What Does Being Submissive Mean? 9 Warning Signs You Might Be A Meek, Submissive Woman


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What Does Being Submissive Mean? Signs Of A Meek Woman

Ever wondered, “What does being submissive mean?” Well, let’s put it this way: it’s like constantly being in the backseat of your life’s car, letting others take the wheel while you navigate the road of existence.

For example, meet Jess. She’s that friend who’s always putting everyone else’s happiness and needs before her own, and she often finds herself getting involved in abusive and unhealthy relationships.

If you relate to Jess and the ways she lives life, then you might be in for a very rude reality check. Because this points to the realm of female submissiveness. Stick around as we uncover nine warning signs that scream, “Hey, you might be more like Jess than you think!”

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What Does Being Submissive Mean? 9 Glaring Signs You Are Too Meek And Timid For Your Own Good

1. You always put your husband first.

One of the biggest signs of a submissive wife is when they always put their husband and their needs first. If you are someone who is always expected to put him first and yourself last, then you are the epitome of female submissiveness.

Your husband also expects to come first and even before your kids. Your husband’s wants and needs often overshadow your own.

Women who accept the notion that men are above women may seem fine with this but usually feel trapped. As a dutiful wife, you struggle because you don’t have a way to voice your discontent.

What does being submissive mean

2. Your husband always stops you from fulfilling your dreams.

If you have your own dreams, goals and ambitions, your husband will never let you pursue them. You know why? Because you’re a woman and his wife; in his eyes, your greatest responsibility is to take care of him and your family.

Anything outside of your household responsibilities and chores don’t have any value, and according to him, it’s better if you don’t waste time running behind them. If your husband never motivates and encourages you when it comes to chasing your dreams, then that’s one of the many submissive woman personality traits.

3. You are constantly seeking approval from others.

What does being submissive mean? When the word ‘autonomy’ doesn’t exist in your life. You hesitate to make moves on your own because you doubt your capability to make decisions without someone else, especially when they’re important to you.

No matter what you do, you always seek external validation from your husband or other family members, because you have always been told that you’re incapable of doing anything on your own.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with checking in before doing stuff – that is unless you’ve got no freedom whatsoever and you lean too much on someone else for even the little things in life.

4. Your husband is the boss of everything.

If you are looking for some submissive woman personality traits, then this is probably one of the most glaring ones. When your husband is always in charge of everything, that’s when you know you are exhibiting female submissiveness.

Be it the restaurant where you are going to have dinner, to where to go on holiday, or even who to invite for lunch – everything is decided by him. Your opinions and choices don’t matter in the least, and somehow you are okay with it.

Some women may be okay with handing over their power to their husbands, however, it screams ‘female submissiveness’.

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5. Your spouse decides what you should or shouldn’t wear.

Ever wonder whether your outfits mirror your taste or his? If he’s dictating your fashion choices and almost never let’s you wear what you want to wear or feel comfortable in, that’s not great news.

Dictating your clothes and you being okay with it is one of the most obvious signs of a submissive wife.

6. You don’t get to say ‘no’ to physical intimacy.

This is one of the saddest and most disturbing signs of a submissive wife. If every decision regarding your sex life is made by your husband, then there’s something very very wrong with your relationship.

If he expects you to always be up for sex, then that can sometimes take a toll on your physical as well as mental health. If you’re never in charge of your body, and he always is, then you are not in an equal relationship.

Additionally, remember that if your husband forces you to get physical with him, then that’s nothing short of a crime. You can absolutely say no to such acts; abuse should never be tolerated.

What does being submissive mean

7. You are a very quiet and reserved person.

What does being submissive mean? Speaking as less as you can and making the least amount of noise, no matter where you go, especially if it’s with your husband.

You tend to agree without arguing or raising your voice, and you’re all about listening in silence. When asked a question or given an order, you respond with a faint “yes” or simply nod your head.

Submissive people, particularly women, may come across as gentle and quiet souls who are easily taken advantage of. They often smile in quiet acceptance while others take charge.

8. You struggle with low self-esteem.

One of the giveaways of female submissiveness is that you don’t have a strong sense of identity, which can lead you to suffer from low self-esteem. When you have strong self-esteem and confidence, you don’t just accept any situation.

Instead, you defend your beliefs and aren’t afraid to share how you truly feel because that’s what someone with a strong self-worth does. However, if you’re too submissive, the story is going to look different.

You are non-confrontational and prefer to go along with others’ decisions rather than speaking up for your own needs and desires.

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9. You are a follower, never a leader.

Often times, submissive women become followers too. You prefer it if your husband takes the lead in everything, and you are perfectly happy following him, without any resistance.

Even if you do not agree with your husband’s goals, you support him because of your submissive nature. When there are kids involved, your husband takes charge and makes all the decisions and you are okay with that too.

You just wait for others to decide on your behalf instead of making decisions yourself and having confidence in your ability to do so.

What does being submissive mean

What does being submissive mean, to you? Do you relate to any of these signs of a submissive wife or female submissiveness? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below!

signs of a submissive wife

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