Man vs Bear Debate: What is the Right Choice for Women?


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Man vs Bear Debate: Is It Safe To Choose a Bear Over Man?

Even though Leonardo Di Caprio has proven that men can beat a bear in strength and intelligence, let’s not get carried away and remember that a bear can be more powerful than men. You can guess that we are here to discuss why women chose bear in the man vs bear debate.

The real question is, what threatens women more? Getting mauled by a bear and meeting a horrific death or getting violated by a man??

Women are inclined to the second option in the viral Man vs Bear debate.

man vs bear debate

The Man vs Bear Debate Sparks More Questions

It always depends on the probable victim as what they perceive as a threat, depending upon variable factors.

It begs the question, why men are more threatening than wild bears to women?

Venturing into the answer to the above question pulls out more questions.

Do women think a bear can be more empathetic than men?

Or that they can take on a bear and not a man?

Or is death better than getting violated by a man?

Let’s start with the last question.

The Why behind “The Choice” in Man vs Bear Debate

A woman’s dignity is always reduced to her body, even in today’s modern world. Getting sexually abused and assaulted is an unbearable trauma and a crime never to be forgiven. It affects a woman’s psychology, physiology, and much more than that, beyond the comprehension of the other gender.

But the heaviness and the longevity of the trauma comes more from the social stigma of women losing their dignity because a man chose to violate her. Not that sexual crime is any less than death for the victim, but here it is not just a crime but injustice that stings.

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The afterlife of women being violated, and having to hide their faces and names to ward off the possible violators and avoid stigma, is a sad state of gender disparity that we subconsciously agree to.

Women, thinking it is better to die than being violated, testifies to how a painful death in the claws of a bear is more acceptable than being violated by a man and being alive with the burden of the social stigma.

man vs bear debate

Do we, as women, subconsciously agree to the fact that a man violating us destroys our dignity and is better to die?

Why not live with dignity and fight instead of carrying the shame of a different gender’s crime? A suggestion you might have heard many times if you are a woman!

But is it the crime that makes it worse than death or the injustice that comes with it?

However, let us also consider a second possibility for women choosing men as a threat more than bears.

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Why Bear is the Obvious Choice for Women in Man vs Bear Debate?

man vs bear debate

If you think about it, it is straightforward. Getting killed by a bear is a cleaner end to life than being violated by a man in this society.

If you are asking why, here is your answer:

A bear is a wild animal who kills for hunger and not for cruelty. A man, on the other hand, has, for generations, taken pleasure in torturing and subduing women.

With a bear, it is a clean death, but with a man, it can end up into getting locked up in a basement and being regularly tortured.

With a bear, a woman can be sure about her fate and can thus have the space to save herself. With a man, she can be deceived and tricked into friendship, only to get attacked and tortured later, be it emotional or physical.

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The bear will not initiate a smear campaign against women trying to tell the truth or use the societal stigma around a woman’s character to “give it back to her.”

A bear has no evil intentions. A bear cannot be a psychopath, a narcissist, a rapist, a molester, an abuser, or an enemy in disguise. A bear is an animal, who attacks for survival, not for perverted pleasures.

A man can be all of the above. SADLY.

What if It was Woman vs Bear? Would Men have Chosen the Bear?

You know the answer and you know the reason. Isn’t that enough to answer why the bear is the obvious choice for women?

Men know well how physiologically they can overpower a woman.

I do acknowledge the fact that men too can become victims of abuse, but statistics do not lie. There is a reason why you will not feel comfortable letting your daughter take a cab with a man at night.

But imagine you have a son. Will you be worried if he gets in a cab with a woman at night ??

Sometimes, we do not need elaborate proofs. Our behavior, anxiety, choices, and fears reveal history.

If only a woman was not denied basic human rights just because she is a woman, men would have been the safest choice.

Final Thoughts

Is this a Man vs bear debate or a reflection on the sad state of our society? When animals are more humane than humans, is it not a shameful fact for humans?

This debate is about what it reflects. Are we introspecting enough to focus on our roles in situations and their after-effects? It is time that we do.

What burns your soul is the injustice and unfairness. Not getting the acknowledgment of the pain, and at the same time getting blamed for it fills your heart with resentment. You are not at fault if you ask for the “Bear” minimum considerations, respect and understanding.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the question in the Man vs Bear debate?

Women were asked, whom would they rather choose if they are stuck alone in a forest? A Bear or a Man?

What is the most common answer of women on the man vs bear debate?

Nearly all women said that they will chose the bear


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