of this impulse, waking us up from our dream of identification with the forms and shapes is felt by everybody. We recognize that behind earthly successes and failures there has to be something deeper, something more profound in our life. Are you Sensitive to the spiritual Wake-Up Call?

In our present state of Consciousness we identify with the forms and shapes, and thus we are separated from the Oneness. In that state, most of us have forgotten our original state of existence. Nowadays, the majority of people consider the Ego, that small, detached Self, as reality. That is the consequence of our identification with the world of forms and shapes.

Our original state of existence is a state in which Consciousness is not identified with forms and shapes.  This state of the Consciousness is Life itself, the state of Oneness, and empty space filled up completely with the vibrating energy of love that encompasses everything else.

We need to understand that the only way of knowing ourselves is through direct experience, our own experience. We are only able to receive direct experience if we are alert. So as to be alert, we need to focus our attention to the Here and Now.

The gateway to the deeper dimensions of Life is Alertness. The Alertness enables us to learn about ourselves without identifying with our thoughts and emotions.

What we first experience in this new, alert state beyond our thoughts and emotions is the completeness of existence. In that state all fragmentation disappears from our lives, we recognize the inner spaciousness of our existence, our inner happiness, and tranquility. We feel at home in our own skin, and we realize that our alert consciousness is free from all kinds of thoughts and emotions.

The Ego disappears, the stream of our thoughts stops, and only the present moment exists for us. Then, at that moment of alertness, we receive something from the immense, universal current of love coming to us through the gate that has opened up for us. Consciousness may wake up to its own existence, it may escape from the spell of identification with the forms and shapes.

The end of the spiritual amnesia is the awakening of the Consciousness to its own existence through the form and shape that we formerly identified with ourselves.

You’re not your personal story, you are the light of Consciousness, that is independent of every thought, feeling or experience.

19 Keys to Find the Security of Permanence in the Life

Spurred by our ambitions, we pursue various goals all through our lives. We aspire to something all the time, we always want to achieve something. This restless rush is instigated by our fear that we are still not what we want to be. We wish to find the security of permanence in our life. We would like to find what is beyond the world of constant change. In order to do so, we become spiritual seekers.

 Here are 19 Keys to find the security of permanence in the life

Key 1.

The first step of spiritual seeking we start to look for enlightenment, Self-recognition in the world of shapes and forms (that is, outside ourselves) in the hope of thus reaching the state of permanent happiness.

Key 2.

We intend to find a dogma, a great Master, an elevating spiritual experience that expands our Consciousness. If it is not found here on Earth, we will be looking for it in the other world, in the heaven of a religion.

Key 3.

We use the mind as a mean of spiritual search. It is through the mind that the Ego intends to understand what is beyond mind and forms. The mind in this way prepares the mental image of enlightenment, seeking, happiness etc.

Key 4.

These mental images motivate us to make efforts at implementing the mental images at the level of daily life, to make these images the cornerstones of our life.

Key 5.

Achieving spiritual objectives, however, affords only momentary satisfaction for us, so after achieving one specific goal, relentlessness returns, urging us to start working for new objectives. The mind produces new mental images and seeking starts all over again.

Key 6.

We then go on seeking, until we eventually become tired of the process, and finally recognize its true nature.

Key 7.

We stop and abandon spiritual seeking. We recognize that all the objectives we have so far been looking for outside ourselves, are only found within ourselves.

Key 8.

We will stop when we recognize the activities of the mind and refuse to follow it any longer.

Key 9.

We realize that with the help of the mind we will not be able to surpass the mind.

Key 10.

We will experience that stopping is the inactive moment of the mind, the silence between thoughts. In that silence, we will experience the Consciousness without forms, and recognize that we are in fact the Presence without thoughts. We then leave behind the spiritual seeker, with all the accumulated knowledge and lofty spiritual experience.

Key 11.

This is the beginning of an inner journey, beyond the mind.

Key 12.

Once we have started our journey, we leave the world behind and abandon everything that has hampered us in our progress. We give up unimportant things in order to be able to concentrate our attention exclusively on the important ones.

Key 13.

The awaking is the awakening of the Consciousness to its own existence through the form and shape that we formerly identified with ourselves. After the great clean up, nothing remains but the empty space.

Key 14.

But if we examine that space closer, we find that it is full of Consciousness, which is the inner peace, quiet and tranquility. We then realize that we are at home.

Key 15.

The emptiness is perfect, but we still must take the last step in order to be completely free.

Key 16.

That step will take us to the point where our entire journey began. We return to the world of daily life. We, however, return in a state different from the one in which we departed, since we have undergone considerable changes during our journey.

Key 17.

The Mind, the Ego and, together with it, selfishness vanished from ourselves. The emptiness, pulsating with life, and the Consciousness, awakened to its own existence, continue to stay with us.

Key 18.

We no longer feel an urge to run away from it, and we do not submerge in the swamp of identifying with the world. We are now free from all that, and the world is now a new adventure for us.

Key 19.

We abandon ourselves into the streams of Life, and we merge with the Universe. In the meanwhile, we help others in awakening and we share the joy of existence and sympathy with everyone we encounter during our spiritual journey.

From the new book by Frank M. Wanderer Ph.D.  270 Powerful Keys to Spiritual Awakening

Awakening Your Inner Self



By Sensei Erwin L. Rimban



            “Know thyself”

            For ages, this encouragement from the wise philosopher of Ancient Greece, Socrates, has been the motto of personal self-discovery and self-transformation. For many people, it is a spiritual development which is a paramount feature of their lives.

And so today, I will share constructive, feasible and effective strategies and tips for people from all walks of life and from various religious and spiritual traditions that can be followed to start one’s journey toward genuine spirituality.


Practice a form of meditation. This is the central move followed by mystics, mystical philosophers, and students of the spiritual path since ancient times. Meditation improves one’s focus, mental makeup, and concentration. It has many health benefits, especially immune system enhancement.

There are many systems of meditation available for the serious student of the spiritual path. Ideally, they should be studied under the guidance of a spiritual master or a genuine, service-oriented spiritual society. However, if these are not available, then one can read basic meditation techniques from various books. The rewards are infinite. I recommend meditation to everyone.


If you want to progress spiritually, then the most important move you can make is to serve others willingly and cheerfully. Loving others has always been the first commandment in all the world religions. And service is love in action. The greatest spiritual masters have always emphasized the need to give oneself lovingly. You can serve in many ways. The best jobs are the service-oriented jobs.

But if you are not in such a job, then you can still serve others by being a volunteer in any altruistic, service-oriented or social organization. There are many ways of helping others; most of these are limited only by your imagination. Make a habit of helping others, especially strangers. The development of your soul is measured by how much you love those who are not even close to you, those who are not related to you. Altruism is wisdom in action.

But if you are not in such a job, then you can still serve others by being a volunteer in any altruistic, service-oriented or social organization. There are many ways of helping others; most of these are limited only by your imagination. Make a habit of helping others, especially strangers. The development of your soul is measured by how much you love those who are not even close to you, those who are not related to you. Altruism is wisdom in action.

            Read widely and deeply.

Read from mystical, spiritual, religious, philosophical, sociological and literary works. Read widely and deeply from the works of spiritual masters and masters of wisdom. Please do not be selective in your reading. Many gems of wisdom can be unearthed from even the most unexpected sources.

Reading widely will help develop your power of discrimination. This means the ability to separate truth from fiction, a talent which develops simultaneously with wisdom. Even contemporary literature like science fiction and epic fantasy have many gems of wisdom buried in them. Be a bookworm and the Wisdom of Providence will surely crown your efforts with success.


Develop the habit of introspection. From time to time, retire to a private place like your bedroom to synthesize insights from various experiences. Reflect after reading a good book. Make a diary, soul notebook or personal journal where you can write your insights and reflections. Read them and update from time to time. Create a regular schedule where your family can have retreats in spiritual places. Visit various churches, temples or spiritual vacation spots. Indulge your fantasy life from time to time. Commune with the divine.


Be mindful of your family, community, environment and the universe. Try to see how individual units in a system merge together to form a harmonious whole. See the whole rather than the parts. Observe significant events and synchronistic happenings in your life.

“Nothing happens by chance,” echoed Carl Jung. Change your schedule and personal habits and rhythms when the need arises. Be ecological, love Mother Earth. Life is more than just the mundane. Your life is more than just your personal, ego concerns. Take time to smell the flowers, so to speak. Love the universe.

How to Raise Spiritually Awakened Children

How to Raise Spiritually Awakened Children

“The nearest thing to heaven is a child”

Children are born with open heart chakras, a perfect balance of loving energy that has been undisturbed, untouched and unscathed. Only to learn emotional traumas and toils of “growing pains” in this physicality. It takes courage to come to this plane and fight the battles of this world. And yet, we are all here. We are all in this present moment learning and discovering emotional hardships on our quests to spiritual fulfillment and joy. As it is only, by connecting back to our source of creation while here, can we experience the euphoric state of our spiritual, eternal origin.

Whether you understand it or not, all children are born with what is called Extra Sensory Abilities. Expressed or unexpressed all children have unique gifts of what would be called “spiritually awakened children”. It is the only time and improper nurture of these natural gifts that deflower our children’s natural abilities.

How can we know every child has these gifts? It is quite simple and it is because all abilities, of psychic awareness, telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, etc. simulate at the heart center. It is only be knowing your own heart that you can give these gifts to the world. Intuition is the basis of our connection to the esoteric and intuition stems from feelings that are generated by our heart centers.

If we want to raise spiritual awakened children we must be equipped in knowing what steps to take to raise children with high emotional EQ’s.

The following points are essential in ensuring that we promoting and encouraging the spiritual growth of our children, which will ensure a spiritually evolved society in the future.


Emotions of anger, guilt, sadness, happiness, and joy, must all be embraced. By teaching our children, that it is not ok to be angry, we are teaching them to repress emotions. When we repress emotions, they harbor inside and become unresolved feelings that block the heart center. All emotions and feeling must be expressed in healthy ways.



1. Recognize the emotion

2. Bring it “front and center” allow your child to understand the feeling of anger or frustration

3. Give your child a healthy way to release it. For example, if your child is angry, let them yell ” I AM ANGRY” let them yell it as many times as they need until the anger is released.

What I have found, by doing this, by the time they are done, it will usually end with a laugh. Because children know how to laugh at themselves, you have given them a healthy release and it makes them feel good to know this.



Good Boy!, Bad Boy! Remove this from your vocabulary!— By teaching your child that he or she is being good or you are being bad, you are instilling a process, of self-worth and separation within themselves. They begin to view themselves with an alter ego. And so we have born the angel on the right shoulder and a devil on the left. There is no angel and no devil, there is only good deeds and bad deeds. We need to focus on the deed and not the child. There are things that we say and do that may hurt others, or ourselves, and things we can do and say that love others and ourselves. The correction is in the deed, not the child.



This may seem obvious, but it is much deeper. Children say things, and we like to think they are just saying things because they are kids and they say just about anything. But when you really listen and pay attention, you will begin to notice slight intuitive abilities. It is your job to find these abilities, and it is your job to nurture that ability so that they can give their gift to the world. Do not laugh or discard what they tell you, no matter how unrealistic or “off” it may sound. There is so much you can learn from your child and if you can learn to perceive without judgement or rationalizing what they are saying you can pierce beyond the veil. It is your programming, that rationalizes, children do not lie.

Soul’s Progression By Raising Our Level Of Consciousness

It appears that we are all here learning and growing at our own pace.

We have to try our best to acknowledge and respect that actuality.

As part of this expanded perspective, we should wholly accept who we are at every stage of our soul’s progression, while also extending the same non-judgmental leeway to others which allows them to be where they need to be on their individual path of growth and spiritual awakening.

Our primary focus needs to simply be on enhancing our own depth of awareness and as a result of these efforts to raise our level of consciousness, the more we will also be helping everyone around us purely by the ripple effect of our love infused and mindful actions every day.

This is because we are undeniably influenced by the thoughts and actions of one another in this incredibly interconnected existence which we all share. 


How Spiritual Awakening Can Break Your Relationships?

We all have had difficulties at the beginning of our spiritual path, we all have felt misunderstood and sometime feeling lost in our thoughts, at these state our relationship with people for some reasons gets complicated, lets see why…

When you are going through spiritual awakening you are going towards truth, to a higher level of awareness that others haven’t experience yet. When you try to go back  and try to rebuilt you relationship with people, not necessary  a partner but in general , it won’t work, these people have not experienced what you have experienced.

Spiritual awakening experiences most of time are painful. If you are open to deal with the darkest parts within yourself, within humanity and you have the strength to be able to handle this kind of energy deep inside you. Even when you may break down or you are passing through low period this is exactly what is required from you in order to go through it. If you have been through spiritual awakening you have this within you, you are stronger than most.

Some people are not able to see that there are other things out there, other ways to see life. But you feel it that something with this standard of life isn’t working and things must change. When you go through spiritual awaking these becomes obvious and you can feel it in your soul that this is painful and this painful process in your life must be gone through, but people block it, consciously or unconsciously  by denying it because they are not ready. So relationships start being difficulty because you are so aware of things and your partner isn’t going to understand anything of it.

Spiritual awakening it’s a healing process , healing your emotions, healing your own body, physical body and spiritual body.

This process requires time, alone time. And when you try to fit in your regular relationship things go wrong because you are not at the same frequency level any more. You can  not have this type of relationship until you are fully healed in to you one body, your one mind, your one spirit, and you can not heal yourself when you are in those relationship because the emotions will mess you up and you will blame the other.

You have to know what twin flames are. Our planet isn’t ready yet to understand what those higher vibration relationships are the one which are going to really change our planet and shift us from current relationships that we are experiencing ( neediest, arguing, victims) all this weird things that we don’t really need to experience.

If you are experiencing these in your relationships and let them go, you are healing, you just need to have faith and love for yourself.

Don’t get so hurt for your relationship, why aren’t they working anymore just open yourself to these energy and it`s a lot easier to go through, the pain will leave a lot more quickly.

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The Path of the Bird: the Most Effective Way of the Spiritual Awakening

Reaching the state of timeless perfection is the goal of every spiritual seeking. This state can be described by no worries, lightness and a feeling of happiness, deep inner peace and an abundance of energy. Nothing can be added to or taken away from this state, this is your original state.

During your spiritual search, all you have to discover is what you already are, not what you were or will be. You forgot this knowledge, because you identified yourself with the outer world of perceivable things and the inner world of things that make you think. Your identity lies in these things now. This illusion makes you forget the immeasurable richness of your original being.

An illusion dissolves after it is understood, it comes from its nature. The easiest, shortest way to remember you true self is the spiritual awakening through understanding. Sri Ranjit Maharaj called this the Path of the Bird. During your spiritual awakening you find yourself in a new dimension, in which you see clearly that your true self is already in the state of timeless perfection.

This means you don’t have to take one single step more to find your true self. The understanding and the moments of deep realizations open up the silent depths of your being. The right way of understanding is the best medicine against forgetting. No other effort can lead you to discover your true self, only the clarity of understanding.

From the new book by Frank M. Wanderer Ph.D.  270 Powerful Keys to Spiritual Awakening

(In this book, the author gives you keys, which help you develop a deep understanding. However, with your mind always craving for information, you will not be able to make use of these keys. This understanding can only conceive in a silent mind. These keys awaken the consciousness reflected in the silent mind and guide it back to its original life state.)

Lucid Dreaming As A Gateway To Spiritual Awakening

Allow me to draw your attention to an apparently surprising thing. If I told you that now, when you are reading these lines, you are in fact asleep, you would certainly believe that I have gone mad.

You are awake, you are concentrating your attention to reading, and you are aware of your environment as well. You can see the furniture of your room, you can hear the call of the birds from the nearby forest. You are also aware of your thoughts and emotions. How can anyone claim that you are asleep at this very moment?

Naturally, you – just like everyone else – sleeps at night. Yes, sometimes you see dreams while you sleep, but right now it is daytime, you are awake. So how could you see dreams?


You Imagine A Whole World Around Yourself

I believe that you do not only sleep at night, but also during the daytime. I believe that in your present state of consciousness, your greatest illusion is that you think you are awake. I believe that in your present existence, your greatest illusion is when you think that you are alert. What I see is that in your present state of consciousness you are asleep, and at present you are dreaming, and what you see and hear are all parts of your dream.

Your nighttime sleep is only different from your daytime sleep in that in the night your dreams are less active. During the day, you imagine a whole world around you, and you play an active role in that dream. Your personal history takes place in that world, and identifying with that world shapes your personal identity.

At present, you are dreaming that as a part of your personal history you are reading these lines while identifying with the role of the spiritual seeker, and you are outraged by what you are actually reading.

The question may arise, ‘why do I claim that you are asleep and dreaming now?’. Well, from the state of consciousness I call Alertness, I can see that you are asleep, you believe yourself to be a separate self, you are a captive of the works of your mind.


You Are Not Present

What is the evidence for me to say that you are now asleep and, as a citizen of a dreamland, you are dreaming that you are awake?

It is because you are not present. To be present means that you are fully alert, attentive, and conscious in the present moment. Whatever you do, you do that fully consciously, you focus your entire attention on that particular activity.

Do you feel free to declare that you are present in every moment of your life?

What does it mean to be awake? It has happened to all of us that we have come under the spell of a moment, at some time during our life. A beautiful landscape, a sunset, a beautiful piece of art, the rhythm of music enchanted us. It may even happen that we are just lost in the silence of a peaceful moment. The identification with the forms and shapes loosens a little bit for a short while, and in that instant, we may experience an entirely different state of Consciousness. 


You Live In A Separate World

How deep you sleep may depend on how realistic you find your dreams, how much you identify with your identity embedded in your personal history. The less alert you are, and the deeper you submerge into your dreams, the more isolated, solitary and individualistic you will become.

Every sleeper –including you– has a separate world, only those who exist in the state of Conscious Alertness (the true Lucid Dreaming) have a common, shared reality. All those different and separate worlds are created by the mind, which generates the state of separateness: the Ego, which appears as the focus of our identification with our thoughts and emotions. Thus everybody has a separate identity, personal history, individual world view and methods of action.

Sometimes suffering alarms you from your sleep, but then you hasten to return to it, and start a new dream, a new objective in life, new ideals, passion, ambition that confirms your connection with your identity, rooted in your personal history.

How The Higher Levels Of Consciousness May Appear In Our Life?

When we are asked what we find the most important thing in our life, the most of us would be able to answer the question. We would, naturally, come up with different answers, but that is not the point; the point is that we are able to answer. But as long as we are able to answer, we remain detached from the higher levels of Consciousness. How is that possible?

The Nature Of Higher Consciousness

 If we wish to find out how that is possible, we must first examine the nature of higher Consciousness. A number of people have experienced those higher levels, and there are thousands of reports about that state of Consciousness. 

 Still, if we penetrate deep into that experience, we find that no higher levels of Consciousness exist, only Consciousness itself. That Consciousness has only two states that we are able to experience: one identified with various forms and shapes, and one that is free of forms and shapes.


The Consciousness Identified With The Forms And Shapes

 What does this identification mean? It means that we identify with a form (e. g. our name) that originally did not belong to us (we are all born without a name), but through identification this specific form has become a part of our existence.

 When the Consciousness identifies with a form, the Ego appears. The Ego always means some sort of an identification, self-determination (I am a man, I am a father, I am an Englishman, I am Christian etc.) The Ego therefore rests upon our identification with things that are important for us ego. If I am able to answer the question, ”What is important for me?” I am in the state of identification with the forms and shapes.

 This state of Consciousness is always restrictive and exclusive. Identification is always preceded by a process of selection: this thing–this form–is important for me, whereas that one is not. We usually choose the forms and shapes that we find beautiful, good and valuable, since these are expected to make us beautiful, good and valuable people. Selection always comes hand in hand with anxiety and fear that we may loose what is important for us and, together with those things, we may loose ourselves.

 The process of identification does not stop just because we have become spiritual helpers.  But now different things are becoming important for us, for instance the extended state of Consciousness or the experience of the astral projection. At that state of Consciousness, we identify with these experiences, these are the factors that are important for us, they provide the identity of our spiritual Ego. Nothing has really changed, apart from the forms and shapes we identify with.


The Consciousness Free From Forms And Shapes

 There moments in everybody’s life when our identification with the forms and shapes loosens a little bit for a short while, and in that instant we may experience an entirely different state of Consciousness. 

 When our identification with a form ceases, a new space is generated between us and the form and we are able to see and recognize that we are not identical with that form. With the dissolution of the identification, the Ego also disappears. When we are in that state of Consciousness and we are asked what we find important in life, we are simply unable to answer the question, as everything that we formerly regarded as important vanished together with the Ego. Still, we sense that we are alive, and we did not disappear with the Ego.

 What we then experience may perhaps be best termed as Being. There is only the pure existence, we are eyewitnesses, contemplating the dance of forms and shapes around us. We do not identify with anything, we are a Consciousness free of the obligation to make choices. We are free and independent of the forms and shapes and of the necessity of choosing from them. All our suffering and problems have vanished, we are surrounded by peace and tranquility.


Awakening From The Stupor Of Identifications

 On most occasions, one is only able to experience that state of Consciousness free of identifications for very brief periods only. This is, however, one of the most wonderful and certainly one of the most important experiences in our life. It wakes us up, in fact shakes us out of the stupor of identifications.